The Udemy Course Creation & Marketing Blueprint (Unofficial)
4.8 (60 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,859 students enrolled
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The Udemy Course Creation & Marketing Blueprint (Unofficial)

Create and sell successful Udemy courses, teach like a professional, and build a following (Unofficial)
4.8 (60 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,859 students enrolled
Created by RW Studio
Last updated 2/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Plan out the best curriculum and marketplace strategy to win on Udemy
  • Choose a winning course topic
  • Choose the right equipment and software and get courses approved by Udemy Quality Checkers
  • Produce high quality video content that gets approved by Udemy Quality Checkers
  • Build a steady stream of passive income with sales funnel infrastructure
  • Understand and use the principles of copywriting to create high converting courses
  • Learn how I consistently earn 5 star ratings with my professional teaching method
  • Execute successful course launches that flood your class with initial students
  • Speak like an professional orator and earn a high engagement score
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This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy 


Create a phenomenal course and start selling it to Udemy's 15+ million students!

In this course, I'm going to teach you how I was able to completely replace my income with Udemy income in just a year.

You will learn how to

teach better

market better

plan courses better

copywrite better

produce videos better

strategize better

build sales funnels better

engage audiences better


launch courses better

than the average instructor on Udemy

I want you to win the Udemy Marketplace by developing an unbeatable competitive advantage.

This is what it takes to build truly passive income. 

And in this course I take you step by step to show you how I did it without any prior experience or following.

So do you have a talent?

Is there a subject you're passionate about?

Are you great at researching content?

If the answer is "Yes", and you're ready to put in hard work, you're ready to start your Udemy journey today!

This course comes with a 30 Day 100% Money back guarantee!  You can easily return at anytime within those 30 days.

If you're ready to start your journey to your first Udemy course, enroll now and I'll see you on the inside! 

Who is the target audience?
  • New Udemy Instructors
  • Current Udemy Instructors
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Curriculum For This Course
83 Lectures
2 Lectures 03:02

My first year on Udemy.  From $23/month to replacing my total income.

Preview 02:52

Introduce yourself to the class!

The Big Picture: How Instructors Make a Living from Udemy
9 Lectures 34:58

How making money on Udemy actually works.  In this course I show you how instructors make money on Udemy, and what the "game" of Udemy is.

Preview 02:15

In this lecture I go over the one most overlooked power of Udemy promotion.

Preview 01:29

Entering the virtuous cycle is the best case scenario for a Udemy instructor and will get your income to become truly passive!   Here are the 3 requirements you need to enter the virtuous cycle.

Preview 04:47

First helpful practice activity!

Helpful Practice Activity #1 of 7

Learn the importance of the 12 minute mark and how to best utilize the first 12 minutes of your course.

Here Lies the 12 Minute Mark - Why That's Super Important!

In this lecture I discuss how your virtuous cycle of passive income can die and what you can do to prevent this.

How Your "Virtuous Cycle" Can Die and How to Prevent it

There is a "big pricing" secret on Udemy that new users do not know about.  Here I talk about the big pricing secret and what it means for you.  I also show real hard data on my sales and my experience with pricing.

The Big Pricing Secret: You Can Charge Much More Than You Think!

Refunds are wonderful! Learn why in this lecture.

Refunds Are Wonderful - See Why! (Hint, It's in the Data)

Udemy has three big trends that are emerging.  Take advantage of these trends! Huge opportunities await.

What the 3 Big Emerging Udemy Trends Mean for You
The Subject: What Do You Teach?
6 Lectures 25:34

Real proof that people don't want to learn from experts.

People Don't Want to Learn from Experts - That's Right. Here's Proof!

The big question.  What do you teach?

What Should I Teach for My 1st Course?

Is your course topic in high demand? Is your course topic in a very competitive category?  Let's find out.

Is My Topic in "High Demand" and / or "Highly Competitive"?

The four winning strategies! Figure out which strategy is best for your topic.

How to Win with Your Topic: Use 1 of 4 Market Entry Strategies

In this lecture I show you how I used business strategy to find my place in the marketplace and get a lot of students.

The Course Series or a The Monster Flagship Course?

Second helpful practice activity!

Helpful Practice Activity #2 of 7
The Production: Your Equipment and Video Making Process
7 Lectures 25:43

How important is production quality? Do you need to buy expensive equipment and spend time learning fancy software? Answers in this lecture.

How Important is Production Quality?

In this lecture we go over how to produce a PowerPoint course.

PowerPoint Course Setup (Audio + Video + Software)

In this lecture we go over how to produce a demonstration based course.

Demonstration Course Setup (Audio + Video + Software)

Third helpful practice activity!

Helpful Practice Activity #3 of 7

Your equipment setup is important!  Learn the habits of Udemy Instructors that are video making machines!

How to Be a Video Making Machine! The Setup

Your production process is important!  Learn the habits of Udemy Instructors that are video making machines! 

How to Be a Video Making Machine! The Process

This works on YouTube. Not Udemy.

This Works on YouTube, NOT Udemy
The Magnetic Title: Where It All Begins
6 Lectures 13:10

What I learned from Viral Video creators and why the Title is so important.

Why You Need to Start with the Title

Learn the concept of benefits and how you can leverage that to your...benefit!

Benefits vs. Features - Don't Make this Mistake!

Learn how to use Drew Eric Whitman's Life Force 8 to get tons of sales!  These are the 8 hardwired biological desires we human's have. 

The 8 Hardwired Biological Desires That Get Us to Buy

Learn how to use Drew Eric Whitman's 9 Learned Wants to get tons of sales!  These are the 9 wants we've learned growing up.

The 9 Wants Life Teaches Us to Value

Learn where your course falls on the commoditization / differentiation spectrum and what that means for your title.

Commodity vs. Differentiated - Make the Right Title Choice!

Fourth helpful practice activity!

Helpful Practice Activity #4 of 7
Five Star Teaching: How to Consistently Earn 5 Star Ratings
12 Lectures 40:49

Teaching ability is the ultimate competitive advantage on Udemy.  Learn why.

Teaching 1st. Marketing 2nd. The 8 Reasons Why.

This is the most important phrase you will hear regarding teaching.

The #1 Golden Rule That Gets Me 5 Star Reviews

In this lecture we talk about the importance of the "helicopter ride".

Start with a Helicopter Ride

Learn how to create the correct scope for your course and what happens if you get this wrong.

Define Your Scope: What is Your "Breadth" and "Depth"?

There are two forces you need to balance! If you balance them and hit the sweet spot you will start racking up 5 star review after 5 star review.

Pro Level Teaching: The Two Forces You Need to Balance

Learn how the assumptions plays a huge role in how your student interprets what you're saying and how to best address this.

The Assumption Paint Drip

Ideas color ideas! See how this works.

The Idea Chain

Learn how the example is used as a bridge to get from an idea to a new assumption.

The Example Bridge

Learn the three ways to reinforce an idea.

3 Ways to Reinforce an Idea

A.I.E.R! Don't forget it.

Don't Let Your Students Feel Lost

Learn who you should be speaking to when you give a lecture.

The Personal Touch - Who are You Speaking to?

Learn about the danger of using idioms.

Five Star Delivery: How to Maximize Student Engagement with Solid Delivery
8 Lectures 18:20

Learn how to maximize your engagement score!

How to Maximize Your Engagement Score

Learn how to use melody to engage your students.

Speaking Principles #1: Melody

Learn how to use connectivity to engage your students.

Speaking Principles #2: Connectivity

Learn how to use inflection to engage your students.

Speaking Principles #3: Inflection

Learn how to use cadence to engage your students.

Speaking Principles #4: Cadence

Learn how to use volume to engage your students.

Speaking Principles #5: Volume

It's time to apply what you've learned!

Alice's Adventure in Wonderland

Fifth helpful practice activity!

Helpful Practice Activity #5 of 7
Superior Copywriting Wins: Write Well and Maximize Your Sales!
9 Lectures 27:23

In this lecture I talk about where in your Udemy Course great copywriting is important.

Where Do You Need Great Copywriting?

In this lecture I talk about how to use curiosity to get people to buy your course.

Copywriting Sells #1: The Curiosity Formula

The sixth helpful practice activity!

Helpful Practice Activity #6 of 7

The importance of generating interest and how to do it.

Copywriting Sells #2: The 6 Ways to Generate Interest

Tips on how to write clear and concisely.

Copywriting Sells #3: The Elements of Style

How to draw the reader into your long form copywriting.

Copywriting Sells #4: Drawing the Reader in

The power of the length is strength principle and how to use it!

Copywriting Sells #5: Length is Strength

Get the prospective student to act!

Copywriting Sells #6: Inspire Action

Learn how to optimize your course for Flesch-Kincaid and make it much more readable.

Is Your Course Flesch-Kincaid Optimized?
The Promotion Video & Course Image Sells: It's Easy! Don't Sweat it
3 Lectures 08:16

The promotion video formula.

Promotion Video Formula Made Easy

Learn the tricks of the trade! These are the resources successful instructors are using that Udemy doesn't mention.

Production Resources Udemy Doesn't Mention

How to get a free custom course image.

How to Get a Custom Course Image for FREE
The Course Launch: The 3 Phases of a Stratospheric Launch
6 Lectures 16:39

Learn the main goal you should be shooting for when you launch your course.

The Goal of The Launch

Learn phase 1 of your launch.

Phase #1: Tap Your Inner Circle

Learn phase 2a of your launch.

Phase #2a: Open The Social Proof Flood Gates! 1000's of Students in 24 Hours

Learn phase 2b of your launch.

Phase #2b: How to Thwart Piracy - No DMCA Notice Required!

Learn phase 3 of your launch.

Phase #3: Scarcity + The New & Noteworthy Section

Learn how to generate feedback quickly!

Post Launch: How to Generate Valuable Feedback
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About the Instructor
RW Studio
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15,000+ Students, 1,500+ Reviews, 11 Courses

Hi I'm Rob! A full-time musician and teacher in New York City and Los Angeles. I'm passionate about music and education.

I'm a former music instructor with a Fender Grant winning non-profit. I also teach privately. My students range from signed recording artists and songwriters to working professionals who just love music.

I'm a Premium Udemy Instructor and have been teaching since 2015.  I have 15,000+ students and 1,500+ reviews, across 11 courses. I work with other teachers to help them achieve the same success.