Crowdfunding Mastery: Kickstarter and Indiegogo
3.9 (66 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
6,713 students enrolled
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Crowdfunding Mastery: Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Crowdfunding for Kickstarter and Indiegogo 2017: Accelerate Success, Maximise Money Funded, Leverage Time & Exposure
3.9 (66 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
6,713 students enrolled
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Leverage the preparation period before launching to maximise important campaign time
  • Write concise, effective emails to press distribution sites for maximum product awareness
  • Take the most efficient action steps at each stage of the campaign
  • Share your campaign with thousands via social media channels
  • Design a powerful campaign page without missing any key parts
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  • Have a desire to run an online crowdfunding campaign
  • NO prior experience running any online crowdfunding campaigns needed
  • A computer and internet connection necessary



So you want to run a crowdfunding campaign. You've got an idea that is ready to grow and take flight. You want to crowdfund your venture and do it right, but time and money is precious to you. We get that. We understand that time is your most valuable resource, and the only thing you can't replace.

That is why we want to offer what we see as most valuable: help you save your most precious entity of time, by being super efficient at organising and running your crowdfunding campaign! We've done the hard yards researching, learning, finding out what works and what doesn't, even spending the money on services that didn't work so we could have a first hand angle, Now we want to impart all this knowledge onto you.

Enrolling in our course will allow you to maximise your time most efficiently, whilst not skipping a single step or getting stuck along the way. Together let's create your most successful crowdfunding campaign - today's the day.

Who is our target audience?
Seasoned creative, or newbie who is finally taking the action steps to grow from 'wantrepreneur' to entrepreneur, the ideal student for this course is one with desire. The desire and passion to create a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, in order to raise capital to make your idea come to life. You want to make the most efficient and successful campaign possible and you are ready to take action and do what it takes to succeed.

Crowdfunding mastery will give you a comprehensive and concise formula for planning and carrying out a successful online crowdfunding campaign. We explain each step to you, what not to miss, what to consider when making decisions, how and where you can save money and how to leverage your action taking to accomplish maximum results. At the end of this course you will have a thorough understanding not only of exactly what crowdfunding is and how it can best work for you, but also the exact action steps to take at each stage of your campaign.

We've included many extremely useful resources for you to download, save and use as your own. Where appropriate, you are able to enter your own unique information for your campaign to best keep track of your actions and keep everything organised efficiently.

The 39 lectures in this course make up 4 hours of video. This course could take you 3-4 hours all at once depending on the speed at which you watch the videos, or it could take a week of watching 30 minutes a day. The time you complete this course in is entirely determined by you and your needs. Of course all the content is yours forever so you can come back to it at any time and use a lot of the same strategies going into your newly funded business venture!

The course is broken down into 10 sections. The lectures are in various forms including talking head videos, screencast with audio, slides with audio and downloadable resources. The format of each lecture and section has been optimized for getting the maximum amount of information across in the most easy, efficient and user-friendly way.

This course is the most complete and concise crowdfunding instruction you will find on Udemy. In 4 hours you will gain the knowledge that took us 2 years to accumulate and prove! We've covered everything you need to know to plan for and run a crowdfunding campaign that will raise the capital you need to grow your idea and allow your venture to be great success!


Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for entrepreneurs and creatives wanting to run a successful crowdfunding campaign to support their product or service
  • For those who have a genuine desire to succeed and a willingness to take action
  • Campaigns of any type of product/service are relevant
  • NOT for students who don't want to take the required action
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Curriculum For This Course
40 Lectures
1: The Crowdfunding Basics
4 Lectures 16:00

We dive straight into how crowdfunding can truly change your life by taking your idea or dream and bring it into reality. You will learn how beneficial it really can be for not only raising capital but validating your idea, creating massive hype around your business and getting media coverage from all over the globe..

Preview 05:11

There are over 2000 platforms out there nowadays, but we will be focusing on the biggest two platforms that help projects get funded. This is a big decision that could potentially make or break your campaign, so in this lecture we go through the most important variables to consider and what you need to know about Kickstarter and Indiegogo to make sure you get it right first time!

Preview 06:59

Three super easy steps to join our free, private Crowdfunding community on Facebook.

Use this space to receive support, learn from other crowdfunders, ask and post any questions or advice, and be as active as you wish!

Join our community on Facebook!
1 page
2: Setting yourself up for success
2 Lectures 13:20

Setting your goals every single day will be one of the major determining factors between having a highly productive and measurable day and one that is all over the place. We will teach you how to prioritize both you and your team's’ tasks so that everything not only gets done by the end of the day, but also gets done at the highest level possible each and every time. 

Preview 06:59

No matter how much you know or how much you can physically get done in a day, you will never be as effective or as efficient as you could be with a team. Teams of two or more will typically generate significantly more funds than projects that have just one creator running the show. We will go through strategies on how to best utilize your team and how to make everyone an unstoppable force each and every day you are working together.

The importance of creating an unstoppable Team
3: Building your Pre-Launch Assets!
7 Lectures 54:49

Creating a stand alone website or landing page as soon as possible before you campaign goes live, is an absolutely crucial step. Here we will be focusing on what your site or page should include, how this comes into play before, during and after your campaign, and the pros and cons of having either a full website or just a landing page. I will also reinforce the fact that you do not need to know anything about how to do it yourself!!!!!

How to choose and optimize your website/landing page.

The fact of the matter now, is that Facebook has been around for long enough for my 83 year old Grandma to get an account and is not only one of the most powerful tools for established businesses but for crowdfunding campaigns too, however you need a comprehensive plan and a strategy to follow so you can really capitilize on its reaching power. In this lecture we will teach you about the behind the scenes of Facebook, how you can grow your page likes hugely within a few months, how to use it to drive traffic and even to retarget those who are on the line of supporting!

The complete Facebook strategy to reach the masses

Throughout this lecture we will jump into the importance of advertising through Facebook, the specific steps to create them and what they are actually used for during your campaign. There will be 3 parts to this lecture for easy learning!

Facebook Ads made easy: Part 1

Through this lecture we will go through how to target your ad to the exact audience you want to hit, how to add images and the different options of text you can add to get your add more clicks!

Facebook Ads made easy: Part 2

This lecture will carry on from part 1 and 2 and dive into how to create a similar ad quickly and go through our step by step ultimate guide to optimise your ads for an insane return on investment! We will also go into how to create a retarget audience which is absolutely vital to set up before you start your campaign!

Facebook Ads made easy: Part 3

These days pretty much any and every influencer, athlete, celebrity or brand can be found on the platform. What this means is that you have the chance to easily reach out and connect with those who you want to get hold of. This is really where the power of twitter lies and because these people mostly manage their own accounts they will receive these messages directly. We will jump into how to build your following, who to follow, what to tweet about and I will also let you in on how we got numerous sales during our campaign by directly replying to targeted hashtagged tweets!

How to use Twitter for DIRECT sales AND to reach Influencers

Google updates and upgrades there network of tools daily, making them very user friendly and a must for your campaign arsenal. These tools are awesome for not only monitoring, but great for day to day collaboration. In this lecture I will advise the accounts you will benefit from - everything from google alerts to google analytics - and show you how each one of them can benefit your campaign immensely.

8 Google tools for seamless collaboration & measurement
4: The earlier you start the easier it will be!
3 Lectures 14:40

No matter what your product or project is, the presence of highly influential and widely known individuals can give the validation and trust needed to make it a success right from the start. You need to make sure however that the person or people you choose are right for you and how to utilize them in the right ways. By the end of this lecture you will know how to get a starting ambassador team of 3 - 5 people for free! We will also tell you the new and best way to get hold of your ideal candidates and show you exact messages we sent to get ours.

Preview 06:54

We believe it is obvious on the outside to why these are so important but the underlying reasons are imperative also. We are going to teach you how these can single handedly convert skeptics to backers in seconds and what considerations you should make sure to include when compiling these for your campaign.

How to create Testimonials that people trust and connect with.

You really should do anything in your power to have something as close as possible to the final product before the campaign starts, even if it is just a working prototype or in some cases a digital version. In this lecture you will learn the best ways to utilize your product samples, who to send them to and even how to increase the visual appeal and first impressions of them when shipping cheaply.

Using samples to gain huge media features, exposure and post campaign deals
Creating a "HYPE" around your campaign
3 Lectures 19:10

After this lecture you will better understand what crowd speaking really is and how it can contribute to viral numbers of visitors to your campaign from the word GO. We will not only teach you the best ways to get all your friends and family involved through exact messages we sent, but also how to get highly targeted people that you don't know to support you too.

Using a crowd-speaking platform to send your campaign viral

Everyone loves FREE stuff! Giveaways are a key factor in driving new, highly targeted traffic during your pre-launch and at the all important middle low point of your campaign. In this lecture you will learn the different types of giveaways and how each type can benefit your campaign and business. We will also show you a kickass way of connecting your giveaway with your campaign page that directly contributes to the platforms algorithms and your trending status.

Creating targeted Giveaways to drive traffic and subscribers

In this day and age as an entrepreneur you are going to have to put yourself out there. Once you put a few videos together you will look back and see just how far you have come! Through this lecture we will go through some different types of content, what you will need to create these masterpieces and how to use this content to gain free marketing and exposure.

Preview 05:54
6: Creating the Ultimate campaign built on a core of strategy and data
8 Lectures 01:02:12

In this lecture we will go into what makes a video vital and let you in on the exact structure to make a killer video that will have your backers sharing like crazy!

Complete strategy for creating the ultimate Video

We will teach you why the page is the most crucial part of your campaign, the order in which you should structure your content, how much information you should include and most importantly how to put it all together to fully optimise it so people are 100% sold on your product by the time they reach the bottom.

Designing and optimising the perfect Page

Throughout this lecture we will show you exactly how to find your ideal funding amount using different strategies, show you how important this can be in influencing your chosen platform’s algorithms and let you in on some tricks that need to be taken into consideration when finalising your ultimate goal.

The secrets behind finding your funding goal

This lecture I will go through the complete range in which your rewards should be structured, how you can sell every person that visits your page on at least one of your Perks, and how to create urgency on your main reward to reach your goal in a record amount of time!

Structuring Perks and Rewards that get you FUNDED

In this lecture you will learn how to optimise the perfect project to be high up on the trending pages of not only your chosen category, but the overall platform itself and why this is so important for your funding success.

Using algorithms to get your project seen by millions

We will be going through how to actually do an update, what to say and how frequently to get them out. I will also be going into how updates can be a big contributing factor to getting your campaign on the platforms trending pages and a few other tips and tricks to keep your backers engaged throughout!!

The importance of keeping your backers in the Loop

In this Lecture we will dive into; who uses stretch goals, why they are so important and how they can push your campaign into full on overdrive. We’ve added a case study as well to show you a real example and how it helped this particular campaign.

How to keep climbing after you hit your target - Stretch Goals

In this lecture we will go into how you can conduct these focus groups and how influential they can be to your success. Using these coming methods you will learn the way to find out exactly how well your video, page and your overall campaign will go BEFORE you even take it live and the way to change it all around if things do go wrong.

Vital market research strategy that will blow up your campaign
7: Accelerating your exposure & funding through services that actually work
4 Lectures 15:44
Backer Clubs are independently created communities that require members to have backed multiple crowdfunding campaigns. These are highly targeted people who understand in great detail what a campaign means and how to navigate themselves through the process. You will learn about how they can help you gain traction and social validation in the very early days of your campaign being live.
Using Veteran crowdfunders to accelerate your initial funding

Here you will learn about the 2 different types of submission sites we are concerned with, how they work and how to utilize them in the best way possible. We will also share a game changing piece of advice that can get your project onto the trending page very quickly and keep it there for the ultimate amount of traffic. To top it off we have created a priceless list of over 50 site to submit your project!

How to get your first round of media with submission sites

In this lecture we will show you how valuable Green inbox really is for your campaign, when to use it and how to personalise your message to get the best return on investment.

Save time and message your entire network at once

Everything in this lecture has been tried and tested by us. We decided that in order to get a true understanding on this topic we would need to dive in and invest some money (a lot of money) into actually using most of these services, so that you don’t have to and so we could report from a first hand experience. Trust us when we say that by you completing this course, you could probably run the majority of everything out there more efficiently and with better results than they ever could. We will go through a few of these services and put you in a position to decide if and when to take these on

Where to invest in outsourcing your PR and marketing
8: The smart & creative ways to gain massive, global exposure for your campaign
5 Lectures 39:15

In this lecture we are going to dive into where to find the right people to pitch too, how to create highly effective outreach messages and press releases that even the president would respond to and a proven strategy for continued coverage throughout your campaign. An absolute priceless lecture that can be transferred into any future business media! This will be a 2 Part lecture so you can have a slight break in-between all of this Highly valuable information

Preview 10:12

Part 2 of this lecture will dive into who exactly you should be reaching out to, in what order that is most efficient for you and how exactly to get to these people! We will also go through an exact pitch strategy that got us numerous features in the media. To top it off we will go over the few things that you NEED to AVOID when pitching to media, this will help in crafting your own pitches.

How to get your product into the hands of Media. Part 2

We will be showing you in this lecture, who the perfect people to cross promote with are, and how to contact them also what the different types of promotions are and how this can increase traffic and gain targeted backers. A simple but very effective way to gain validity and new backers to your campaign form the very beginning

Help them help you, Leverage off already successful campaigns

No matter what Crowdfunding Platform you are on, what your project is about or how successfully it started, there will always be a slow slump in the middle. Without traffic coming to your page your campaign gets no views and without views there is no purchases. Having a plan and strategy for Extra traffic is essential right from the very start and will save you a HUGE amount of time as well. We have created a list of the best ways to drive traffic to your campaign that we have seen no where else on the internet. If you want a campaign with some "buzz" and a big funding figure this lecture is a must watch!

Creative and effective ways to drive Extra traffic to your page. Part 1

Part 2 of this lecture includes another #10 of the most creative ways to drive traffic to your campaign when you most need it, and some simple ways to execute these ideas! You will leave this lecture with an array of different ideas you can implement so you will be set up for success!

Creative and effective ways to drive Extra traffic to your page. Part 2
9: DONT PANIC if it's going wrong! This ONE strategy will turn it all around..
2 Lectures 13:24

In this highly valuable lecture that you will be able to use for the rest of your business career, we are going to go through the tried and proven action steps to take as soon as you catch yourself fishing aimlessly for answers. This exact scenario happened to us and by using this plan we were able to not only turn the momentum around and have a hugely successful campaign, but learn exactly what our target demographic needed to see and hear.

How to Troubleshoot your campaign if it not going your way. Part 1

In Part 2 of this trouble shooting lecture we will go through our step by step guide to pinpoint the exact areas of your campaign that need tweaking. We will show you how the public can tell you exactly what they want to know and change to optimise your page 100% so you can get back on track and get to that funding goal!

How to Troubleshoot your campaign if it's not going your way. Part 2
10: Course Extras
2 Lectures 12:29

Throughout this lecture you will learn some basic skills to create images for such things as; making all the graphics for your page, making Facebook custom posts, making cover photos and profile pics and making custom designs to spice things up on your campaign. We have also included a download for the sizes of images that you need for starting your online social media presence and for any Facebook ad you may wish to make!

The basics of Photoshop to Create awesome graphics. Part 1

In this lecture we are back in Photoshop going through a quick and easy way to stitch images on top of one another to make your product stick out in the crowd. This method is able to be implemented on a huge number of images that you will create throughout your campaign!

The basics of Photoshop to Create awesome graphics. Part 2
About the Instructor
Ryan Tattle
3.9 Average rating
65 Reviews
6,713 Students
1 Course
Entrepreneur, Inventor, Coach & Growth Hacker

Ryan is a serial entrepreneur spending most of his time between Boulder, Colorado in the United States and down under in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

Working closely with his brother and a handful of close friends, he has created several brand names including a very successful product launch recently and numerous new inventions. Not only has he been successful in his entrepreneurial ventures, but has had the vision to view the entire process from a perspective of learning. He thrives on being able to impart this valuable knowledge on to others to allow them to feel the satisfying feelings of success.

Ryan has a knack for networking and connecting with incredible people. This has allowed him to interview many extremely successful and influential entrepreneurs and business people, from whom he has learned an abundance of new ideas and approaches from. He wholeheartedly believes in the power of positive thinking and applies this to his every day.

With strong passion and skill for creating the extraordinary out of nothing, Ryan endeavors to help others' in their own creative journey. Part of this mission includes creating highly valuable courses for online learning, in areas he has excelled at, to share knowledge and increase innovation around the world.

Ryan is an avid snowboarder and traveler, likes climbing tall things and has vast experience driving large yachts. Oh, and he's a helicopter pilot.

Alex Tattle
3.9 Average rating
65 Reviews
6,713 Students
1 Course
Creative, Serial Entrepreneur, Innovator, Leader, Teacher

Alex, from a very young age has always had an unparalleled drive for success. From starting and running his own high end, successful construction business, to creating a new invention and bringing it to life along side his brother Ryan. They successfully designed and manufactured a product right from the idea stage into an incredible business that is soon to be world renowned.

Along side his drive and visions, Alex is known for his amazing ability to learn quickly from anything that may counter his path. Being a serial Entrepreneur allows him to puts his mind to wanting to learn a new aspect of business or personal and stop at nothing to become a leader in that field. So once Alex and Ryan had this idea for a product, Crowdfunding was their solution and that was going to be their mission for the next 2 years, to gain all the knowledge possible form as many different sources as humanly able.

After running a successful crowdfunding campaign, talking to many successful campaign creators and building two business' from the ground up Alex decided that there was to much information that he had gathered to go to waste. This is the reason for wanting to become a lecturer. He wants everyone to share his new found and backed theories and put them to practice so that everyone can create a successful life.