Design, Develop & Sell WordPress Themes
3.9 (81 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,119 students enrolled
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Design, Develop & Sell WordPress Themes

Creating WordPress Themes for Business, Personal Use or Profit!
3.9 (81 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,119 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Answer The Question: What are WordPress Themes and What Makes Them Different ?
  • Where to Get Help and What Kinds of Help You Might Need
  • Discover How To Put Together Different Design Elements to Create a Superior WordPress Theme
  • Protecting Your Designs (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • How To Test a WordPress Theme
  • How to Brand and Package Your Themes for Sale
  • How to Identify Your Market and Create Sale Generating Buzz
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  • The ability to share ideas through images and words.
  • A desire to make WordPress themes for fun or profit!

Purpose - "Whether you just can’t find the perfect theme for your own business or if you'd like to generate big profits by selling themes to others we'll show you how to design, develop and sell WordPress Themes.

While other courses might train you how to do-it-yourself, to get a JOB, (Just Over Broke) WE show you how to use outsourcing to create amazing WordPress themes and build a complete successful online business around them!

est of all - you don't have to write one single line of programming code.

Inside “How to Design, Develop, & Sell Premium WordPress Themes", you will learn everything from start to finish. We'll begin with the initial preparation and research required to create a great first WordPress Theme. We'll also discuss how to layout a design that is perfect for your specific niche market, and follow through with two separate creation and development strategies. Finally we'll conclude with techniques that will help you market your themes profitably!

This course is taught in a step-by-step sequential manner - simply watch over my shoulder and follow me. In addition to the main video course you will also receive some supplemental materials to help you along the way, including...

  1. Video Transcripts
  2. Audio
  3. A PowerPoint Presentation
  4. "Mock-Up" Design Images

You have over 2.5 hours of video content before you.

However, on average, we believe users following the course's step-by-step system with a desire to apply what they have learned immediately will generally benefit from watching the course through once, and then using a "Pause & Do" strategy on their second time through.

Therefore, we recommend devoting at least a solid day's worth of time to this course to achieve the maximum benefits!

SHOULD YOU TAKE THIS COURSE? The answer is yes if...

  1. If you can’t find the perfect theme for your business and want to make it yourself without learning code!
  2. If you want to build a premium WordPress theme to sell!

We’ll show you how to make premium WordPress themes with control panels to sell & use!

While providing support for your Wordpress Themes, is beyond the scope of this Udemy course... WE WILL BE DELIGHTED TO ANSWER ANY QUESTION THAT YOU HAVE RELATED TO THIS TRAINING COURSE AND IT'S MATERIAL!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn everything from start to finish -- How to Create and Sell their very own Premium Wordpress Theme without having to learn any mind boggling coding.
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Curriculum For This Course
17 Lectures
Introduction to WP Theme Creation
2 Lectures 27:17
1.   Introduction to WP Theme Creation

Thank you and welcome to the video series on creating WordPress themes from scratch and in building a sustainable business model around it.

In this specific video you're going to learn how it all works. From all the tools that you're going to need all the way to a quick overview of the videos themselves. Once you have learned how it works and what to expect in this video training course you'll be able to understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

·    Quick Overview of training course
·    How it works
·    Tools Needed

Preview 11:42

2.   Different Types of Themes

Now before we can plan the layout of your WordPress theme, you need to do the necessary research and planning. For example in the specific video I want to show you why it's best to create a very specific theme for a very specific need.

I will show you how to do the proper research on that specific market, the proper demographics of the visitors who will be visiting those types of sites, and doing the proper brainstorming to ensure that your theme will be profitable.

The last thing you want to do is invest into a business model and it not succeed because you did not do the proper research ahead of time.

·    Why Creating Niche Specific Themes Are the Best
·    Identify the Market
·    Research Demographics
·    Ensure Profitability
Preview 15:35
Creating Your Wordpress Layout
3 Lectures 46:10
3.   Planning Your Layout  for Wordpress Theme

Now that you have done the proper research for your target market, it's time to plan your layout for your WordPress theme.  Not all markets have the same layout, so it's important in this case to understand how your market will react to your specific theme and what they are looking for. Doing this will enable you to create a WordPress theme that your customers will want to buy.

·    Markets have different layouts
·    Wordpress layout examples
Planning Your Layout for Wordpress

4.   Designing Your Layout for WordPress

Once you have done the proper planning for your WordPress theme layout in the previous video, in this specific video you're going to learn how to design your layout using a very basic paint program. I am going to walk you through every step of the way to show you step-by-step how to create a mockup design that you can in the future send to your WordPress theme designer to being the design process.

·    how to prepare a basic WordPress layout by using a basic Paint program.
·    Important key elements that a WordPress layout requires.
·   We will be designing a layout for our premium theme that you can see developed from scratch.

Designing Your Layout for Wordpress

5.   How to Find Photoshop (PSD) WordPress Theme Designers to Do the Work for You

Once you have designed the mockup of your WordPress layout in the previous video, in this specific video you're going to learn how to find expert Photoshop word press theme designers to start the design process and create the PSD or Photoshop file for you.

·    where to go to find expert WordPress Theme Photoshop Designers
·    How to sift through designers and separate the good designers and bad designers to ensure everything goes as planned.
·    Understanding how WordPress designers tick so that you can create the best end result.
How to Find Photoshop (PSD) Wordpress Theme Designers to Do the Work for You
Developing a Basic Theme (WITHOUT) a Control Panel
1 Lecture 09:23
6.   The Basic Theme Chop Shop Option #1 – Getting Experts to Chop a PSD Theme and Turn it Into a Basic WordPress Theme (For Wordpress Experts)

There are two paths that you can take in this video series. In this video, I am going to show you option number one. This option requires the end user (you or an outsourced worker) to be more technical.  This is generally good if you are doing custom websites for one company or yourself.  If you are the person who will be setting things up (with technical knowledge of WordPress) and want to get up fast, this could be for you.

Keep in mind though if you are looking to build a WordPress theme that has a backend Control Panel, then you'll want to skip this specific video and move onto option number two in the next video

Outline :
·    Where to go to get your PSD converted to a WordPress Theme
·    How to find experts that really know what they’re doing on Freelance sites
·    Quality assurance – Testing to ensure the end product works
The Basic Theme Chop Shop Option #1 – Getting Experts to Chop a PSD Theme and Tu
Developing Your Premium Wordpress Theme (WITH) a Control Panel
6 Lectures 58:32
7.   The Premium Theme Chop Shop (Option #2) – Getting Experts to Create Custom Control Panels So Your End Users Can Customize the Theme Without Any Technical Knowledge

Now I assume that the majority of you will want to watch this specific part – which is option number one. This option will show you how to build a premium theme that has a back end panel that allows any and user without any technical knowledge to have the ability to tweak the site.

With this pathway, you have the ability to put your theme on the theme marketplaces like theme forest for example and sell them. This process is a little bit more complicated and takes a lot more time then option number one however it is very profitable simply because you will have your own premium theme that allows anybody with no knowledge whatsoever of WordPress to get up and running fast.

Don't worry however – I will show you every step of the way and we will take the design layout that we previously created, and we will turn it into a premium theme. So you get to see everything happening right in front of your eyes.

·    Advantages and disadvantages of Custom Control Panels vs. Pre-Made Control Panels
·    Planning the options of the control panel
The Premium Theme Chop Shop (Option #2) – Getting Experts to Create Custom Contr

8.   Creating Premium Theme Specifications (Features and Expectations)

Obviously before you can get your premium theme developed, you need to have a good idea of what kind of features your theme will contain. For example if a user wants to have the ability to change the logo then this will be a feature. Of course there are many more features.  Another important thing is what you expect the premium theme to do apart from the features.

Creating a list of features and expectations is crucial. As this process will help your developer know what kind of guidelines to follow.

·    Create a list of features that you want
·    theme layout - analysis from top to bottom.
·    different variations and conditions and possibilities.
·    our example
·    Legal licenses
Creating Premium Theme Specifications (Features and Expectations)

9.   How to Find WordPress Experts to Integrate Custom Control Panels Into Your Theme

Being able to pinpoint the WordPress freelancer experts that will be developing your theme is very important. In this specific video I will show you different sites to outsource to, and my personal recommendations from using and testing these sites. I am also going to show you how to create a project description properly to attract the right person.

I'm also going to show you how to use keywords to sift through all of the spam applications that you will receive during this process so that you can zoom ahead and fast forward quickly and easily.

·    Different sites to outsource to
·    How to create a project description – what to do and what not to do.
·    How to use keywords to sift thru bad applications

How to Find Wordpress Experts to Integrate Custom Control Panels Into Your Theme

10. Sifting and Choosing the Right WordPress Expert

Once you have set up your project description and are waiting for applications for your specific project, in this specific video I am going to show you how to sift through all the WordPress developer applications.

During this process we will need to weed out the good developers and the bad developers. As the last thing you want to put yourself in – is in a situation where you are dealing with a bad developer which ultimately will slow down your process or you will lose a lot of money.

If you are able to master the techniques that I am about to show you in this specific video, you will be able to use this same skill to all of the other projects where you are looking to hire somebody to outsource and develop your work.

·    Understanding different cultures
·    Doing due diligence
·    Does what they say measure up?
·    Price does not always measure quality.
·    Agencies vs. Independents – which is better?
·         How to do your due diligence to find the right people to ensure everything goes smoothly
Sifting and Choosing the Right Wordpress Expert

11. NDA – Protecting your Premium WordPress Theme Asset

At this point we will have chosen a freelancer who we want to develop our word press theme. Now before you begin the project, you need to have them sign an NDA. This is basically a One way nondisclosure agreement that says to the developer that you will own the full copyrights of the theme, and that they cannot disclose the development of your word press theme or added to their portfolio and more unless you say so.

People often skip this part and regret it later on.
You need to make sure your programmers understand this is yours – not theirs.

·    how to write one and the process involved.

NDA – Protecting your Premium Wordpress Theme Asset

12. Quality Assurance Testing

From this point on – most of what you will be doing is testing to ensure they are on track.  In this specific video we will take the premium theme that we have had developed and we will analyze it.  I'm going to show you how to do that and use screenshot tools to effectively communicate that.

Often times during this process if communication is taken for granted then the developer can often get confused.   So I will show you how to effectively apply what I teach you so that you can make it easier for you and the developer in the long run and speed of the whole process.

- Testing and feedback
- Screenshot tools

Quality Assurance Testing
Packaging and Selling Your Wordpress Theme
3 Lectures 14:24
13. Branding and Packaging Your Themes

Before your theme can be sold we need to do a few things.  In this quick and easy video I am going to show you how to properly brand, package, and ensure that all the license are in the right place so that you can begin to sell it.

- Branding
- Packaging
Branding and Packaging Your Themes

14. Angle of Selling - Free Level / Pro

Now that your premium theme has been branded and packaged, it is time to sell your theme.

Now before you upload it to a marketplace or begin to sell it in the specific video I want to give you some ideas on different angles of selling your theme – so that you can get a good idea on how to approach this effectively.

– different angles of selling to ensure you get the most profit from your themes.
Angle of Selling - Free Level / Pro

15. Sales Copywriting 101

In this specific video I am going to show you how to write basic sales copy to sell your Wordpress themes.  Fortunately unlike a sales letter which requires you to have a good amount of copywriting, selling themes is actually quite easy in relation to this.

- Examples
- Ways to Fast track your copywriting

Sales Copywriting 101
Final Conclusion
2 Lectures 16:30
16. Where to Market your themes

Congratulations you have reached the end of this video series. In the specific video I am going to show you where to market your themes. There are several different marketplaces for themes.

·    Different marketplaces that sell Wordpress Themes
·    Guidelines and requirements to be aware of.
Where to Market Your Themes

Downloadable Power Point Presentation

We'd like to leave you with this...
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