Udemy Affiliate API Documentation (v2.0)



Name Description List
archive_time When the course was archived by the request sender @all
avg_rating Average course rating @all
completion_ratio How much of the course the request sender completed @all
created When the course was created @all
description An HTML based detailed description of the course @all
favorite_time When the course was favorited by the request sender @all
headline A short tweetable description of the course @all
image_100x100 Course image, dimensions 100x100 @all
image_125_H Course image, dimensions 125_H @default, @all
image_200_H Course image, dimensions 200_H @all
image_240x135 Course image, dimensions 240x135 @default, @all
image_304x171 Course image, dimensions 304x171 @all
image_480x270 Course image, dimensions 480x270 @default, @all
image_48x27 Course image, dimensions 48x27 @all
image_50x50 Course image, dimensions 50x50 @all
image_75x75 Course image, dimensions 75x75 @all
image_96x54 Course image, dimensions 96x54 @all
is_in_any_ufb_content_collection Whether the course is in any UB content collections @all
is_paid Whether the course is paid. Note that Udemy has both free and paid courses @default, @all
is_private Whether the course is private. Private courses can only be queried by an instructor or an existing student of the course. @all
is_wishlisted Whether the course is wishlisted by the request sender @all
locale Locale of the course @all
num_lectures Number of lectures in the course @all
num_quizzes Number of generic quizzes in the course @all
num_reviews Number of reviews for the course @all
num_subscribers Number of students enrolled in the course @all
price How much the course costs @default, @all
primary_category A CourseCategory object describing the primary category of the course @all
primary_subcategory A CourseSubcategory object describing the primary subcategory of the course @all
status_label Course status @all
title Title of the course @min, @default, @all
url URL of the course dashboard page @min, @default, @all
visible_instructors An array of user objects which state the instructors of the course. Note that Udemy courses may have multiple instructors @default, @all