Customer Development for Entrepreneurs: Lean Startup Tactics

How to Get, Test, and Optimize Startup Ideas. What to do when you're "out of the building."
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Course Description

Customer development is the practice of gaining customer insights through interviews and structured experiments to generate, test, and optimize ideas for products and services. Customer development is used to help build products that customers want and avoid spending time and money on products customers don’t want. It can be used to identify problems and new startup ideas, to test ideas, and to optimize ideas and existing products. Customer development helps us learn about our potential customers so we can build products they will actually use.

Customer development and Lean Startup methodology have become quite popular with entrepreneurs. This course can be a supplement to books like The Lean Startup and The Startup Owner’s Manual. Without rehashing too much of what they’ve taught, this is a tactical guide to practicing customer development. Many entrepreneurs and corporate innovators know they need to be practicing customer development, but don’t know how to do it in a way that will help them build awesome products.

Topics include:
How to Get Startup Ideas Through Customer Development
How to Test a Startup Idea’s Viability Before Building a Product
How to Find Customers to Interview
How to Ask for and Get Customer Interviews
First Steps After Coming Up With an Idea
The Best and Worst Customer Development Questions to Ask
How to Optimize Ideas and Existing Products

When I first learned about Lean methodology and customer development it was mind-blowing. I’ve been thinking of and evaluating startup ideas for as long as remember. It helped me to focus my ideas, and helped me avoid wasting a lot of time and money and products that no one actually wants. This book is a compilation of everything I’ve learned through study and practice.

What are the requirements?

  • Minimal understanding of Lean and customer development principles is preferred but not required

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 17 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Actionable tactics for practiceing customer development effectively
  • Test and validate your startup idea efficiently and effectively
  • Build products people love!

What is the target audience?

  • entrepreneurs, intrapraneurs, new product developers


Section 1: What Exactly is Customer Development?
Definition, Goals, and Outcomes
Section 2: Principles of Customer Development
Principles of Customer Development
Section 3: Four Phase Customer Development Process
Intro + Problem Discovery
Product Discovery
Product Validation
Section 4: How to Get Startup Ideas
Outline of Process for Generating Ideas
How to Choose a Customer Segment to Serve
How to Discover Ideas
Section 5: How to Test Startup Ideas
Testing Ideas: First Steps After a New Idea
Section 6: How to Find Customers to Interview
Intro to Finding Customers
14 Ways to Find Customers Part 1
14 Ways to Find Customers Part 2
Section 7: Cust Dev Logistics
How to Ask For Interviews and Frame the Conversation
What to Do Before, During, and After the Interview
Section 8: Case Studies
AirBnB, SinglePlatform, Yipit
Section 9: Key Takeaways, Conclusion, and Next Steps

To learn more, check out my book, Customer Development for Enterpreneurs:

Instructor Biography

Mike Fishbein , Self-publishing and content marketing expert

Mike Fishbein is an entrepreneur in New York City, author of multiple books on entrepreneurship, and has advised both startups and Fortune 500 companies on customer development and new product innovation.

Mike is the Founder of stpcollege an education technology company in New York City. Prior to stpcollege, Mike was a founding team member of Casual Corp, a venture studio and corporate innovation firm founded by an accomplished serial entrepreneur. While at Casual Corp, Mike served as a lead product manager in launching three new consumer technology products. In addition, Mike advised some of the world's largest companies on new product innovation.

Mike's expertise lies in customer development, Lean product strategy, and customer acquisition. His writings on startup marketing and strategy have been published in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and more.

Mike has been starting companies since he was a teenager and serves as a resource and advisor to startups in New York City and abroad.


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    • Michael Lim

    Another Brilliant Course from Mike Fishbein

    Having enjoyed Mike's clarity of instruction and step-by-step guidance in his previous course "Lifehacks: How to Get More Energy and Increase Productivity," I was expecting nothing less than another high quality course from him. In this next course, his instructions are just as clear as ever, and his attention to detail simply amazing. This time round, we still get the direct "how to" actionable lessons, coupled with "secret sauce" insights derived from years of experience and topped with sharing of external resources whenever practical. And boy, I'm impressed! Looking to learn about customer development? This is it!

    • Carol Foley

    Lean Startup: Applied

    I had a basic understanding of Lean, but this course taught me how to actually apply it. The course provided some great instruction on how to actually practice customer development. From how to get interviews, to what questions to ask, this course provided tons of actionable advice on customer development.

    • Celina Raczkowska

    content - OK, video quality - not so much

    For a 49$ course I would expect better quality of the videos. As for the content- if you have any basic knowledge of startups or entreprenership you will not find anything new here. But if this subject is new for you- go for it :)

    • Benjamin Wagar

    Customer development make easier

    Mike's customer development course creates an actionable framework for the daunting process of customer development to use no matter who you're speaking to or what your company is. He takes insight from all sorts of customer developments books, critiques, questions, as well as his experience and lays it out into a process that anyone can iterate. Really good work! I highly recommend it.

    • Kaps R

    Love this course!

    This really helped me find a problem and a possible solution to work to. All I did was start calling people and getting the right information. I'm still on the second stage of the strategy but I feel I've progressed more in this short amount of time than I ever did in a year

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