Create FULL INSTAGRAM Clone with Swift and Xcode. Be advance

Learn how to create real full clone of Instagram using Swift 3 and Xcode. Learn how to create your own social network!
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  • Lectures 118
  • Length 20 hours
  • Skill Level All Levels
  • Languages English, captions
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About This Course

Published 1/2016 English Closed captions available

Course Description

Are you here because you want to build your own apps?
So, you are in the right place at the right time, my friend!
You want to create Complete Full Instagram Clone, or maybe Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr or WhatsApp?
You tired from courses that don't make you professional at completion and don't give you what you've expected.


What we're creating?
We will create Complete Social App Ready-To-Publich in AppStore, that can bring you side income. At the completion of the course, you will get all knowledges of social apps creation, building strong logics of app, app customization, app designing, social app features programming and many many many more.
This course will move you to the highest level of programming and development. You will learn all the features that never been shown before.

Akhmed's courses really changed my life! Thank you, Akhmed. - M. Ellington

Akhmed knows what should be covered. Additionally he knows how to present it in easiest way. The only courses I can recommend are the Akhmed's. With his courses you always stay satisfied and all expectations are fulfilled. - F. Täsler.

Programming knowledges?
You don't need to have any programming knowledges, I will teach you all from scratch.
We will program our project in most professional manner, avoiding all bugs, mistakes and error, to let it work smoothly as it should be working.
I write comments for each code line. I explain you each line of code in easiest way, so you will remember it always.

Before this course I did not have any programming knowledge. But at completion of this course I got all I need. Now I can create any app I have in my mind. I am working now on my own projects that I will release soon. Thank you! - O. Burak

I never though I could learn programming. But with Akhmed I did it. - H. Bjorn

You don't have Parse? 
Not a problem. In this course we're using Heroku as well, as server.

What teaches this course?

  • Full Swift 3 language
  • Becoming iOS Professional Programmer
  • Create Full Instagram Clone that nobody can distinguish from real Instagram
  • Learn all and complete features that should have any social application
  • Work with backend server
  • Build application that communicates with server
  • Create correct database structure
  • Build strong app logic
  • Create outstanding App designs app
  • Create professional UI and UX
  • Deep programming
  • All programming tricks

I though it would be very difficult for me, as I don't have any programming knowledge. But Akhmed's explaining complicated things in easiest way, so I understand easily. - O. Kumar

This was one of the best and most comprehensive tutorials that I have purchased on Udemy. I must say again that the instructor went out of his way to make one of the most comprehensive tutorials, incorporating in abundance a wide array of professional topics comma, that will surely take the student right from beginner to Advanced in a short amount of time. All you need is the time to watch the tutorials and you will be well served weather ultimate goal is to score a job in the tech industry or develop your own app for profit. - G. Harrison

How we design?

Additionally you'll learn professional app designing. Learn how to fully customize app in way you like. I teach you how to work with shapes and make awesome design.

  • Work with custom fonts
  • Create icons
  • Design buttons
  • Design app pages
  • Design full User Interface
  • and many more

An excellent course for knowing the ins and out of building an Instagram clone and an bonus designing icons with sketch app. Akmed is a great teacher who is very knowledgeable and patient. The code is clean and easy to follow, he liberally comments all his code and instructs the student to follow along while explaining any parts that are important and in detail, which is definitely a great way of instilling good coding practice and muscle memory, factors that are very important if you want to do this for a career. Having only started learning iOS programming for the last month, and now having completed this course, I now feel alot more confident with my skills in swift and parse. Thanks Akmed! - T. Pascal

Before I did not have good sense of taste in designing apps. Now I am earning well on freelance, creating app designs as well as developing apps. - R. Samuel

Don't believe me? 

If you are not satisfied, I offer a full money back guarantee, so long as you request it within 30 days of your purchase of the course. I regularly update course with additional videos explaining different awesome features.

You'll get +20 hours professional video education content including coding, creating user interface, learning designing, source code, other materials, design sketches and many many more.

What are you waiting for? This is the only course that worth to go through! Don't hesitate and enroll in this course. It's investment in bright feature!

Hurry Up!  It really worth it.

All others are already enrolled in this course.

What are you waiting for?

Never hesitate to invest in yourself.

What are the requirements?

  • You need only Mac OS

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create a real full Instagram app ready-to-publish in App Store
  • Be able to create your own social app
  • Be able to realize your idea
  • Be able to create twitter, flickr, tumbler, vine, mamba, etc
  • Code user interface and let it work exactly same as Instagram
  • Learn how to create Chat App
  • How to register user
  • How to login
  • How to logout
  • Remember logged in user, as logged in
  • Reset password to registered email
  • Receive confirmation email of registration
  • Create regular expressions "regex"
  • Receive informations from server
  • Send informations to server
  • Make programmatically constraints and adjust your app for all devices
  • Make programmatically alignment for all screen sizes
  • Learn designing step by step
  • Learn logic of designs
  • Design your app
  • Design buttons
  • Work with custom fonts
  • Customize your app
  • Design icons
  • Create #hashtags in app, working exactly same as in Instagram
  • Create @mentions in app, working exactly same as in Instagram
  • Give likes, exactly same as in Instagram
  • Double tap on picture to like it
  • Dislike if you want
  • Create chat function
  • Create home page of user
  • See your posts in your home page
  • Go to some certain post by tapping on it
  • Write comments under posts
  • Complain comments or posts
  • Delete posts IF post belongs to you
  • Delete comments IF comment belongs to you or written under your post
  • See all your followers and people you are following
  • Follow and unfollow people
  • Go guest - go to home page of other users, and see their information, posts, etc
  • Be able to edit your personal and private information
  • Upload a pictures
  • Make a posts
  • Pagination function - additionally downloads more data from server depending on your scrolling
  • Be able to go to certain #hashtag
  • See all #hashtagged posts
  • See posts of all people you are following
  • Search users not only by username, but also by full-name and see most popular of them
  • Receive news feed notifications
  • See who liked your post, who commented your post, who followed you, who @mentioned you
  • Show date of your post or comment you made
  • and many many more!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone wanting to learn how to build full Instagram app
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to build social apps, like Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Tumblr, Flickr, etc
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code
  • People wanting to learn designing of their app
  • People wanting to make a living income from social apps
  • Anyone who fed up with empty promises of Instructors and want to learn to create FULL app with designing and coding all details

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction to Course or First Steps To Become a Professional

Softwares we need to work with course:

1) Xcode - iOS Development Environment

2) Sketch - Designing Tool. Or you can use Photoshop, Illustrator or any other similar designing tool.


My suggestions about backend

Parse or Heroku?
1 question
Section 2: No Parse Account? Not a Problem!

My message for those who don't have Parse account

Parse SDK

Initializing our work on Heroku.

For those who don't have Parse account or want to use Heroku


Creating tables in server and saving data


Retrieving data from server to app

1 question
Section 3: Instagram Users: sign up, login, reset password, designing, alignment

Message for those who decided to go with Heroku


Integrating Server in Instagram.


Creating User Interface in storyboard for Sign In.


Creating User Interface in storyboard for Sign Up.


Coding logic when keyboard is shown and hidden. Implementing keyboard's hide by user.


Implementing all required methods to select image as profile picture.


Sending to server registration information filled by user.


Processing Login function. Saving User as logged in.


Request password reset email to registered email address.


Making alignment programmatically for all screen sizes.


Making alignment programmatically for all screen sizes.


Designing attractive background for Instagram. Using Photoshop to adjust picture. Importing and programming custom font.


Receive registration confirmation email to email address registered by user.

1 question
Section 4: Creating Home profile Page of Logged-in User exactly as in instagram

Creating User Interface in storyboard for Home Page.


Receiving User Information from the Server and showing it in header view as in Instagram.


Receiving User Pictures - Posts from the Server and showing them below header view as in Instagram.


Receiving information about total posts, followers and followings. Counting them and showing in the header view labels as in Instagram.


Implementing functions for tapped labels. If tapping "total posts label" scrolling down to posts. If tapping "total followers label" going to followers. If tapping "total followings label" going to followings as in Instagram.

1 question

Enroll in: "Create Social App on Custom Backend with Swift PHP MySQL HTML"

Section 5: Creating Followers and Following Users Page

Writing function to load all followers and following users.


Showing users we are following or users that are following us. Showing "follow" or "unfollow" button depending do we follow or not.


Following user by clicking on "follow" button. And unfollowing user by clicking on "unfollow" button, if already following.

1 question
Section 6: Going Guest to some User

Creating user interface in storyboard. Coding user interface. Receiving posts that belong to users we went guest.


Receiving all relevant guest-user information: general information, total posts, total followers, total followings, etc. Showing "follow" button if currently we are not following guest-user.


Implementing functions for tapped labels. If tapping "total posts label" scrolling down to posts. If tapping "total followers label" going to followers of guest-user. If tapping "total followings label" going to following users of guest-user as in Instagram.


Going guest. Going to guest-user's page.


Following or Unfollowing guest-user from guest's page.


Logging out from current user's account to be able to log in as another user.


Making full programmatic alignment for Home Page and Guest Page.


Making full programmatic alignment for Followers Page.

1 question
Section 7: Editing Users Information

Configuring Edit Profile Page, that allows user to edit his personal and private details. Creating storyboard user interface and programatic alignment for all screen sizes.


Creating Picker View Controller for selecting "gender", as in Instagram. Coding user interface when keyboard is shown or hidden. Selecting new profile picture.


Receiving user information for further editing.


Creating regular expressions for email and web, that will not allow user to write incorrect email address (like: b@b.b) and web link (like: wsw.udemy.12).


As profile is edited, sending new information of user to server and saving it. Coding user interface working well and professionally. Updating new information on Home Page.

1 question
Section 8: Making Post

Creating user interface in storyboard for Upload Page. Making programmatic alignment.


Coding user interface for cases when keyboard is shown or hidden. Selecting picture to be uploaded. Editing picture. Zooming and unzooming picture selected to be uploaded. Setting "upload button" to be disabled until picture is selected.


Sending selected picture to server, making post and dismissing upload page.


Reseting user interface after post is made. Setting "upload button" disable. Cleaning written text description. Removing selected picture from UIImageView.

1 question
Section 9: Pagination

Implementing pagination function. While you are scrolling down the page, more data from server will be shown. It saves memory of device and multiple times increases performance.

1 question
Section 10: Going to Certain Post's Page

Creating user interface in storyboard.


Coding user interface. Coding cell and loading selected post.


Coding date to show the date when the post has been made.


Going to post by tapping on picture on Home Page or Guest Page. And going back.


Creating vertical constraints programmatically.


Creating horizontal constraints programmatically.


Creating and Designing "like", "comments" and "more" buttons for Post Page and importing to project.


Customizing top and bottom bars.


Making updates of alignment for Upload Page. It is required after customization of Navigation Controller.


Creating custom buttons for tabBar Controller. Designs icons for Home Page and Upload Page.


Giving like to certain post by clicking like button.


Giving like to certain post by tapping picture double times.


Going guest by clicking username button exactly same as in Instagram.

1 question
Section 11: Comments

Creating user interface in storyboard for Comments Page.


Coding user interface and alignment. Going to comments of post.


Coding constraints programmatically to have dynamic cell height, depending on entered text.


Coding main and right behavior of user interface.


Manipulating textView. Disable "send" button until text is entered. If +more or -less paragraph resizing textView and other elements.


Writing methods and settings of tableView.


Loading written comments under certain post and writing pagination function.


Sending comments under certain post as in Instagram, by writing professional code.


Going to commentator's Home Page by clicking on his "username" button.


Deleting comment by swiping comment to left if comment is written by you or written under your post that belongs to you.


@address comment to someone or make @mention referred to someone.


Making complain to certain comment that is written by someone, except you or written under your own post.


Creating and designing icon for "delete comment" button. Customizing swipe action.


Creating and designing icon for "complain" button. Customizing swipe action.


Creating and designing icon for "@address" button. Customizing swipe action.

1 question
Section 12: #hashtags and @mentions

Implementing #hashtags and @mentions in our app.

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Instructor Biography

Akhmed Idigov, Head of Development

My name is Akhmed! And I would love to teach you to programming.
I have many years of development experience.
I am watching a lot of tutorials everywhere, so I know what I should cover to bring you something new - more than just average knowledges.
With me you will become professional developer.
Get ready and go ahead together :)

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