Create, Launch Your Mobile APP No Computer Programming Req'd
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Create, Launch Your Mobile APP No Computer Programming Req'd

Create and Launch Your Own Mobile App With Ease. No computer programming skills required. No kidding!
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3 students enrolled
Created by Paige Donner
Last updated 7/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • At the end of my course successful students will be able to submit their native mobile APP to the Apple App Store for approval and, if they've followed instructions correctly, see their App live just a short while later.
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  • Students must have a computer and a smart device (phone or tablet). Computer programming skills are NOT required but computer know-how is. Basic design and writing skills are also essential. To successfully launch your APP and have it approved by Apple you must have your own website and viable brand already. A product line, a service, a strong social media following. This course works best for those who are motivated to make money via their mobile App.

Create and launch your very own mobile App for iOS (App Store) - No computer programming skills required. 

Are you a business owner, an entrepreneur, a service professional? a coach or a consultant?  Do you have a product or products to sell? 

  • There are over 6 billion Apps downloaded currently in the App Store. 
  • eCommerce has gone MOBILE!
  • Don't you think it's time you got a piece of the App pie? 

In this course you will learn how to create and launch your very own mobile App for iOS for under $100 investment in your app on your part and as little time as it takes to watch a movie at the local cinema. 

No computer programming or advanced technical skills required.

What you do need: A laptop or computer and a smart device such as smart phone or tablet. And you must be familiar with using them.

Also required is a website and a business that you can monetize via your App. That business could be a service such as fitness coaching or a product such as your new t-shirt line, to give just a couple of examples. 

Basic computer skills are necessary meaning you need to know the basics of how to write a blog and post it using an online interface. But that's it, no more complicated skills are necessary. 

You MUST be motivated to make money off your APP. This course is designed for professionals, business people and entrepreneurs whose website generates good profit for them and whose APP will up their game tremendously!

Sign up today and get started. Don't waste another minute.  A mobile APP will greatly enhance your business and company profile.

Who is the target audience?
  • Entrepreneurs, service professionals such as consultants, fitness coaches, designers; media people and personality brands; business people with an e-Commerce store front or anyone with a product line to sell; event organizers and promoters, video game producers; Computer programming is NOT required but basic computer know-how is essential as is a computer and a smart device. This course is NOT for someone who is not motivated to make money with their APP or anyone who does not feel comfortable using a computer and/or a smart device,
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Curriculum For This Course
13 Lectures
Start Here
5 Lectures 36:05

Welcome to your course: Create and Launch Your Own Mobile APP for Under $100

You may be wondering, Is that a misprint?

Maybe it's a joke, you're thinking? 

But, no. This is your LUCKY day!  By taking this course and meeting the course requirements as well as following instructions conscientiously, your very own native iOS mobile App is just a short few steps away. 

IMPORTANT: This course is primarily for professionals who are motivated to earn money off their mobile App and to see it published in the App Store. NO COMPUTER PROGRAMMING SKILLS REQUIRED.

Please TAKE THE SHORT QUIZ below to make sure you are in the right place. Let's not waste your time or mine : ) .

Preview 05:22

Check here to see if you qualify for this Create and Launch Your Own Mobile App Course:

1. Do you have a business?


2. Are you an entrepreneur?


3. Do you have a brand or products that you already sell online or that you would like to sell online?


4. Are you a media personality or professional?


5. Are you a consultant or a coach?


6. Do you have a website? A Shopify account?

YES    NO 

7. Do you have social media feeds - the mainstream ones like Twitter,  Youtube, Shopify, Pinterest, iTunes?

YES     NO

8. Are you motivated to maximize your client and customer reach?

YES       NO  

9. Are you looking to make money off of your App? And you have a strong brand with which to do it?

YES      NO  

10. Do you have a computer and at least one smart device (smartphone or tablet) and know how to use them?

YES      NO  

GOOD!  Then you are in the right place. 

NO Computer Programming Skills Required!  BUT a willingness to make your APP make you money is. 

Quiz To Make Sure You Qualify For This Create And Launch Your Mobile APP Course
1 question

Making it real: Your App in the App Store. 

  • 6 Billion Apps will be downloaded in 2016. Make yours one of them.
  • In this course you will learn the step-by-step process of how to create and launch your App and submit it to the App store for approval. 

See your App in the App store!


1. Welcome to Your Mobile APP for the App Store

Walk-through the course primer so you know exactly what you can expect and what you will get out of the course. 

The goal of the course: You submit your APP to the App Store and have it approved and published by Apple. You make money off your App through downloads of your paid App, In-App purchases and/or integrated advertising on your App.

Once you've purchased the course and committed to following instructions and meeting the course pre-requisites/requirements, the creation and launch of your App as the process is explained in this course will not cost you more than $100 investment on your part and several hours of your focused time. 

The top 200 Apps in the App Store make $5.4 million per day in combined revenue. And this number is growing exponentially. 

Preview 08:17

An overview and step-by-step walk through of the online interface system where you will create and build your iOS App. 

  • Here we examine piece by piece the necessary elements - like your website, which is one of the course prerequisites - and how these will be used to help build your APP. 

  • Here we also examine the design options that will be made available to you including layouts, fonts, colors, branding and which social feeds you can integrate into your APP. 

  • Trust me, I make this simple and fun. So if you're not super excited about making your mobile APP by now, then maybe you're just not that interested in making $$ off your brand or business through an online App. 
3a. App Creation and Launch Course Overview

OK. Now before you can get in and start creating and designing to heart's content, you must submit your website to the interface for review to see if it will make a viable App. 

Here is where having a brand, a business, products and/or services to sell is essential. 

The name of the game here is are you motivated to make money off your App? The more downloads, sales and e-Commerce you can drive through your mobile App the better chance you have of being approved. 

Because when you make money, Apple makes money. 

3b. Registering for Your App
Getting Behind The Dashboard And Making Your Beautiful APP
5 Lectures 48:31

Signing in to your App dashboard via your PC

Accessing your APP dashboard via your PC allows you to add, edit, monitor, and delete articles and content with ease through your APP interface that you access on your PC. 

This intro module walks you through the sign in process and what your dashboard looks like from inside and behind the wall. 

4. Intro To The App Create Dashboard

Adding Content To Your APP

There are two main ways to add content to your APP. 

1. Connect an existing social or RSS feed with your APP.  We go into that in more detail in              Lecture 8.

2. Adding App-exclusive content via your App dashboard that you access from your computer.  

In this module I walk you through creating your About page. This is the page that your App user land on when they want to know what your APP is about and what it offers them. 

Here you will learn how to add images, titles, headers, thumbnails for easy navigation on your APP, links, buttons and even re-directs to your eCommerce store or website, 

So roll up yourselves and get ready to get to work creating your anchor About Page for your mobile App. 

5. Creating Your About Page: How To Add App Exclusive Content

Design and Layout of Your Awesome App

Here is where we focus on the design and layout of your App. 

This is one of the most important aspects of your App since it is the look and feel of your brand/ service/ business. 

The design and layout of your App is what the user experiences and when done right, will make them love your App and keep backing for more.

In this module I introduce you to the interface APP that you need to download to your smart device so you can start playing with your own App layout and design. 

So go ahead and download that to your smart device now. In the next lecture we will dive in and choose the design and layout of your APP. 

6a. Intro to Design and Layout of Your Awesome App

Ok, Roll your sleeves up because this is where we dive straight in and start designing your App. 

This is one of the most important tutorials in the course because here is where I walk you through using your mobile APP interface on your smart device so that you can see, change and tweak your design preferences in real time.

This is where the look, feel and user experience of your APP is determined.

But have no fear! Because any choices you make here can be as easily undone as it's done. 

So play and re-arrange and experiment with font, layout, color schemes and more to your heart's content. 

This is the A to Z of your App's design so plan on spending some time here so that you get your APP's design, and especially the user experience, just right for you. 

Here's to creating your AWESOME mobile App!

6b. Design & Layout of Your Mobile APP From A to Z

Advertising and Analytics - Your App Essentials

These important features, the advertising and analytics, are what make your APP profitable for you. 

For your APP you have several ways to earn money off of it. One of the best ways is to charge for the downloads of your App. 

Another way is to activate your App for advertising. Here is where I show you how to turn on the advertising option for your App. 

And since analytics go hand-in-hand with your App's advertising revenue, this feature is highlighted here, too. 

7. Adding Advertising To Your APP and Monitoring Analytics
Part 2: Adding More To Your APP to Make it Awesome And Make Money Too
3 Lectures 27:34

Adding Social Feeds, Video and Rich Media To Your App

Keeping your App stocked with compelling and fresh content is essential for top-shelf user experience.

As pointed out already in previous lectures here, you have the option of feeding in your some of your choice social feeds such as Twitter, an RSS feed, even Pinterest, Shopify and iTunes. 

In this tutorial I also walk you through, step-by-step adding video content. I walk you through adding your Youtube/Vimeo channel, playlists and also adding a video manually as a one-off exclusive content to your APP. 

To prepare for this tutorial have a good idea of what content of yours you want featured on your APP. This is where having a website and supported social media feeds is essential. 

8. Adding Social Feeds and Content, Video Channel & Playlist + Exclusive Content

Making Your APP Make You Money

The most successful APPs earn $10k and more per day in downloads for their owners, 

In this tutorial you will learn how to set your APP up to earn you money whether it's a paid or free to download App.

How? With In APP purchases and premium content. 

Here I teach you how to add premium content to your app, meaning content that is behind a pay-wall. 

I also teach you how to add In-App purchases such as products or items you sell through your Shopify and/or eCommerce store. 

Remember, when you make money Apple makes money and everyone is happy. 

9. Adding Premium Content and In-APP Purchases

Branding Your APP and Making It Stand Out In The Apple App Store

OK, Congratulations! You've now designed your awesome mobile App. You've filled it with excellent content from your business. And you've tweaked it enough to get the look and feel just right so that users will enjoy using your APP and keep coming back for more. 

NOW - on to the Apple Store!

But before you submit your awesome mobile App to the App store there are still just a couple more things you need to do in the Settings area of your dashboard...

  • Such as, you need to add your App's splash page so that when your users open it up on their smart device they are met with your strong branding image. 
  • And you need to make sure your App Icon is sized perfectly and is a super strong visual so that your App is easily recognizeable in the App Store. 

And, well, just a couple more minor details so that everything goes smoothly and you submit an awesome App to the Apple Store for approval. 

So that in just a very short while from now, you could be opening up your very own awesome beautiful mobile App on your smartphone!

TO CONTINUE - When you're ready to submit your APP to the Google Play Store, be sure to take my online course, Submit Your APP To The Google Play Store.  

*Special price for returning students of this course

10. Congratulations - You're Almost Done! Branding Your APP + User Settings
About the Instructor
Paige Donner
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Serial App Developer + Life Enthusiast

I have developed  numerous Apps for clients as well - entrepreneurs, brand owners, media executives, consultants, coaches.

My own Apps include: Paris Food And Wine,  Bordeaux Food & Wine and The Podcast Channel Network.

All are on the App Store and Google Play Store. Please see the links below. I developed these Mobile Apps using the simple step-by-step guide of tools and tricks that I teach you in my course here.

If you'd like me to do an analysis of your business, product or service to see if it can translate into a mobile App, you can find me on Fiverr.