How to Make an App With Apple Watchkit
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How to Make an App With Apple Watchkit

A completed guide to help you make your own applications with Apple Watch Kit by Swift.
4.1 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
444 students enrolled
Created by Hieu Duc Pham
Last updated 1/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • make your own apple watch application, you can upload your apple to AppleStore for sale if you want
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  • You will using Xcode beta for coding
  • Basic knowledge about coding
  • Your time!

Welcome to this class, I’m Hieu Pham, I started to work this IOS about 5 year ago.I start to work with Swift about 6 months ago and I very like this language and specially I’m very interested in apple Watch App. So I make this course to help you make applications for Apple Watch with Swift Language, whether you are a beginner or advanced developer, this course is for you!

The course covers the apple watch kit, with tons of exercises and real useful Apple Watch apps built from scratch, with the final completed source code for you to enjoy!

This course is suitable for any one who want to make an apple watch app. I’m similar like you and I only start to work with Apple Watch before you only few months so I will know how it is and I can give you my advises also my experiments to work with Apple Watch. I come from zero to learn how to make an app for IOS and apple watch and I know how to guide the student like you to make your apps with your idea. So don’t worry. I will let you step by step from the beginning to the end of this course and will help you to fix your bugs and give you some advice to improve it. You will learn to prepare for you code environment and start your developer Carrier by making some easy app and I will guide you step by step to better apps.

Some of these watch apps you will build are:

- Sec 1 - hello word

- Sec 2 - Wallpaper

- Sec 3 - Timer app

- Sec 4 - Friend's Birthday App

- Sec 5 - VAT calculator

- Sec 6 - BasketBall ScoreBoard

- Sec 7 - Glance App

- Sec 8 - VCB Exchange

- Sec 9 - Notification

- and much more to come…

At the end of this course , You can do it all apps by your self (Absolutely YES!) and so more and more. The target of this course is help you to make your own app or you can make apps for everyone!!

It’s very interesting isn’t it? So let start with me and don’t for get to take a look some video preview of my course. If you get this course you will get 50% off for my next “real Calculator app course”.


The course consists of:

8.5+ Hour video lectures with code from scratch

Application files and source code ready for download.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for everyone who want to make an app with Apple WatchKit with very basic of knowledge coding. All require for this course is you. I can lead you from the zero to the goal that you can make your own AppleWatch application.
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Curriculum For This Course
53 Lectures
Intro watchkit And Prepare for Coding
4 Lectures 26:23

welcome to my course. I’m Hieu Pham, I’m a developer of IOS for 2 year and This is my first Course on UDEMY. This course is help you to make your own application for apaple watch. As you know Apple has announce about Apple Watch from last year and they said that apple watch will be sale early in 2015. At november of 2014 , apple released the Xcode beta with watch kit for developer all around the world to make their application and prepare for release of apple Watch.
First of all if you don’t know what apple watch is and how is is? i think this is the web site you should take a look

as you can see from the address. you can take a look what apple watch look like and how it operate.

The apple watch has three type and and to size of screen like 42mm and 38mm. But all of that has operate same.
In this course we will learn how to make an application for apple watch and were going to use the swift language for coding. You can use Object C if you like by my advice is swift. Why? because swift is new language, encourage by Apple and easy to learn from my experiment. Right now apple still accept your code written by object C to apple Store but may be in the future, only Swift is accepted. So i think you should start by swift. Don’t worry, i will go to step by step with you and lead you to the destination, help you as much as i can.

So let’s start!!

Preview 03:46

Welcome back, In this lecture, i will guide you to preparing for your coding and some tips for your code carrier.

First of all we have to use Xcode Beta to developer the apple watch application. At this time, only Xcode beta include the watch kit for you to code. IF you using Xcode, you only make an app for IOS or MACOS not for Watch App. So you have to download the Xcode Beta. Right now Xcode version is 6.2 beta 3

first go to the address:

in here you can see overview about watchKit and resource for your developing

Create WatchKit apps.

WatchKit apps have two parts: A WatchKit extension that runs on iPhone and a set of user interface resources that are installed on Apple Watch. When your app is launched on Apple Watch, the WatchKit extension on iPhone runs in the background to update the user interface and respond to user interactions. WatchKit provides three opportunities to extend your iPhone app to Apple Watch: WatchKit apps, Glances, and actionable notifications.

you should View the Getting Started

with WatchKit video in here. it’s very useful for you.

and scroll down to the last end and you can download the xcode beta in here.

Apple require you have a developer account to download xcode beta but you can log in by your apple id and agree with term of Apple and download it!

Download Xcode 6 Beta

Create your first Apple Watch Application - Hello world. You will learn to create your first application with apple watch kit on simulator. Learn to Work with label and group.

Hello world - app

- Make a challenge

- Share some tips to help your coding

- if you have any question, please upload your code.


You have a change to test your self for what you learn in this Section.

Test your self!!
3 questions
Wallpaper - app
5 Lectures 49:33

Before you make any app. First of all you will come from your idea. after that you should draw out your idea, draw out how your app look like. how many interface and how many button, how many label…After that we will have a over view about our app and we can make an app very clearly. you can imagine that when we make a app like we are building a house. before we build a house we have to make a design for our house

Preview 02:08

Make your application's interface and Hook the element on the Interface to our code.

Make InterFace

- Learn to Hook the elements on your interface to our code to control it by Code.

- Remember when we want to control a interface we have to make a custom class and set the custom class and module of interface. If not , your code will be error.

Fix a Appe Image

You will learn how to improve your app with code, instead of we have to use a lot of elements, we can use code to control and optimize your apps.

- Learn how to show the other InterfaceController using Code.

- Learn to Make a function for Button on interface.

- Learn to use global variable: Put the variable outside of the Class.

Make Better InterFace and Function

So in this section you learn about:

- Before we make an app. You should draw out the your app, how it is look like, and how it operate

- How to control the interface by code. - remember when we want to control the interface we have a class for controlling that.

after that we learn

- How to drag elements to interface and hook it to our code, for controlling

- How to control the label, button, and image

- How to optimize your code better, you see instead of using a lot of interface we can use interface with code for better.

- Remember the difference between when we using the image in images.Casset and image in the the group folder


Test your self!
3 questions
Timer App
4 Lectures 28:21

Hello and welcomeback.

In this section, we will make a new app about timer. We will make a application with some label, and some button, When user klick the play button, we will have a time running on the interface and we can stop or pause the timer if we want.

Intro and Draw out the App

- Learn to search some Icons on website or

Hook the Outlet

- Now we have a interface like we already design from the beginning. So now first of all we want to change the background of the play button to pause when user klick on the play button. ok? it’s very easy.

- I think we can make a new variable to see does the timer is playing or not.

- Next when we press the stop button, i want to change the background play button to the play.png

- After that we will using timer to make a function and update the label

Make Function for TimerApp

Test Your self!
2 questions

Friend's Birthday App
6 Lectures 51:59

Hello and welcome back.

Today we will make a new app with table view. We will call it friend’s Birthday.

We will have in the first interface a tableview with number of our friend’s name and their image in the beginning or the row. and After the user klick the row, we will move to another inter face with detail about : friend’s name, friend’s photo, age, birthday.,home..blabla la…

Intro and Draw out the App

- You will learn to set up your interface depend on your design

- Practice to work with group , label, button, image and tableview

Make InterFace

- Learn to work with table and and table row.

- Improve your wallpaper project: instead of using the button, we will learnt o to make a table with each row is one category of wallpapers.

Remember when you add a new subclass to controller a interface you must add to the watchKit target or you will cannot run your app.

Wallpaper with Table

- Practice to hook the table, row object and some group, label, Image to our code

Hook The Outlet

- Learn about the class in Swift

- Practice to make a friend class for our application

- practice to send an object to detail Interface Controller



Test your self!
3 questions
Value Added Tax (VAT) - Caculator
7 Lectures 01:06:38

Hello and welcome back, at last section, you have to work with label, button, tableview, and image.

Now in this section i will have a new app and new element that you can work with is slider.

so i have an idia about VAT caculator - VAT mean value added tax.

so you will have an app with first interface will let you add a cost price, and you can change the VAT percent (because it difference between your country, your city, ) and after that you have a calculate button to calculate the tax and you will see the final cost.

Preview 04:30

- Learn to make our app Interface like our design,

- learn to working with slider

- Note that when we make our app Interface, we can see what is good or bad and we can change our design if we need.

Design The Interface

After we make our app Interface, It's time to hook all the Outlet to our code for controlling.!

Hook The Outlet

Learn how to use SingleTon in code for share data between interfaces.


Setting Cost Interface

Finish our VAT calculator by finishing the detail WKinterfaceController.

Finish VAT Calculator


Test your self!
2 questions
BasketBall ScoreBoard
6 Lectures 01:12:29

Hello and welcome back, at last section, you already learn to work with some slider and today i would like to help you make a new application and new element that we will learn is about menu item.

first of all i want to say that i like a basketball and i want to make an application that can write down the score of basketball game.

So i will make a new app for this request.

So in the future of your developer carrier, you can collect some idea from you or from your friend, and you can make a new application depend on their idea. i think it may be gave you a change to make a super cool application.

Idia and draw out the app

- Design our interface's app as our design.

- Practice to work with button , group and label

- Learn to work with menu Item

Make Interface

- Learn to work with menuItem, Change the background Image of MenuItem.

- Practice to hook all the elements to our code and arrange the elements to our interfaces.

Hook The OutLet

- Learn to setting the color text of our button title

- Learn to search the code which we don't know.


- Learn to work With NSUserDefault to store the data of our application



- You can collect the idea all around you, from you, from your friend or family.

- As you can see, the menu Item is similar like Button but we can’t set up the outlet of this item.

We can use the apple’s predefine Image or you can use custom Image but it’s be black and white image.

- You can share data using Global value or SingleTon but if you want to save data when your app was close, Use NSUserdefault.

If you have some problem, put it and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

and i have a little challenge for you. I want our application will save the color setting of home and away score interface. I think it’s very easy. So, Show me what you got and let see at next section


Test your self!
6 questions
7 Lectures 01:02:00

Some note that you can know about the glance:

- The Glance is a quickView of important content of our app.

- The user decice to use our application’s glance of not.

-The Glance is only-one page and it’s can control by custom class as normal.

- The Glane is only reading screen, so when user touch anywhere on the screen , it will show up our application.

Intro the Glance

- Learn to add a Glance scene to our new project or add to existing object.

- Introduce about two Group in Glance Interface

Create a demo App with Glance

- Intro about new idea for making a new application integrate with glance scene to show the info which we can grab it on the web.

Preview 03:20

- Create an outlet for our Application

- Learn to work with images.xcassets

Make an Outlet

- Learn to grab the data from the web, you can do like this:

//make an url as NSURL

var url = NSURL(string: "")

//after that you will create a task to download our data and we can deal with this data in side the block code:

var task = NSURLSession.sharedSession().dataTaskWithURL(url!, completionHandler: { (data:NSData!, response:NSURLResponse!, error: NSError!) -> Void in

//deal with the data…


//after that we have to resume the task to take the data and deal with that.


- Learn to work with String and NSString to convert and cut the string

Coding Glance

- Practice to grab the data from web again

Coding App Interface


Test your self!
3 questions
VCB Exchange Better
9 Lectures 01:47:00

We will improve the VCB Exchange . We will using all the data instead of using only one USD exchange. We will make a table for currency name and grab all the data on web. We will add a setting for Glance scene for our application

Preview 03:31

- Start to make our application interface like our design.

- Work with tableview and row object again.

Make An Outlet and Hook Them to the Code

- Learn to grab the data on web and show on the table row.

- Depend on the data, we will set the currency Image for row on the table.

Coding tableViewInterface

Practice with sending the object using context and using that context to setting up the detail interface when user klick on the table row.

Coding Detail Interface

- Working with menuItem and table again.

- Setting up an imagine row to determine which row is ticked.

Coding The Setting Glance InterFace Part1

- Use NSUserDefault to save the "check" setting for Glance Scene

- Finish the setting Interface for user click on the currency which they want on the glance.

Coding The Setting Glance InterFace Part2

- Hook some other elements on our interface that we will control it by code.

- Use NSuserDefault to load the setting glance and load it on the glance Interface

Final VCB Exchange Part 1

- Make a function for glance scene, when the user klick on the glance, we will open the detail of currency.

- Using the context to send the data and update our detail view.

Final VCB Exchange Part 2

5 Lectures 49:39

So if you’re still confused about how Notifications work on the Apple Watch, it goes like this:

  1. iPhone or Apple Watch – iOS decides whether it is appropriate to display the notification on the iPhone or Apple Watch. Given the notification will be displayed on the Apple Watch…
  2. Subtle Notification – the user is subtly notified (likely via some kind of vibration) to let them know there’s a new notification
  3. Abbreviated Notification – if the user raises her wrist, she’ll see a Short Look notification. This is essentially the app icon, app name, and the title of the notification
  4. Detailed Notification – if the user taps on the Short Look notification or continues looking at her wrist, she’ll see the Long Look notification. This is the notification that you get to customize!
  5. User Action – The user can dismiss the notification or act on it by tapping an available action button (if any) or by launching your app
Introduce about Notification

- Make a demoApp integrate with Notification

- Help you integrate the notification to the new app or old app.

Make a demoApp

- Learn to custom your notification interface like Background, sash part also change the button title in notification.

Custom Notification

- Learn to handle the notification from our inter face and make a function for app when we got a notification

- Introduce about the parse for sending notification.

Handle Notifiaction Action

Test your self!
3 questions

what's next?
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I’m Hieu Pham, I started to know about IOS and work this IOS about 5 year ago.

I start to work with Swift about 6 month ago and I very like this language and specially I’m very interested in apple Watch App. I'm working at Taoviet-Apple-Services about nearly 5 year. I have a lot of applications on Apple store

I already join a lot of online courses from the beginning of my developer carrier, some courses are good, some courses are not good as I thought. So I know how to help the student work effective with their learning. After experimenting with various courses, learning styles, and teaching processes, I've adopted the best strategies and used them in my courses. Since the announcement of the new Swift programming language by Apple, I have work with Swift since that also for Apple watch too. You can check my application on Apple Store by search the and Hieu Pham.