Creativity Enhancement for Kids: a Parents & Teachers Guide
4.3 (15 ratings)
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Creativity Enhancement for Kids: a Parents & Teachers Guide

The Ultimate Parents and Teachers Guide to Empowering Children & Teens with Fundamental Creativity & Innovation Skills
4.3 (15 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
343 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Teach your kids seven idea generation tools
  • Build the ability of you kids or students to see situations from a wider perspective

  • Develop the diverse talents and multiple intelligences of children

  • Use powerful methods with kids for expanding their point of view and going beyond the standard answers and solutions
  • Strengthen the communication and interaction skills of kids and teens and their ability to see and appreciate diversity and variety
  • Carry out fun activities with children and teens to practice the creative skills
  • Use the creativity enhancement tools in a variety of opportunities which are relevant to children and youths
  • Know how to explain the creativity methods and tools to children of all ages with clear explanations and examples
  • Apply the games, activities and examples detailed in the course to activities at home or in the classroom
  • A desire to learn and to help kids and teens become more creative
  • No prior knowledge of creativity or teaching experience is required

Creativity is one of the most critical skills of the 21st century.

With all the innovations in technology, the changing economic world, the reshaping of social and business structures - we will all need Creative Thinking as a fundamental skill.

What does the need to be Creative mean to parents and teachers?

We need to be preparing our kids and students. We need to give them the creative thinking skiils and creativity tools they will need to face this constantly shifting reality.

This course will show you how.

The course covers the essential tools and methods that will help you enhance your children's creative thinking skills.

It takes you step by step through explaining the creativity tools, clarifying how YOU can use them with children, and providing you with examples and tips to get you started.

I created this course because I wanted us as parents and educators to take charge and enhance our children's ability to use creativity and to make it a natural part of their thinking habits.

Who should take the "Creativity Enhancement for Kids" course?

The course is designed with 3 types of students in mind:

  1. Parents who want to develop the creative skills of their children and make it a part of their natural habits
  2. Teachers and educators that are looking for ways to enrich their teaching methods on any subject matter, as well as to impart fundamental creative thinking abilities to their students
  3. Anyone who is interested in creativity techniques and would like to improve their own ability to use them and help others use them
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has children of ages 5-18 and wants to enhance their creative skills
  • Teachers and educators who would like to enrich their teaching methods and curriculum with creativity methods
  • Anyone who is interested in creativity methods and would like to enhance their own ability to use them
  • Parents, grandparents and caretakers who believe and want to develop the individual talents of the youngsters they care for
Course content
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+ Creativity for Kids and Youths: Getting Started
1 lecture 02:29

Welcome to the Kids Creativity Enhancement Guide for Parents and Teachers, where you will learn how to empower your children or students with creative thinking skills they need in the fast-moving reality of the 21st century.

This lecture introduces you the the course goals and structure, and outlines the topics and skills we will go through to help you - the parent or teacher - to empower children with extremely powerful creativity skills.

Preview 02:29
+ The Power to Imagine: Idea Generation Tools for Children and Teens
10 lectures 28:49

Introduction to Idea Generation fun process and tools and what are the Mind Mapping and SCAMPER tools we will use with the kids.

Preview 01:53

Mind Mapping is a visual technique that works great with kids and help them prepare the ground for the idea generation phase that is about to follow. See this lecture to learn how to map the components we can play with with Mind Mapping fun.

Preview 03:31

SCAMPER are 7 ideas generation tools that kids can learn from a very young age, and are powerful enough for youth and adults as well. This lesson will show you how to use the SCAMPER tools with kids, and will elaborate on the Substitute tool.

SCAMPER Introduction and the Substitute tool

Let's continue to learn the SCAMPER tools for idea generation. Combine creates interesting ideas by connecting separate parts or steps together. The results can be quite funny at times. Adapt makes the thing we are innovating in better suited for specific situations or audiences.

SCAMPER Combine and Adapt tools

Modify is a tool that focus on the micro - the properties of components and objects - such as color, size, speed and so on. Use it to come up with ideas that are easy to implement and yet produce fun variations. Put to other use, on the other hand, offers a bird's eye view of the purpose and usage of the complete object or process, and invites the kids to offer new perspectives and opportunities.

SCAMPER Modify and Put to other use Tools

Learn the two final tools of SCAMPER - Eliminate and Rearrange. Eliminate is about coming up with ideas by actually removing components from the "Closed World", and Rearrange focuses on shuffling the components around - either in space or time - to get completely new ideas and results.

SCAMPER Eliminate and Rearrange Tools

The most immediate environment for children is their room, or their classroom when they are at school. In this lesson I'll take you through a detailed example of using the SCAMPER tools to reinvent their room or to come up with cool creative ideas for redesigning the classroom.

Reinventing the kid's room or classroom with SCAMPER

Put your skills to practice and show the children how they can use the creativity and ideation tools you learned in this section to generate hundreds of ideas for games and activities.

SCAMPER fun of innovating games and activities

Here you can download instructions and templates that you can use when you want to generate ideas with the SCAMPER tools.

SCAMPER Idea Generation Tools Download

This lesson concludes the section about Idea Generation and recaps the Mind Mapping and SCAMPER tools we have learned, and how they are used to enhance the kids' creativity.

Preview 01:28
+ Creative Communication and Interaction
4 lectures 10:52

Drama games are a great way to develop the creative skills of children. This section shows you how to use role playing, action and movement to enhance the skill of children to view the world in more diverse ways. The games I will share with you also improve the children's ability to communicate, listen to and understand others - yet another important pillar for creative thinking.

Preview 01:16

Too often do people in general - and children specifically - get stuck in a certain opinion and are unable to see other possible options and alternatives. This simple yet powerful drama game starts off in exactly that kind of situation - but then trains the children to look closer at the opposite opinion and gradually embrace it.

Opposites Attract: Understanding Different Points of View

The Back to Back game is a game for a group of 4-5 kids. It helps them practice the ability other people's minds. Well - obviously not read their minds but at least be aware of other people's interests and motives.

Back to Back: Getting into Other People's Head...

We constantly categorize and label the objects and people around us. Enhancing the children's ability to play with these labels and break down these generalizations in order to rearrange the way we see the world is the skill that this dynamic game aims to strengthen.

A Walk in The Park: New Ways to Categorize the World Around Us
+ Unlimited Minds: Lateral Thinking Tools and Applications
7 lectures 23:54

The Six Thinking Hats is one of the most flexible and mind-opening creativity methods. It is simple enough for kids of a very young age to understand and use, yet offers such a fundamental explanation of the way we think and how we can improve it, so that it can be useful to guide the deepest of discussions and thinking processes. This lesson introduces the Six Hats method and how it can be used to discuss creative ideas.

Six Hats for Discussing Ideas and Situations

One of the most powerful ways to use Six Hats is by combining them into sequences. This allows kids to use the right kind of thinking for the situation. This lesson includes a number of examples of such sequences that can help your kids or students use hat combinations for more creative and effective decision making, problem solving and other real-life situations.

Six Hats Sequences for Kids and Youths

A downloadable pocket kit for you to download, print and give to each child or student so they can easily remember and use the Six Hats tools and idea discussion sequence.

Six Hats Tool Download

Get to know the 8 Multiple Intelligences - a wider view of human talents and abilities, which could offer endless new ways to develop and encourage creativity and creative expression with you kids, teens and students.

What are Multiple Intelligences?

Now that we got to know the Multiple Intelligences theory, it's time to learn how to enhance creativity with this framework in mind. Combine Linguistic and Musical Intelligences enhancement through the examples and ideas in this lesson.

Linguistic and Musical Intelligence Empowerment and Encouragement

This is an activity that let you work with your kids on Bodily and Spatial intelligences. Watch and use this example and use it a source of inspiration for more activities that can enhance their skills.

Bodily-Spatial Multiple Intelligences Activity

Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Intelligences are ones that most likely impact your kid's success in nearly every challenge. In this lesson you'll get a chance to explore and to master their self-smart and people-smart capabilities.

What's in a name? Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Intelligences Enhancement
+ Conclusion and Recommended Action Items
1 lecture 02:42

Yo should now have many tools you can use to build the creativity of you kids or students. This lesson wraps up the course and encourages you to apply what you've learned to build the creativity of your children.

Course Summary and Call to Action