Work From Home - Less Than 1 Hour A Day - Real Business
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Work From Home - Less Than 1 Hour A Day - Real Business

No business? No List? NO WORRIES! We walk you through the next 30 days building your business.
Best Seller
4.3 (146 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
942 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • To build a $3,000 / month passive and scalable income from a REAL business
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“How To Get $3,000 Deposited Directly Into You Bank Account Every Month Working From Home”

Earn $3,000, $6,000 or even $12,000 a month without any real start up costs. When I first discovered the plan with Charlie, we started with “back-of-the-sofa change” and made thousands of dollars in the first 30 days.


Maybe you’ve already thought you could do something yourself.

And as you think about it you realise how different your life would be running a real business that rakes in large predictable sums of money month after month after month.

You can imagine what a great feeling it is, and how many of the things you've given up on in the past, might now only be a stones throw away.

But like many people, one of the things that may be holding you back is the time it takes to learn new things, the other thing is just knowing what works

"How To Grow A $3000 A Month Business In Less Than 30 Days Working From Home"

Now, this course is dramatically different from anything you’ve ever seen by a L-O-N-G shot - because its a double whammy.

It gets right down to the job at hand, showing you exactly what to do AND how to do it, when it comes to creating a real long term sustainable business.

And, it’s as easy as falling off a log.

In fact you can probably run the whole thing in 60 minutes a day or less

Just imagine what you could do with the other 23 hours of the Day?

At just 6 modules, you’ll have the concepts down in an afternoon, so you can settle your own curiosity of how to live life on your terms and put a rocket under your finances so you can start doing the things you love.

Best part being, you won't need to spend a penny to get started!


  • GET PAID BEFORE YOU SPEND…. No borrowed money to start
  • FAST… Thousands of dollars a month
  • HANDSFREE… This business will pretty much run hands free

If you've been online for a while you've probably seen it all, I'll be honest with you...


After all, my and Charlie's business is online marketing, teaching on many topics. It's my specific job to buy every “Make Money Online” course that lands in my inbox.

Then do some research, test them, see which work and don’t. Most are worthless. Nothing that you could call a “Real Business" that would keep food on the table of the everyday family.

The fact of the matter is over the past 18 years online we've got a great education on how to be successful working from home. High end corporates (like Microsoft, HP, Citrix, Nestle, Pepsi to name but a few) pay us a hefty sums to apply these things to their marketing strategies.

You see, after all that research and testing, we discovered a business model that is specifically engineered to bring regular money while you can work in the comfort of your own home. 

  • A real Work From Home Business business that could stop anyone trading time for money.
  • A real business that could be scaled to $20,000 even $100,000 with a little extra work. (On the inside, well show you proof of our 100K months)
  • A real business that you could manage in less than an hour a day.

I'll reiterate, this is a real business, that generates a passive income.

You can even do it full or part time, maybe even along side you current job.



  • BUY… something once
  • SELL… it over (and over) again
  • PROFIT… month after month

Truth be told, you'll be leveraging the exact same business strategy as the likes of Netflix, Spotify and Amazon and those guys at the moment are KILING it...!

You'll just copying their model and pasting it to service other businesses, in a specific way that will generate a long term passive income.

And before you ask:

NO it has absolutely nothing to do with importing tacky goods from China and reselling them on Amazon… If like me you’ve not got the time to invest to get all of the over hyped FBA nonsense off the ground…

NO it has nothing to do with selling inconsistent gigs on Fiverr for crazy low prices. I mean you'd have to sell allot of gigs to make even $1000 a month…

No it has absolutely nothing to do with the next social media fad that’s bombarding your inbox. Chances are by the time you even look at it, the next one will be along anyway.

Instead, this is about building a real sustainable business around a service offering that’s all but bullet proof to market fluctuations and economic change…

PLUS… You’ll Also Get These Additional 11 Impact Accelerator Resources For Download:

  1. What Successful People Read
  2. Your Brand Builders Bible
  3. Your Rules For Business
  4. The Profitable Prospect Profiling
  5. Knowing Your Numbers
  6. 60 Second To Maximum Trust
  7. Stealth Magnetic Customer Attraction - Fill In The Blanks 1
  8. Stealth Magnetic Customer Attraction - Fill In The Blanks 2
  9. 10 Steps Pain Free Client On Boarding
  10. The Top Line Audit
  11. The Opportunity Maximiser



With all that being said let me ask you this...

What if this course helps you get generate just $1,000 a month? Just ONE. What would that be worth to you?

Now ask yourself...

What if there’s even a chance that this course can actually teach you how to get $3,000 month on month working from home - and then scale that to as much as you you want?

The question is, are you going to do exactly what you need to, to make it a success? Or are you going to let each of these opportunities slip buy and never know what might have happened?

I have one final thought to share with you.

After studying behaviour for many years, I know one thing...

If you don’t make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there’s a very very small chance that you’re going to do anything about it in the future.

You know how they say that you can’t tell someone how to get somewhere unless you’ve been there yourself?

... Well we've been there, and we're going to show you the way.

See you on the inside...

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in making money from home
  • Anyone looking to start a REAL business
  • Anyone that has a drive and patience
  • Anyone that has belief that they can make $3,000 a month
  • NOT for those looking for a quick fix
  • NOT for those looking for a "make money" online type solution
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Curriculum For This Course
36 Lectures
Module One : Laying Your Foundation
6 Lectures 22:13

Meet your tutors for this passive income course and see why when it comes to making money online or setting up your own business, you're in the right place and in good hands.

Preview 03:58

If you're serious about discovering how to make money from home, then this lecture is here to strap a rocket to you back, so that you can hit the road running and be making money within you're first 10 days.
Preview 03:43

The people that are really making money online and turning their lives around all tend to follow 5 golden rules. In this lecture we'll let you in on the "insider" secrets so you can join their exclusive club. NOTE: This has nothing to do just "wanting" a higher income - that alone is never enough. I think you'll be surprised when you see how simple it really can be to get a passive income, when these rules are followed to a tee.
The 5 Rules For Epic Success

A rock solid passive income is all about making sure that you create a real business. This lecture will walk you through each of the 5 moving parts to starting a business that will get you on the road to making money from home. Let me re-emphasize, this is about starting a business (a REAL one) and not just another get rich quick scheme that will leave you for dust when the next shiny object rolls round.

The 5 Moving Part Overview

Although this is definitely NOT a get rich quick course, in this lecture you'll uncover your 30 day action plan for starting a business that is making money with the minimum effective dose. The overview of the plan given will take you by the hand and walk you through exactly what you'll be doing each day to start making money from home in a realistic and 100% achievable time frame. NO hype, NO BS ... just a 30 day passive income blueprint.

Preview 04:41

Let us show you exactly what successful people read. You'll get the titles of the books (don't panic, it's less that 10) as well as the websites that you should be actively following on a weekly basis if you're serious about getting a recuring revenue and making money from your new business. Charlie tends to read at least one book a week, so to shortcut your passive income journey we've only selected the few that will have the biggest impact on you starting a business the right way.

Recommended Reading
Module Two : Positioning For Profit
7 Lectures 57:10

With your customers current state well and truly exploited in the previous lecture, in this lesson you'll discover what they REALLY want and more importantly how to make money from it. This right here is the hidden knowledge that will kick start your dreams of passive income and put your money making efforts into high gear.

What Your Customers Currently Do And Why They Hate It

With your customers current state well and truly exploited in the previous lecture, in this lesson you'll discover what they REALLY want and more importantly how to make money from it. This right here is the hidden knowledge that will kick start your dreams of passive income and put your money making efforts into high gear.

What Your Customers "Really" Want And How To Profit From It

Longevity in any real business comes down to in many parts the relationships you have with partners and suppliers - in other words the people that will be doing the actual grunt work. This is especially true when looking to make money from home or when trying to achieve a true passive income. You need to have 100% trust in your providers and know that they will deliver on their promises. In this lecture you'll get introduced to the first of your new business partners. This strategic alliance will handle all of the client work for you, so that you don't have to lift a finger. And don't worry, they've been vetted and passed all the security checks so that you can be sure that you're starting a business on the right foot and more importantly on one that's going to help you make money from home that is truly a passive income.

Your New Business Partner Part 1

In the last lecture we introduced you to business partner number one, but just to make sure you've got a couple of options when starting a business we've got a second choice for you too. Just like partner number one, these have been vetted to ensure that they will put you on the path to a truly passive income without any of the headaches associated with much of the get rich quick type providers you see touted in other courses. Remember we're not looking to get rich quick, that might be a side-effect but the true goal here is to make money from a real sustainable business that will support your family for years to come with a passive income.

Your New Business partner Part 2

Without having a grasp of your numbers when starting a business, everything will soon collapse around you like a house of cards. To help you avoid this at all costs, in this lecture you'll get a peek behind the curtain of how the numbers stack behind this recurring revenue business

Preview 11:36

As you can see in this lecture, clients are already paying WAY more than what they would by dealing with you! You have to see this....
The Value For Your Clients

Leads and prospects are the lifeblood of any business and despite what the get rich quick guys will tell you, finding profitable prospects isn't just a matter of setting up a few ads online. So in this lecture you'll get a blow by blow account of exactly how to pinpoint profitable prospects. Notice the word "Profitable," that will become your mantra to a successful real world buisness. If you want to make money from home and on a shoestring budget then certain strategies just won't cut the mustard. You'll see exactly what does work, who to target and where to target them.

Pinpointing Profitable Prospects
Module Three : The 55 Minute Set-Up
4 Lectures 26:04

There's a right way and a wrong way to start a business, especially when the goal is passive income. Think you need a full website? WRONG! A suite of social media accounts? WRONG! In fact there are just a few core elements needed when trying to make money from home using this system. Inside this lecture we'll reveal exactly what you need and more importantly what you don't.

Building Your Brand The Right Way

In this module you'll uncover our personal rolodex of where to go to get all the pieces of the puzzle mentioned in the previous lecture done for you. Best part? It will cost you less that $20 to get a professional brand built that installs trust and credibility with your ideal customer.

The $20 Brand Building Booster

We're big believers in getting paid for any work you do upfront and if you're serious about a passive income this is the mentality you'll need to adopt too. Far too many people are looking to make money from home but then fall into the trap of sending invoices only when the job is complete. In this lecture you'll see why doing so will put you in a state of negative cash flow from the get go and more importantly exactly how to take payments from customers no matter where you are.

Getting Paid (Upfront & In Advanced)

Get set up the quickest way possible 

The Definitive Guide To Getting It All Done For You
Module Four : Getting Your First $3000
6 Lectures 51:24

The thought of having to sell or be sold to, turns most peoples stomachs, especially those that are trying to make money online. Fortunately in this lesson you'll uncover our Invisible "Non-Sell" sell, which is specifically designed not to be a sales pitch, BUT makes sales anyway. Funny thing is, once you've been through the module you'll understand why actually pushing customers away and not selling can bring you more passive income clients that you ever thought possible.

The Invisible "Non-Sell" Sale

Unlike many of the get rich quick schemes which tout make a sale at all costs, in this lecture you'll discover exactly why delivering epic amounts of goodwill is more important than ever in this new economy. If done as we teach, you'll lock in customers for life that will keep paying you month on month. This recurring payment is the lifeblood of any passive income and it's no different as part of this system.
Building Epic Amounts Of Goodwill

In this lecture we get into the nitty gritty of actually making money and how you can get your first client in 90 minutes flat. Let's be honest, if a real revenue generating business is really what you desire, there is one thing that you'll need and that's customers! So with that being said, you'll discover the quickest way we know to land your first money making client - best part is this is something that you can do over (and over) again to get customer after customer.

90 Minutes To Customer Number One!

When it comes to meeting someone new you'll often have less than 60 seconds to convey exactly what you do, how you can help them and more importantly why they should trust you. Winning the war on trust in an age of one-click price comparison is not an easy feat. However, thanks to this lecture you'll know exactly what to say and how to say it, so that you develop a deep rooted connection with anyone that's ever likely to do business with you.
Winning The War On Trust In 60 Seconds

This lecture will talk you through some of the steps needed that will give you the confidence to turn your previous "interested" leads into a "Yes"

Turning Interest Into Money

Stealth Magnetic Customer Attraction - Sane Method 1
Module Five : Client Management Mastery
9 Lectures 01:03:32

I'll be straight up with you... Clients can be a MASSIVE pain, unless you manage expectations upfront and right away. For me, and especially when starting a new business the thought of dancing to any clients tune at 2am in the morning is my worst nightmare, it's the reason why we go against the traditional school of thought and advise that you never give your customers your mobile phone number. Sounds crazy I know, however, once you see the reason why, you'll be thanking us for ramming this vital money making lesson into the course. I mean what's the point of having a passive income if your customers can then call on you night and day. It kind of defeats the point of the whole make money from home doesn't it?! So with that being said, in this lesson you'll uncover how to turn the tables from the moment you start working with any new client. You'll be able to establish authority, let them know who's boss and at the same time set the rules on how your new working relationship will be based. Now don't worry it's all done in good taste and without jeopardising any of that epic amount of goodwill you've already built up. Truth be told when done the right way, your customers will actually be thanking you that these strict rules are in place.

Authority & Expectation Setting

Imagine never having to look for new clients ever again? Imagine people picking up the phone and calling you - credit card in hand? Imagine what that could do to the amount of hours you'd need to work in your business? All sounds good doesn't it. Thankfully with what you'll discover in this lesson, this all could become a reality by simply utilising our step by step referral machine. This is passive income at it's best, turning your customers into raving fans so that they sell your services for you. You see, most people trying to make money online don't think past the initial sale and this module will get you really engrained in making sure that every single customer you bring on board works as hard as humanly possible to build a passive income for you, on your behalf!

The Unlimited Referral Machine

Although the goal is to build a passive income by starting a business, there is still a small amount of work that needs to be done on a weekly basis. After all and like we've said from the outset, this is a REAL business we're talking about not some fly by night get rich quick scheme. That said, we're big believers in what we call the minimum effective dose and that's why in this module you'll discover our pain free client on boarding process to dramatically slash that workload. This takes what could be a lengthy laborious job and shows you how to short-circuit the entire process, so you can spend more time doing what you love. 

Painfree Client On Boarding

The place to go for the latest social media images sizes

Always Up To Date Social Media Image Sizes

If you've been in any sort of business before you may have experienced the dreaded "Income Rollercoaster..." AKA Inconsistent, up and down sales. Never knowing one month to the next what the business is going to bring in and worst what you'll be taking home. I've been on it numerous times and it sucks. That's why when creating any new business it needs to have a built in mechanism to guarantee a base level of passive income. This means keeping clients happy and making sure they continue to deal with you.

Getting Off The Income Roller Coaster

Starting a business that's going to be successful from day zero is in part ensuring that your passive income is immune to seasonal trends and economic climate change. In this lecture you'll uncover how to make money even when the chips are down, a vital lesson in how to protect your passive income at all costs.
Making Hay When The Sun's NOT Shining

Use the resources you have coming to you to inspire clients to book more work with you (they end up seeing the value in your services this way) and inspire potential clients to start using you because you give them more ideas of what they COULD be doing if they used your servces

Inspiration For Clients & Prospects

The strategy is this lesson is so powerful that it can single handedly transform a struggling business into a successful money making machine. Allowing you to drive premium, ready to buy, clients through any business door. We like to think of this process as a referral strategy on steroids. Best part is you can increase your profits (passive income) and make more money while doing little to no work. And don't worry, we'll hold your hand through the entire process, step-by-step, in this lecture.

Strategic Partners Part 1 - Making A Margin

With the actions applied from the previous lecture in place, we switch gears in this lesson and show the simple way to get those partnerships selling you instead of the other way around, either way you win.

Strategic Partners Part 2 - Selling For You
Module Six : Profit Maximisation
2 Lectures 17:07

Out of all the lectures this one has to be my favourite. Inside you'll see how to double your profits without attracting a single additional client. Thats right, jack up your passive income WITHOUT any additional customers coming through the door. Sound like a stretch? Well it's actually extremely simple and all comes down to maximising what we call life time customer value, which in this business is as easy as asking your customers a couple of quick questions. Don't worry, once inside you'll see exactly what to ask and when to ask it. Master this strategy and you'll be starting a business that not only maximises your passive income but also minimises the amount of work you need to do to bring in new clients. It's what we call a win win.

Double Your Profits - Method 1

Double Your Profits - Method 2
BONUS Module : The "No Time, More Money" Hack
2 Lectures 25:01

If like most people you're looking for a passive income and to be able to make money from home because you want more time, then this lecture will be your golden goose. Inside you'll discover exactly how to outsource the entire customer attraction process from initial lead generation to closing the sale. Once this lecture is mastered you'll be 50% of the way to having a true passive income.

Handsfree Customer Attraction

Once you've mastered the hack in the previous lecture this lesson will give you the final piece of the puzzle to an automated, hands free business that makes money like clockwork - without you in sight! The funny thing is, once you have this down, you'll be able to spend 30 minutes a week or less running a $15,000 a month business 

Handsfree Customer Management & Delivery
About the Instructor
The Digital Hack Academy
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Digital Training Without The Hype

The Digital Hack Academy is led by Chris Perks and Charlie Hutton

Chris is a renowned trainer, and a consultant to the world's top agencies and brands,having students in over 120 different countries. His vast experience has resulted in him being recognised as an authority in digital marketing, having a no nonsense approach, and for practicing what he preaches. Praised for his entertaining and often controversial delivery style and his practical hard hitting content. Chris's approach to digital has seen him work with brands such as Pepsi, Google, Experian, Nestle, Carlsberg and many more.

Chris is not a theorist but a practitioner who very much believes in “walking the walk". Chris speaks from his own experience, and is on a mission to help brands and businesses do digital better.

Charlie Hutton is a two time #1 bestselling author, consultant and international speaker and has written extensively about the subjects of lead generation and business-building. In his books, workshops and seminars he teaches businesses how to dramatically increase leads, prospects and sales while minimizing their marketing expenses online.

He’s been referred to as a “Direct Response Aficionado On Steroids,” and as part of his consulting activity Charlie’s clients range from large international corporates, to TV and radio celebrities, as well as many small but mighty entrepreneurial businesses.

Be prepared for a hurricane of ideas, step by step strategy and no nonsense honesty…