Logo design: How To Design an Awesome Logo in Illustrator
4.6 (147 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,214 students enrolled
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Logo design: How To Design an Awesome Logo in Illustrator

Logo design in Illustrator. Fundamentals of logo design in Illustrator Logo design form scratch Logo design basics
4.6 (147 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,214 students enrolled
Created by Dawid Tuminski
Last updated 2/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Use Adobe Illustrator's interface
  • Create shapes the right way
  • Find, choose and create the type the professional way
  • Learn basic logo design principles
  • Create professional logos
  • Find and apply the right color for Your project
  • Use Illustrator's powerful transformation techniques
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  • You will need at least Adobe Illustrator CS5 installed on your computer
  • Internet connection

+++This course is continually maintained. New logo design was added in November 2016+++

"This is one of the best courses on Udemy"

"I found this course invaluable in my quest to master logo design and am now going on to the advanced training from Dawid, because I have the utmost confidence in his ability to teach on the subject and am looking forward to learning more from him and developing my skills further."

Have you ever wanted to learn Illustrator and become a logo designer?

Have you ever stuck with your logo design project and couldn't finish it, because you didn't know how to achieve certain effect?

Or maybe you've started to learn Illustrator but stopped, 'cause you didn't see any results of your efforts?

Don't worry. It's not your fault. Many tutorials and courses out there don't really show you how to learn Adobe Illustrator effectively, that is in a practical and simple way, like a logo design.

I am like you: I've watched lots of tutorials and videos on Adobe Illustrator, but they were all missing something: they always left me with an “Ok, so what do I do now?" kind of feeling.

That is why I've decided to put this course together for all of you who are struggling with Adobe Illustrator or simply want to start using it and want to do it practically – in a form of logo design.

Take a look at just a small bit of fascinating knowledge you'll get:

  • 3 in 1 unique bundle: learn illustrator, logo design theory and use the skills in practical examples and case studies. Make your family and colleagues say to you “Wow, when did you learn all this?"
  • From zero to hero: In about 20 minutes design a logo, that Fortune 100 companies spend 6 figures on
  • Hidden Adobe Illustrator tricks and techniques, that will make you a designer in one afternoon
  • Get practical Adobe Illustrator knowledge, that will get you your dream job as a designer, paying as much as $5000 a month

What you get is a unique occasion to finally learn Adobe Illustrator the right and practical way. Say good-bye to pointless clicking and wondering why some things work and others don't. Focus on what you love the most: designing and getting paid for it!

But if you are not interested in any of that, you don't want to learn Adobe Illustrator nor logo design fundamentals, you can just stop reading.

So You've never used Adobe Illustrator before? Great! It means you won't learn anything unnecessary, that other courses try to stuff in your head!

Struggling with Adobe Illustrator and wasting hours to just get things done? No worries. Discover hidden tricks and tips, that will unlock your creative potential!

Enroll in the course and enter the amazing world of design in Adobe Illustrator and start getting paid for doing what you love!

But it's almost never only about the content, right?

Have you ever felt so eager to learn, so interested in the topic, that you couldn't wait to start?

You were gnashing your teeth with excitement, but instead of a sensation of your jaw dropping in awe, your head was falling on your shoulder… because you were so bored you fell asleep.

Boring instructors are worse than boring topics! That's a proven fact!

So trust me, when I say this:

  • This course is all about direct, unique and fun approach. You'll learn not only all the “How's", but most of all, all the “Why's", hopefully giggling from time to time.
  • Your confidence will grow immediately: with every new skill learnt, you'll actually feel you are becoming a pro designer
  • Your skillset will be future-proof. The secret truth about Adobe Illustrator is, that there are techniques that work always. Learn the logic behind them and you will become a total master of Adobe Illustrator, not a “master" of just a single version of it.

Let me make you feel special. Let me guide you through all the Adobe Illustrator fundamentals and build your confidence as a logo designer. All that matters to me is your success!

And, of course, your order is covered by out…

30-day 100% No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee!

Now you may think “Yeah, it all sounds great, but there is a bunch of courses on Adobe Illustrator out there". You got a point there, so let me use the words of one of the greatest thinkers of all time, Confucius:

"Tell me, and I will forget.Show me, and I may remember.Involve me, and I will understand."

And as true, and even as obvious, as it may sound, many courses out there fail in one, most important thing: they don't involve their students in the creation process.

That's why I want to involve you into putting all the skills and knowledge into practice. I want to take you by the hand and show you, what to do with all the unparalleled skills you'll get:

  • Learn the know-how of professional designers. See logo design process from start to finish.
  • Learn how to create top-dollar logos using tools explained in the course. Straight and simple. No monkey-business.
  • See immediate results! Learn how your new skillset can let you produce a professional logo in about 20 minutes.

I vouch for this course. I wish I came across this kind of knowledge, when I was starting out as a designer.

But if, within the 30-day guarantee period, you are not convinced this course is going to make you a great Adobe Illustrator designer…

… simply ask Udemy for a refund, but I really doubt that you will have a reason for it.

You risk nothing.

It's up to you now.

Click that Enroll button and take your first step to creating sensational logo designs, that will supercharge your skills, your career, your wealth, and your life.

To your success,Dawid TumińskiAdobe Certified Expert in Adobe Illustrator CS6

P.S. One more thing…

This is what one of my students, Basim Salim, had to say about this course

I love Dawid's teaching style. He does such a great job of teaching the theory and basics of Illustrator and Logos. Then, he shows practical ways of using it to make your very own logos. After the course I was able to make my own logos that I can now sell and make for my own businesses!

Check the other reviews and join the happy community!

Who is the target audience?
  • The Designing Logos Learning Illustrator Course is for those who want to start learning Illustrator.
  • This course is for those who are thinking of becoming a logo designer
  • This is for those who want more than just a display of Illustrator tools. It's for those who want to see how to use the software in a real-life project
  • This course is NOT for those who are looking for all there is to know about logo design theory
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Curriculum For This Course
56 Lectures
Introduction. The Layout
4 Lectures 12:29

Welcome to the course. Let's see how it is structured.

Preview 03:07

After this lecture you will be able to tell the difference between vector and pixel-based and understand why it is important.

Vector Vs Pixel

After this lecture you will understand the difference between CMYK and RGB color models.

Color Models. CMYK Vs RGB

After this lecture you will be familiar with illustrator layout and how to use it for Your benefit. You will learn how to work with workspaces and how to organize them.

Preview 05:03

Short quiz on graphics and color modes

Illustrator Basics
1 question

Screen modes
1 question
Handling color in Illustrator
4 Lectures 19:07

After this lecture you will learn the best way to apply color to stroke and fill

Basic Fill and Stroke

After this lecture you will know how to recolor the artwork quickly and professionally.

Recolor Artwork

In this lecture you will learn a powerful but very easy technique to create a color set from an existing image.

Applying Colors.New Color Group And Kuler

Recolor artwork quiz
1 question

1 question

Congratulations! You earned your Illustrator Apprentice Badge!
Creation Tools
10 Lectures 01:00:57

In this lecture You will learn the basic settings you need to set when creating a new document.

Creating a New Document. Moving around the Artboard

After this lecture you will know how the professionals tackle selections in Illustrator.

Selecting Objects

In this lecture You will learn the best way to create rectangles.

Creating Rectangles

In this lecture you will learn how to create ellipses, polygons and stars.

Creating ellipses, polygons and stars

In this lecture you will learn how to use Illustrator copying and cloning techniques.

Copying and cloning

After this lecture you will know howt to use the Pen Tool and when to use it

The Magic of the Pen Tool

Let's see how we can benefit from Pen Tools "tracing abilities".

Tracing Schlitz

After this lecture You will know how to create nice looking lines, arcs and spirals.

Preview 03:06

After this lecture You will know the basic pathfinder operations.


In this lecture we will take a look at one of Illustrator's most powerful tools: the Appearance Panel.

Appearance Palette

Creation Tools Quiz
2 questions
3 Lectures 20:17

After this lecture You will know how to quickly and effectively move and join paths.

Moving and Joining

In this lecture we will embrace the power of transformation tools.

Rotating.Reflecting and Scaling

In this lecture You will see how we can use transformation tools in a design process.

Tribal Sun

Transformation Tools Quiz
2 questions
Creating and handling text
6 Lectures 25:59

In this lecture we will break down the most important type creation techniques and rules.

1.Basic type creation. Leading, kerning and tracking

After this lecture You will be able to change the font size smoothly.

2.Font size. Working with paragraphs.

After this lecture You will be able to create funky looking text.

3. Type on a path

In this lecture You will see how e can apply different effects to live type.

4. Applying effects to type. Creating outlines.

Dynamic outlines

Type Quiz
2 questions

Congratulations! You earned your Illustrator Mechanic Badge!
Logo design theory
3 Lectures 12:33

In this lecture we will take a look at basic principles in logo design theory.

Basic principles in logo design theory.

In this lecture we'll take a look at good designer's qualities.

Who is a good designer?

After this lecture you will know where too look for good quality fonts and how to use colors in logo design.

Fonts and colors in logo design

Logo design theory quiz
2 questions
Designing the logos
14 Lectures 01:48:02

As promised we will put all our so far gained knowledge into a real-life design process. We'll create an oriental tea house logo

Preview 07:25

Design process continued. We'll create a tea pot and type.

Oriental Tea And Coffee - continued

In this lecture we'll tart creating an organic food company logo. We'll use only simple shapes and transformations.

Farm Fresh

We'll continue creating the logo: we'll create the ribbon, typography and add colors.

Farm Fresh-continued

In this lecture we will create a retro looking logo using just the star, rectangle and ellipse tools.

The King of Cupcakes

We'll create the cupcakes, add colors and typography. We'll sum up all we've learnt.

The King of Cupcakes-continued

Let's wrap the course up!


As promised here's another logo design for You! I've added a couple more techniques like blending and clipping masks! Enjoy!

Grand Self Storage logo

As promised here's another logo design for You! I've added a couple more techniques like blending and clipping masks! Enjoy!

Grand Self Storage logo continued

Learn how to create a 3d logo...without 3d!

Special 3d

Bsafe logo

Bsafe logo continued

Congratulations! You earned your Illustrator Engineer Badge!

Illustrator Shortcuts you're most likely to use
2 pages
Students ask
3 Lectures 28:26

See how to change the documents size and the document units

Change the document size. Change the Artboard size. Change the document units.

Create gradients

How To Use The Layers Inside Adobe Illustrator
How To Design A Fortune 500 Logo
7 Lectures 36:01
What you will learn in the next few videos

Let's start recreating the Chevron logo

Let's add the basic shape

Let's add the gradients

Let's recreate the red chevron

Let's create the text

Let's redesign the logo
Bonus Lecture
2 Lectures 00:51
Bonus Lecture

About the Instructor
Dawid Tuminski
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Designer, coder and educational entrepreneur.

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