Zynq Development with Xilinx SDSoC Tool

Learn about Software Defined System on Chip (SDSoC) Design Methodology, its Optimization Techniques & FPGA Design Flow
Free tutorial
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (44 ratings)
2,636 students
Zynq Development with Xilinx SDSoC Tool
Free tutorial
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (44 ratings)
2,636 students
Learn SDSoC Design Flow and Methodology
Basic Project Design with SDSoC Tool
Optimization Methodology with SDSoC
Targeting the SDSoC Projects for Zynq FPGA.
Creating Accelerators on the Zynq FPGA family
Debugging with SDSoC Tool


  • Basic Idea of C/C++
  • Basic Knowledge of FPGA Design Flow
  • High Level Synthesis Design Flow


Software Defined System on Chip (SDSoC) is Xilinx state of art Software Defined (SDx) tool for FPGA Designing. We have session on developing embedded system with SDSoC tools targeting the SoC (Zynq 7000 & Ultrascale+MPSoC) FPGA, Accelerating design with Programmable Logic of SoC FPGA. SDSoC Tool reduce the overall design time than of VIVADO Tool (using VIVADO HLS, IP integrator and SDK), it also allow us to design and create a bootable system files just from few clicks. While designing with VIVADO, SDK and Petalinux need extensive skillset for creating a embedded projects.

So SDSoC widens the FPGA Design Methodology for Software engineers who have less skills of hardware (FPGA). And the design optimization methodologies of SDSoC allow to reduce the overall resource consumption , latency and performance of the embedded systems targeting the Zynq FPGA.

So Guys, have join the course and get the skillset of SDSoC!

Who this course is for:

  • Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science Students
  • FPGA Design Enthusiast
  • Hardware Engineer
  • FPGA Developer

Course content

3 sections • 6 lectures • 1h 9m total length
  • Installing SDSoC and Getting 60 Day Free Evaluation License from Xilinx.com
  • Introduction to SDSoC Design Tool from Xilinx
  • Introduction to SDSoC Tool Part II
  • Section 1 Lab 11: Basic Project Design with SDSoC Tool


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Digitronix Nepal is an FPGA Design Company. As of the initiative of "Democratizing FPGA Education all over the World", Digitronix Nepal have partnered with LogicTronix for creating online learning courses and tutorials on "FPGA, VHDL/Verilog, High Level Synthesis (HLS), MATLAB/System Generator, SDAccel, SDSoC, Pynq Development, etc."

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