Creative Training Techniques To Drive High Impact Learning!
3.8 (35 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
594 students enrolled
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Creative Training Techniques To Drive High Impact Learning!

Use creative learning techniques to maximize application of new knowledge and skill so that training efforts pay off!
3.8 (35 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
594 students enrolled
Created by Katy Caselli
Last updated 11/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Develop a reputation for engaging, active and standing room only training courses!
  • Design impactful, engaging and effective training programs!
  • Prove your value by reporting the measurable effects of your training programs!
  • Develop your credibility with upper management for showing results, and with students by involving them in active learning techniques!
  • Plan throughout class to transform an existing training course or design a new one from the beginning with effective training techniques!
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  • A way to print the training plan, some knowledge of adult learning principles, and experience in the classroom

Over 2,100 students from 112 countries enrolled in Specialist Series classes by Katy Caselli since September, 2015! Updated with additional materials in February, 2017!

How would you like to advance your skills in the classroom? Drive high impact learning by mastering the secrets to creative training! Learn the secrets to being a credible, effective instructor and report solid, measurable training results while wowing your students, earning rave reviews and turning classrooms in active, fun learning environments.

Take this class over a single afternoon and draw up a plan with my expert guidance that drives impactful, effective and active learning.

Learn the foundations of world class instructional design and incorporate creative, engaging techniques to your future training efforts, building a reputation of an imaginative and effective instructor who delivers results.

This class is for Instructors, Human Resources professionals and Learning and Development personnel who want continuous learning opportunities! This course consists of 15 lectures, over 1 hour of video, a plan to capture your notes and ideas and many supplementary materials. There is also a money back guarantee!

Who is the target audience?
  • Instructors, People Leaders, Human Resource and Learning and Development Professionals will benefit from this class.
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Curriculum For This Course
Why The Fire Hose Method of Pouring out "Training" Fails
4 Lectures 08:07

Every professional has to be able to show their value. In the United States in the later part of 2008, the economy started a crash, and many many professions were impacted. In a Learning and Development Manager role at the time, I saw my budget disappear, my team shrink, and training programs cancelled, as the manufacturing company I was part of saw a 40% reduction in orders.

Fortunately I has long before shown how I was bringing value to the company, by reporting the value of the training I was providing, and gaining a reputation for being effective.

I could not have done that without using the tactics I am going to teach you in this course. It does involve fun, engaging and interactive training techniques. And it includes an underlying structure as to how training works, and why it fails.

How would you like to prove to your organization that training isn't just liked, but that it is actually making positive changes? This course will go over some of the science basis behind making that happens. It all starts with active, hands on learning opportunities.

Preview 01:09

#1 I am a 17 year veteran of the Learning and Development Field, that means I've already made the mistake of offering dull training and I'll keep trying not to do it again.

B. I am also an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist- I know a mouthful, right? It just means that I can put an entire organization on the couch, crack it open and figure out how to improve performance.

D. I've been asked to describe what the impact of my training has been in the past. (yipes) And I provided great answers. You'll see some examples in this course.

4. I've had standing room only situations in my classes.

%. I've been asked to "keep it down" several times because my students were having so much fun learning

6. Over the course of my career, I have supplied Learning and Development programs, certifications, orientation and technical training to around 4300 employees

h. I have more Learning and Development certifications than I can count

.5 I know your obstacles, I've had to overcome them myself, so I can help you, please prepare to post questions, ideas and other in the forum section!

Preview 01:23

Whats wrong with 50 slides in 1 hour? What's the big deal?

Is there really such a thing as death by powerpoint? Actually yes! It is the death of energy, attention, retention, and effectiveness plus the cost of the time for participants.

Studies show that, in organizations, the expected amount of retention of materials by participants can be as low as 10%-20%, depending on the amount of repetition and engagement of the participants.

Preview 03:26

This class is about ideas, the more the better! Please share with your classmates in the forum thread some of the most outstanding and interactive training techniques you have experienced! It could be an activity that you have been in as a participant or that you delivered yourself.

Think of a time when every student was engaged, focussed, participating and loving it. It only counts if the activity was aligned to the goals of the class and what the organization needed in terms of knowledge or skills to be used in the job setting later.

So for example, at age 19 I was part of a class that was encouraging innovating and creative thinking. The instructor gave us each a paperclip and gave us 3 minutes to write a list of things we could think of to do with it other than holding papers together.

My list looked something like this:

Make a temporary engagement ring

Make it into a round bouncy toy

Use it as a small stand to hold a picture

Use it like a twist tie

Use it as a bookmark

And so on. This exercise was valuable because we were being encouraged to think creatively about how to discover and go after our career goals and to break the thinking models about careers we may have been brought up with.

The exercise also stuck with me as the following week, a small piece of metal broke on my wristwatch. Sure enough, I repaired it with a paperclip.

For your activity please go to the forum and share a creative training technique!

Activity!!! What is the most Creative Training Technique You Have Experienced?

Just for Fun

Quiz 1 Stay With Me, This is A Fun One!
2 questions
The Basics of Effective Training and Why It Matters So Much!
3 Lectures 08:34

Dr. Kirkpatrick's framework is excellent because it is a tool that explains the usefulness of training in ways that experts and non-experts in the training field can understand and use. Since this research and explanation has gained a foothold, it has given training professionals and leaders tools...

What is Effective Training? The Basis For Measuring the Value of Training

What are the key losses with training that does not leave an impact?

Credibility to the training function and yourself, the instructor or administrator.

Lack of information-What happened? It is hard to tell...

Preview 01:00

Now is your chance. Think of a course you already offer or one that you need to design that is coming up. Download the plan in the supplementary materials and fill in the information as we go through the course! This will give you the maximum you can get from this course, an active learning experience for yourself. Also, don't forget to post your best ideas in the forum during activities! We want to hear from you and learn from you!

Assignment! Your Plan to Design A Creative, Active, Standing Room Only Program
The Basics of World Class Instructional Design
3 Lectures 06:14

When trainees are sent to unneeded training classes there are several wastes. Time is one of the biggest. While students are in class, their duties are not being performed, risking too big a stretch on remaining employees, contributing to lost productivity, and possibly angering customers with late orders, even while their salaries and benefits are being paid....

First I identify the true need- If it is at all a mystery

Just to cover some basics to round out your plan:

Introduce yourself for credibility-Discuss your experience....

Include These Basics in Any Course To Hook Your Students From The Very Start!

Find out how effective the training was and see your credibility ( and perhaps your earnings) soar!

What if you and your organization invested in a 6000.00 course with a well known and engaging instructor, plus the valuable time of 30 participants at all levels. If I was the CFO, I'd want to know...

Plan to Write Up an Effectiveness Report and See Your Credibility Soar!
Now Think Creatively About Your Instructional Design
7 Lectures 18:53

Toys-Yes Toys- Fun activities do belong in training sessions, so use games, competitions, fabulous prizes and toys to engage students as they learn.

Ice Mountain- How I used it for Job Task Analysis Training

Jumping Balls from a bouncy house-How I used them to demonstration the molecular separation of proteins from cell debris

Competition in a demonstration-Carbon Dioxide Probe

Fragrance Sniffing- To learn to identify the top, base and heart notes of a fragrance formula

Group quizzes with fabulous prizes

My All Time Favorite Fun Training Activities and How They Were Linked To SMART

Tricky Ways to Ensure Students Pass The Class Without Obvious Tests

OK this is the fun part.

A little secret: the fire hose approach is not fun for instructors or participants...

Creative Ways to Test For Understanding Without Actually Pulling Out an Exam

OK now back to the hard stuff- Learning actually has occurred in the classroom. We saw this through observation of active learning and mastery of course objectives. However, what happens when students return to their jobs. Will they use their skills?

Plan a transfer strategy for retention and lasting impact

It is so important that this is known to all who perform training!

Quick Quiz About Building Value
1 question

This is an examples of a post course work plan, designed to have students extend the skills they have learned in the classroom to the real job. In this case, it is a plan for delegation which they fill out in the classroom while learning the key concepts, and they plan to execute the delegation assignments, communication and follow up in the job. In 4-6 months, they wrap up and report back to the instructor what went well and what could have been improved. Enjoy!

Example of a Post Training Work Plan! Plan for Students to Delegate After Class
6 pages

Are you excited and ready to make positive changes?  Your organization’s leaders may need help “Building Giants” among their workforce.

This class has some of the elements in the book Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training and is available on Amazon.

You also have the option of hosting my on-site Building Giants Workshop to accelerate learning and planning for your leaders.

 Session Description

For leaders, there is nothing worse than a realization that training has brought little back to the organization after all that effort and lost time.  This course details best practices to make a training effort bring visible business results.  Select any current training need and plan to meet it head on by following a simple model to ensure each critical element is achieved.

This class:

  • Prevents training failure
  • Reduces training time
  • Makes training impact visible
  • Helps Professionals to show business impact
  • Grows an organization's learning culture
  • Gains credibility and value for training professionals! 

Take Aways: 

Attendees will complete training and performance plans, recording ideas after reflection and partnerships with other attendees following a simple model of best practice.  

Student Objectives:

  • Plan for learning event success by finding the exact skills needed to end specific business problems.
  • Design active, engaging, evaluated training sessions guided by SMART objectives, based on the needs analysis.    
  • Strategize ways to treat students as if they are still in the classroom, even thought they have returned to the job.
  • Increase the probability of success by raising the accountability for learning outcomes for individuals, teams, and departments.
  • Plan to establish a learning culture by taking purposeful, game changing steps.

Contact Katy Caselli, or +1 919 564 6855 Eastern Standard Time (US) for more information and a free consultation.

Preview 01:12

Bonus Lecture-What is a Fabulous Prize?
About the Instructor
Katy Caselli
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Organizational Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Learning Guru

Katy Caselli has been in professional training roles for large, global organizations for 18 years and has experience in solving complex organizational problems through excellent people systems and solutions. Certified in Change Management, 360 Feedback, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Instructional design and a Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+), Katy has used this skill and knowledge extensively in organizations to both lift the overall workforce skill levels and to apply learning solutions for specific problem areas, resulting in positive changes to the business and short time-frame return on investment. Katy Caselli has her master's degree in industrial/ organizational psychology and uses it to frame hiring and on-boarding systems that are effective and compliant. She is the author of Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training. A constant learner, Katy's current hobbies include stained glass, kayaking and photography.