Create, Launch & Sell Your Premium Online Course
4.0 (24 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,605 students enrolled
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Create, Launch & Sell Your Premium Online Course

Test Your Topic | Create Your Course | Convert Sales
4.0 (24 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,605 students enrolled
Created by Ryan Lecour
Last updated 10/2016
Price: $200
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What Will I Learn?
  • Test their topic, presell their course, create their course, convert sales
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  • Understand the difference between an online course marketplace and a premium course launched through a sales funnel

You already have the EXPERTISE required to make serious $$$ from the $107 Billion online course industry.

If you have been living on Planet Earth for a while now, chances are good that you've gone to school, worked in various industries, and have developed passions and interests of all kinds. 

Congratulations! You are qualified to teach online courses right now.

You have insight and knowledge into fields of interest that other people want to learn about. We just have to get all of that great stuff out of your head (or from your research) and into an easily consumable, marketable and scalable online learning package.

Wait, slow down. Before we go hitting record with all that excitement, there are a few things you'll want to know.

Not everyone does amazingly well in the online course game. It's like that old 80/20 principle-- 20% of online course creators tend to get 80% of the results. The reason of course is that online consumers these days are smart. They will not buy just anything from you simply because you have put it on the internet. They will sniff you out. They want to feel super comfortable before buying.

That is, if a PREMIUM course is what you're after, your leads and prospects will have to trust you enough to purchase a BIG TICKET online item.

This is the critical part. When you sell your course as a big ticket item, the number of sales conversions required to generate 6 and 7 figures goes WAY DOWN. In fact, the top mediapreneurs and infopreneurs out there are routinely holding 6 and 7 figure launches and generating all of that delicious profit from ONE SINGLE COURSE.

How the heck do they do that?

First, they make the choice to play in a 'bigger sandbox'. In other words, they decide to not settle for selling their course below a premium price point. Second, they have a marketing system that kicks butt.

That's the part I'm here to show you.

By the end of this course, you will know how to do the following:

  • Choose course ideas that sell
  • Test your topic to ensure your audience will pay you for it
  • Presell your course and make money before the course exists
  • Develop a name and personal brand that is optimized for your audience
  • Plan your course to make the creation process a breeze
  • Create your course without typing or writing anything down
  • Record your course without headaches, hassles or wasted time
  • Host your course and get all the technical stuff out of the way quickly
  • Build a sales funnel to sell your course
  • Develop a nurture sequence and a launch marketing sequence
  • Get testimonials and other forms of social proof
  • Optimize your sales page, sales video and learn how to open and close your cart
  • Promote your course beyond the launch with Joint Ventures and Affiliates

Who is the target audience?
  • Mediapreneurs, Infopreneurs and people aspiring to become online entrepreneurs
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Curriculum For This Course
40 Lectures
Overview of the 10 Step Blueprint
1 Lecture 03:11

Choose your online course topic

Package your online course

Create and record your online course

Host your online course

Build a list of prospects you can market your online course to

Nurture your prospect list

Launch your online course using an evergreen sequence

Get testimonials, social proof and learn other forms of online course promotion.

Close online course sales with scarcity and a sales page

Promote your online course beyond the launch with joint ventures and affiliates

Preview 03:11
Step 1 | Choosing and Testing Your Topic
4 Lectures 12:46

Rule #1 in online course creation and sales is to avoid going ahead and creating a course before knowing if people will want to buy it. There are some easy ways to determine if you are on to a topic that is likely to sell. You can test your topic and presell your course.

And there we have the key learning goals for this module:

  • ·         Choose course ideas that sell
  • ·         Test your topic
  • ·         Presell your course

Overview: Testing Topic Ideas

What Sells vs What Does Not Sell

2 Great Sources for Powerful Course Ideas

3 Steps for Testing Online Course Ideas
Step 2 | Naming, Branding and Planning Your Online Course
5 Lectures 21:22

Should you bother with worrying about the title of your course? Some say meh. I say, yup, you really ought to put some thought into it. Some thought and some of you. That last bit (the 'you' part) is your personal brand. Your branding strategy is basically a combination of best practices and your own personality. As if that isn't enough for this step... we also talk about planning your course. Why? Because you need to know the full depth of what your course is before you can name it effectively. You'll see what I mean.

Learning goals for this module:

  • ·         Develop and optimize your course title
  • ·         Create and enhance your personal brand
  • ·         Plan your online course


Overview: Naming Strategy and the Importance of Planning

Naming Philosophies and Examples of Effective Course Names

Your Hook & The Gap You Fill

How to Structure & Storyboard Your Course

Script N' Slide: Quickly & Easily Create Slides from Your Script
Step 3 | Creating & Recording Your Course
4 Lectures 17:01

When I started creating online courses I thought it would be a breeze. I was already knowledgeable in my topic so I thought I could just buy a mic and hit record, essentially. One year later and it still wasn't finished. It turns out that you can literally waste years of your life just by not having a few key pointers that will put you on course for quick success. Do you like doing things over and over again? Me neither. I had to rerecord my first course twice due to some very silly and very avoidable mistakes. Resulting wisdom and learned lessons enclosed herein!

Learning goals:

  • ·         Create the content for your online course (without typing or writing anything down)
  • ·         Use the right tools, resources & equipment for the creation and recording process
  • ·         Record your course quickly and without headaches

Overview: Getting Through this Step with the Least Amount of Headaches

The Mindset Required to Get Things Done

The 3-Day Target + Tools & Resources

Course Recording Demo (footage of me recording this course)
Step 4 | Hosting Your Course Online
3 Lectures 21:00

Where does your online course live online? Thinking you can pretty much snap your fingers and put it on your website (like I once thought) is going to lead to disappointment. How does the money get from the customer and into your pocket? None of these issues are immediately obvious and the noise of choices is confusing and seemingly endless. In this module we simplify things and get you up and running in 20 minutes.

Learning goals:

  • ·         Determine where your online course will live on the internet
  • ·         Simplify all the technical challenges of hosting your online course
  • ·         Set yourself up to get paid from course sales

Preview 01:10

Weighing Out the Various Hosting Options

Online Course Hosting Demo (watch me get a course online)
Step 5 | Laying Down the Marketing Foundation for Your Course
5 Lectures 29:25

It's never too early to start this step! Start (and continue) providing value to an audience-- a list of prospects. Use a targeted strategy utilizing a few channels for building that list and adding new emails.

Learning goals:

  • ·         Determine where your online course will live on the internet
  • ·         Simplify all the technical challenges of hosting your online course
  • ·         Set yourself up to get paid from course sale

Preview 01:56

Landing Page Options

Landing Page Creation In Action

Lead Magnet Strategy + Examples

Email Clients + The Backend of Your Sales Funnel
Step 6 | Nurturing Your List & Building an Engaged Following
3 Lectures 07:47

Your list can depreciate in value if it sits there without engagement. In other words, you have to send these folks stuff. Not just any stuff-- value. Nurture your list with value and elements of your personal story. Take your audience with you on that journey, building trust and anticipation.

Learning goals:

  • ·         Build an engaged email list
  • ·         Learn the principles of building engagement and trust
  • ·         Create a nurturing sequence that leverages your branding story

Preview 01:36

Elements & Content for Your Nurture Sequence
Step 7 | Creating A Successful Evergreen Launch Funnel
3 Lectures 12:03

Launching your course is a little more involved than just hosting it and abruptly announcing it to the world. Realizing customer value in this day and age on the internet is slightly more complex than that. The launch is comprised of more nurturing mixed with scarcity and anticipation building. This module discusses the components and the sequence.

Learning goals:

  • ·         Overview of the strategy behind the launch
  • ·         Planning and creating launch content
  • ·         Sequencing and automating your evergreen online course launch

Preview 01:56

Elements & Examples of Evergreen Launches

Launch Steps & Content Outlines
Step 8 | Promotion, Social Proof & Testimonials
3 Lectures 07:44

When was the last time you made a big purchase on something that had either no reviews or negative reviews? We are conditioned to learn from the experiences and opinions of others. What other people think of your course is going to be a huge influence on your prospects' buying decision.

Learning goals:

  • ·         Get people talking about and sharing your online course
  • ·         Strategies for getting testimonials and social proof

Preview 01:48

3 Strategies for Getting Testimonials that Help You Convert

How to Get People Talking About Your Course in the Right Corners of the Interweb
Step 9 | The Sales Page, Sales Video & Opening the Cart
4 Lectures 20:45

Crunch time. Your prospects have gone through your launch sequence and have received your some of your best material. They are anticipating your course because they should be thinking-- 'if this instructor has already given me this much valuable content for free, the course is going to be mind-blowing!' Let's capitalize and close the sale! Time to cash in on all that wonderful nurturing you've done up to now...

Learning goals:

  • ·         The sales sequence and strategy
  • ·         How and when to open and close the cart
  • ·         Creating effective sales pages and sales videos


Preview 01:20

6 Elements of a Rockin Sales Video

9 Elements of a Rockin Sales Page

Walkthrough Example of a Completed Rockin Sales Page
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About the Instructor
Ryan Lecour
4.3 Average rating
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17,399 Students
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Entrepreneur, Staffingpreneur, Online Course Creator

Ryan is a job market expert, staffingpreneur mentor & career coach. 

He teaches companies to hire well.

He teaches recruiting firms how to hack their growth.

He helps new entrepreneurs launch their staffing & recruiting enterprises.

He teaches job seekers the art of career mastery.

In 2013, Ryan founded LyrGroup, a workforce solutions firm in Toronto that quickly grew to revenues of $2.6M in the first year. In 2016, the firm was acquired.

Since then, he has been travelling, consulting and creating online courses & programs.