Creative Perspective Illustration with GIMP
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Creative Perspective Illustration with GIMP

Make Amazing Professional Illustrations with Perspective
4.8 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
50 students enrolled
Last updated 11/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create beautiful, detailed illustrations with perspective
  • Draw with perfect lines and shapes easily in GIMP
  • Understand how perspective works for all creative purposes
  • Improve your understanding of the beauty you see around you everyday!
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  • If you are studying GIMP you will need a computer or laptop with Windows, Apple iOS, or Linux
  • If you are only following the creative perspective lessons, some drawing materials are recommended

Understanding perspective drawing is one of the biggest challenges that creative people meet. This course takes the that challenge away and sets you on your way to being a creative perspective illustrator! 

Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, you will understand perspective after taking this course! And, if you didn't know how to use GIMP design software, you will also become a proficient GIMP'er with just a few easy lessons.

This course uses real life photography to display the actual fundamentals of how perspective works in reality, and then breaks down the basics on how to use that knowledge to create beautiful illustrations. 

Whether it be a simple greeting card design, landscape art, background art, or even just making art "for Art's sake", you will find this course incredibly useful for all of your creative endeavors. 

Graphic Designers, Photographers, Creative Artists and Illustrators all find perspective to be incredibly useful as our understanding of space and depth can make a huge difference in the presentation of your visual works.

This course extensively covers all of the tools you will need to start drawing anything in GIMP with emphasis on the tools needed to create stunning perspective illustrations.

GIMP software is free and open-source without any hassle. Maybe you are planning to buy Photoshop, and that is fine, but why not try GIMP first? It's free! You can install GIMP on any computer, it is compatible with Windows, Apple's iOS, and Linux computers.

I will also be sharing my many years of illustration tips and tricks to help advance your illustration knowledge, both with slow step-by-step instruction and with time lapse video to keep you entertained through the slow parts.

As your instructor, I am always available, and I will do my best to make sure you overcome any challenges you meet!

I am looking forward to seeing you in class!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with general artistic or design aspirations will benefit from this course
  • This course is great for creative individuals in graphic design, photography or artistic fields
  • This course is great for learning fundamental drawing within GIMP
  • This is not a comprehensive course on all GIMP functionality, but will give you the tools needed to draw proficiently
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Curriculum For This Course
57 Lectures
1 Lecture 07:00

A quick synopsis and start up guide to this course.

Preview 07:00
GIMP - Interface, Tools and Setup
3 Lectures 21:59

GIMP has the most flexible software interface. Let's take a look at the environment we are working in.

Preview 04:54

This lesson is the first part of two lessons which cover the fundamental tools we will be using to draw in GIMP. In this lesson we cover the selection tools.

A Brief Overview of the Tools We Need

This lesson continues from the last lesson on the drawing tools we will use in GIMP. .

Panning and More Tools

This quiz will test your ability to understand GIMP's Basic Interface and Set Up Tips as they have been introduced in the previous lessons. 

GIMP General Interface Quiz
4 questions
GIMP - Basic Drawing
5 Lectures 39:46

The first step to starting a new illustration in GIMP. Making a Canvas, or opening a New Image to work with.

Make a Canvas

This lesson cover using layers in GIMP and an overview of why layers in general are important for illustration.


Drawing perfect lines in GIMP is fun and easy.

Drawing Perfect Lines

The best way to draw shapes in GIMP!

Drawing Shapes

Oddly enough, an often forgotten practice. Let's make sure we are saving files correctly so you don't lose any valuable work.

Saving Files

This quiz reviews the items learned in Section 3: Basic Drawing. Let's make sure you know how to draw in GIMP before we move on to drawing perspective.

General GIMP Drawing Quiz
4 questions
PERSPECTIVE- Understanding Perspective
3 Lectures 29:17

This lesson covers the fundamentals of perspective in general, and then dives into One Point Perspective with photo example.

Preview 07:43

This lesson uses a photo to demonstrate the phenomenon of Two Point Perspective and explains perspective in more detail.

Two Point Perspective

This lesson uses a photo to show how Three Point Perspective works and then summarizes our understanding of perspective.

Three Point Perspective

This quiz will review some of the key content we covered in the Understanding Perspective section of this course.

Understanding Perspective Quiz
3 questions
PERSPECTIVE - Drawing One Point Perspective
18 Lectures 02:19:25

Let's get starting drawing with what we've learned thus far.

Preview 04:14

A demonstration of best practices with Layers and getting started on our first perspective drawing.

Making Guidelines with Layers

A set up for our first perspective drawing challenge.

Let's Draw a Simple Gift Box

This lesson describes our first major drawing challenge. Read the details first and try the challenge before moving forward.

Box Party Challenge

In this time-lapse video you can see how I did the Box Party Challenge myself.

Preview 03:38

This lesson will demonstrate the differences in drawing above and below the horizon.

Above and Below the Horizon

This lesson presents the Crazy Boxes drawing challenge, where you will learn to draw more boxes with perspective.

Crazy Boxes Challenge

In this time-lapse demonstration you can see how I tackled the Crazy Box Challenge myself.

Crazy Boxes Time-lapse

More important tips regarding fundamental perspective drawing.

Overlapping and Perspective Shortcuts

Not everything we want to draw is a box. This lesson helps us to start breaking out of the box.

Thinking Outside of "The Box"

In this lesson we can take everything we've learned about One Point Perspective and start drawing an actual scene.

Draw a Simple House Scene

In order to make our drawings into finished illustrations we will have to add a lot of detail. This lesson teaches how to deal with details in perspective, and how to make the work flow much easier.

Detailing the House

This lesson presents the Nice Home Challenge were you are challenged to draw a detailed house scene with One Point Perspective.

The Nice Home Challenge

In this time-lapse demonstration you can see how I handled the Nice Home drawing challenge.

The Nice Home Time-lapse Demonstration

Some things are round. And we want to draw them! Let's see how in this lesson.

Round Things

After boxes, learning to draw with cylinders is very important. This lesson covers the ins and outs of drawing cylinders.

Fun with Cylinders

Using our knowledge on cylinders now, we should be able to draw a classy soda bottle with perspective.

The Classy Soda Bottle

This demonstration covers drawing an indoor room scene, including a time-lapse of my completed illustration

A Comfy Room Demonstration
Color Crash Course
1 Lecture 13:50

This lesson is a crash course in coloring techniques for people drawing in GIMP. 

A Crash Course for Your Basic Coloring Needs
PERSPECTIVE - Drawing Two Point Perspective
13 Lectures 01:18:07

This is the introductory lesson to drawing in Two Point Perspective.

Two Point Perspective Intro

Two Point Perspective deals with invisible Vanishing Points. This lesson covers this challenge.

Invisible Vanishing Points

A deeper understanding of how basic shapes rotate in the world of drawing, with perspective.

Spinning Boxes

This lesson presents the Dizzy Box Challenge to help you practice drawing objects at different angles.

Dizzy Box Challenge

In this time-lapse demonstration I show you how I drew the Dizzy Box Challenge myself.

Dizzy Box Challenge Time-lapse

Now we can expand with what we have learned and draw a more complicated city scene.

A Beautiful City Scene

This lesson is a time-lapse demonstration of drawing the Two Point Perspective guidelines for a city scene.

Beautiful City Foundation Time-lapse

This lesson discusses adding more detail to your city to create an Elegant City.

A More Elegant City

This lesson describes your next challenge. Drawing an Elegant City.

Elegant City Challenge

This time-lapse demonstration shows how I added detail to my city illustration.

A More Elegant City Time-lapse

Drawing common indoor objects is also important for overall drawing ability. This lesson applies Two Point Perspective to common indoor objects.

An Interesting Table Top

This lesson presents the Tabletop Party Challenge where we are challenged to draw many objects on a table.

Tabletop Party Challenge

This time-lapse demonstration shows how I tackled the Tabletop Party Challenge myself.

Tabletop Party Time-lapse
Light and Shade Crash Course
1 Lecture 11:41

A crash course in general theory of Light and Shade in drawing, and some techniques for those using GIMP.

A Crash Course for Basic Light and Shade
PERSPECTIVE - Drawing Three Point Perspective
9 Lectures 50:46

An introduction to Three Point Perspective drawing.

Three Point Perspective Introduction

This lesson covers the complexities in dealing with Three Point Perspective guidelines.

Three Point Perspective Guidelines

This lesson will help to design boxes using Three Point Perspective which we will use to create a beautiful, big city illustration.

Three Point City Boxes

This lesson details the Dynamic City Challenge where we are challenged to draw a dynamic city view with Three Point Perspective.

Dynamic City Challenge

This time-lapse demonstration shows how I drew my Dynamic City with Three Point Perspective.

Dynamic City Time-lapse

This lessons gets us started in understanding Three Point Perspective space a little better, and prepares us to draw an interior space.

Interiors and Understanding Space

With a better understanding of space in Three Point Perspective, we can now start drawing a more dynamic interior space scene.

Designing a Beautiful Interior

This time-lapse demonstration shows my approach to creating a completed interior space illustration with Three Point Perspective.

A Beautiful Interior Time-lapse

This lesson summarizes this section and gives further advice.

More Exercises
PERSPECTIVE - Further Considerations
3 Lectures 08:49

Understanding Four Point Perspective, albeit odd, is important for many reasons which I detail in this article with image reference.

Notes Regarding Four Point Perspective

No drawing lesson is complete without reviewing the uses of fundamental Three Dimensional Shapes.

Cubes, Spheres, Cylinders and Other Shapes in Design

This article takes a look at some of the problems creative people face. It is important to understand these problems and analyze them correctly before looking for solutions.

Inspiration and Creativity
About the Instructor
Brendon Schumacker
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Brendon Schumacker is an accomplished artist and illustrator with experience in many art forms. Having drawn since a young age, Brendon has a lifetime of educational background in freehand art from various schools in USA and has studied along side with artists of varied backgrounds, giving him a diverse understanding of many illustration styles and techniques. He has published comics and children's books, has done multiple gallery openings, and has been doing freelance illustration and design for over 10 years. His instruction style is casual and entertaining while also being detailed in his examination of varied art techniques.