Set Up a Simple Quality Improvement System
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Set Up a Simple Quality Improvement System

Troubleshoot and Make Big Improvements, Simply, When You Need Solutions, NOW!
4.1 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
113 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Set up a complete quality management system
  • Implement this system immediately
  • Get all employees actively participating in this system
  • Identify problems, needs or concerns
  • Measure the degree of the issue to be improved
  • Develop possible solutions based on data measurements
  • Implement and test solutions
  • Identify solutions that contribute to improvement
  • Implement these solutions
  • Manage an ongoing improvement system to identify and resolve issues and improve procedures
  • Use this system to save thousands of wasted dollars from inefficient policies and procedures
  • Streamline the transition from one department to another (i.e. sales dept. to billing dept.)
  • Smooth conflict where responsibilities fall into the gray areas of "whose responsibility is it?"
  • Connect the dots between every policy and procedure in your organization. Your systems will connect and flow smoothly.
  • Or use this system to manage your sole proprietorship and quality improvements simultaneously.
  • Create specific, measurable criteria for grant proposals, tracking progress and outcomes
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  • You don't need to know anything that you haven't learned by your sophomore year in high school, and maybe less than that. You do need to know how to carry out the procedures that make your business a business. This system is based on common sense, experience, and knowing how to evaluate your procedures and the elements that interact with them.
  • While this system is perfect for someone with no experience in continuous quality improvement (CQI) or Total Quality Management (TQM), it's also ideal for experienced managers whose quality management systems are too complicated to really work well.
  • Don't let the simple nature of this system fool you. It is very powerful, and because it works so well, will outperform many more complex systems with all the bells and whistles.

This quality management system will engage you quickly by breaking your improvement down into chewable bits that you can correct with little effort. It's also a program that's just plain fun to do, and at the same time super simple, and proven to be highly effective?

How to Set Up a Simple Quality Improvement System is a fun, simple and effective way to find solutions of almost any kind. It will rival any CQI or TQM program you'll find. Not only can you learn all you need to know in 2 hours, you could start implementing it while you're taking this course. And I'll guide you, so you can use your own improvement as your course project.

Set Up An Easy, Productive QM System Overnight, Literally

This complete quality improvement and quality management system generates:

  • Programs
  • Improvements
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Products
  • Savings
  • Complete improvement and risk management plans
  • Plans to resolve problems, needs and concerns

and does this just by letting people do what they do best ~ their jobs.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor, or have hundreds, even thousands of employees, this system will help you tap the latent resources that lie within your employees, clients, and even your critics, and convert that knowledge into growth, improvement and profits for you and your company. 

And talk about simplifying risk management: This is a program we used with great success in our rural hospital district. We not only used this CQI system to develop a very successful fall-prevention program for our elderly residents that reduced falls 40% over 8 months, but extended that program to a community-wide program designed to improve safety for all residents. That program was designed to interconnect all health care discharge planning with all fitness, health, and recreation programs in the community, right down to the public swimming pool. The point being that this simple system enabled us to create a very complex program involving a number of internal and external entities.

But our internal fall-prevention program was entirely the work of the staff from four different departments: Long Term Care Center, Physical Therapy, Dietary and Laundry.

Other improvements recovered $16,000 in fraudulent overcharges from a vendor to just one department for a single year; one month’s salary equivalent plus another $7,200 in administration expenses, by installing a convenience and safety device for employees; countless dollars and improved safety by improving medication storage; and many, many more improvements ~ all developed by employees. We also created dozens of new, grant-fundable programs that expanded our services and met needs that weren’t previously met. I’ll tell you how they did it, and teach you to do this for your business.

You'll learn how the LTCC reduced their employee turnover of 135% to about 5% per year. No one wanted to leave anymore. Employees were happy. Patients (customers) were happy. You, too, can have happy employees.

And you'll learn how to overcome the most common reasons to resist change. 

You’ll get:

  • Our timeless 92-page ebook “CQI/TQM for the Rest of Us”
  • All the forms we discuss
  • Flow maps to help you picture the flow of everything
  • All of the preparation steps to take
  • Detailed how-to’s for identifying root causes, and developing improvements
  • Instructions on how to train employees and implement this program
  • One-to-one support from me as you set your program up.

Just post your questions in the discussion area of the course and I’ll guide you in applying this system to your situations.

Who is the target audience?
  • You are an ideal student for this course if you want to implement a simple continuous quality improvement or total quality management system for a service business of any size, from a sole proprietorship to thousands of employees.
  • You won't need any prior knowledge of quality improvement and management techniques to implement this simple and highly effective system that can be used by anyone with as little as a 10th grade education.
  • This is a system that works well and gets all employees involved. (We implemented this at our 250 employee hospital district over 15 months, at a time when other quality improvement systems were "boasting" seven-year "fast" implementations.)
  • You can get your system started tomorrow, literally, and see results within weeks. It takes less than two hours to learn everything you need to know to use this system.
  • You don't need to wait until your entire organization is trained to start making improvements that make a difference.
  • This course consists of two parts: 1) Philosophy: You will learn the simple things that make an improvement system work while also improving your working environment 2) You will learn a simple, 3-form, non-blaming system for identifying a root-cause of a problem, identifying, implementing and testing solutions, and working with problems that originate or spill over to other departments without causing conflict.
  • Need a promotion! You'll look like an absolute genius to your boss when you show them how this system works.
  • This course is great for any service business of any size.
  • Anyone who needs to write measurable criteria for surveys, root cause analysis, & measuring degree of problems and improvements
  • This course may not have enough detail for manufacturing or other businesses that have product inspections as part of their quality program. But it is still a great place to start, and is flexible enough to add the required tasks.
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Curriculum For This Course
22 Lectures
Introduction to Quality Management
4 Lectures 09:35

Introduction to quality management; My qualifications; what this system is capable of helping you do; Why include philosophy and preparations; A system so simple you'll have it up an running in a couple days; And one so effective, you'll make improvements within weeks.

Preview 02:26

Download the 92 page book that accompanies this course, "CQI/TQM for the Rest of Us".

CQI Textbook Download

A CEO started with a market analysis of services provided, duplicated, and needed, and developed her plan, a Continuum of Care using this system. This gives an idea of how you could use the system for planning your business goals.

Analyze Your Market or Other Potential

This lecture describes what you will learn about this CQI system, and what you will be able to do when you complete the course.

CQI Course Objectives

A few questions to reinforce what was covered in Section 1

Introduction to CQI Quiz
3 questions
Foundations for a Successful Quality Management Program
2 Lectures 05:29

You will learn some of the immediate results to expect after implementing this system, as well as: What CQI is and is not; What it accomplishes; That it is a management system not a task; and That quality is an illusion.

Results of an effective CQI system

This system relies on establishing sound foundations based on the philosophy of a successful quality management program. You will learn what these are in this lecture.

The Importance of CQI Philosophy

To review why these specific points make a solid foundation for success.

Foundations for Success Quiz
7 questions
Features and Benefits of this CQI System
5 Lectures 28:00

The specific features, and the benefits to expect, that make this CQI system successful. I include real life examples of how the system was applied to creating new programs and services, and what the outcomes were.

Features and Benefits of CQI

It's all about perception. Success follows an objective non-blaming approach to solutions. You'll learn how to see through your customers' eyes and solve problems without blaming other people.

The Customer is Always Right

Empowered employees excel and create growth. Learn how to empower your employees while creating a coordinated and harmonious work environment.

CQI Empowers Employees

Changing organizational relationships changes the perception of what an employee is permitted to accomplish, and how they go about doing it. This organization chart illustrates how that works.

CQI: The Hub of Quality Service

CQI is synergistic. That is, each feature not only has it's own benefit, but enhances the benefits of the other features. The result is greater than the sum of individual benefits, yet each is so simple.

More Benefits of CQI
Preparing to Set Up a CQI Management System
2 Lectures 15:25

This section discusses the specific preparations and changes Board Members and managers must make for this CQI system to succeed

Initial Steps to Set Up a CQI Management System

More steps to consider; 5 reasons things go wrong.

More Initial Steps; Wrap-Up

Initial Steps in Setting Up a CQI Program
3 questions
Resistance to Change
1 Lecture 19:27

People are often resistant to change. Here are some typical arguments I've had to deal with defending employees' resistance to change, and how to respond to these arguments.

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Resistance to Change
2 questions
CQI System: This is the "How-To" Part
5 Lectures 31:22

Three divisions of your business. How to identify where the problem is. Knowing the relationship between these three groupings will help you find your root cause AND your solution. Learn about the core piece of documentation that spells your problem out, precisely.

Preview 06:47

The first of the three forms used in this system, the CQI Worksheet is explained in detail.

CQI Worksheet

The second form(s) are the variations of the data collection form. You'll learn how to set up forms for collecting one, or multiple, data types, and how to do this with consistency.

Data Collection Forms

The third form is the audit summary form which you use to summarize your analysis of your data.

Audit Summary Form

Keeping reports simple: How and when to report your quality improvement.

Preview 01:14

10 questions about the forms you'll be using

CQI Paperwork Quiz
9 questions
Writing Criteria
1 Lecture 06:54

In less than 7 minutes you'll learn how to write specific and measurable criteria that will pass anyone's scrutiny. ~ IN LESS THAN 7 MINUTES ~ I promise! Oh, and you'll also learn how to calculate that threshold met.

How to write specific and measurable criteria

Specific and Measurable Criteria Quiz
10 questions
Review and Flow Map of this System
2 Lectures 07:13

A review of the process for implementing a quality improvement action plan, when to do an audit, and how to follow through on the complete cycle.

CQI/TQM for the Rest of Us: Course Review

Where to find information for further reading and procedures for implementing and running your CQI system in this course.

Further Reading and Next Steps to Implementation
About the Instructor
Michele Boyer, RRT
4.1 Average rating
8 Reviews
161 Students
4 Courses
Grant Professional ~ Writing, planning, managing since 1989

While working as a respiratory therapist, I was given an opportunity to write a grant proposal for a co-worker, which was funded. This opened many doors for me, including the opportunity to become a professional grant writer, CQI Coordinator, Risk Manager, and to develop patient programs for a rural hospital district. 

Over the next ten years I learned enough from our mistakes to begin developing a strategic grant planning and management system. This eventually became one that was, also, STRESS-FREE

Our original book, CQI/TQM for the Rest of Us, was published and sold in the US, Canada, and Australia. We also presented as a workshop to health organizations in four states. 

I then began writing ebooks on a regular basis, the next one on becoming a grant writer, followed by others on starting businesses on a shoestring. And now, I'm turning my 30+ years experience into classroom and home study courses on working from home or from a mobile office (full time travelers.) My video courses here are based on those courses.