Zombie Inspiration - Live an awesome life, zombie style
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Zombie Inspiration - Live an awesome life, zombie style

Live an awesome life by following the example set by zombies!
0.0 (0 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
14 students enrolled
Created by Adam Wallace
Last updated 10/2016
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What you'll learn
  • At the end of my course, students will have set goals and taken action to reaching them. They will have taken steps to improve their authenticity, focus and resilience, and they will be eating better! Basically, they'll be zombies!
  • Students will be able to download and print the course workbook, and will need a pen or pencil or texta or crayon to fill it out with! That's it! Well, that and a desire to improve, and a willingness to take on the challenge and do the activities.

Zombie Inspiration is designed for people who want to be the best person they can be, but who love a laugh along the way. Taking lessons learned from self-improvement and personal development books, videos and seminars, this course bases those lessons around gross, disgusting zombies, and looks at how things they do can inspire us to become as awesome as possible. Things like setting goals, focusing, giving our all, taking action, standing out and more.

A workbook is included as a back-up to the videos, but also is filled with activities, all designed to help you work towards reaching your potential.

The course is divided into 10 lectures (and an introduction). Each lecture is split into sections, so that no one section will have you sitting around for too long. The course can be done at your own pace, whether that's barrelling through it in one go, or doing a lecture a day, lecture a week, whatever! Do it at your pace, but make sure you do it! Nothing happens if you don't take action!

This course is designed to be a starting point, a kickstart for you to get moving towards your goals, towards living a life you desire. But you can only do it if you take action. If you don't take action, the zombies will bite your face off and then you'll be all gross and that will be the end of that!

Who this course is for:
  • This course is suitable for upper primary students, teenagers and adults. It is for people who know they can achieve more and be happier but aren't sure of the steps to take to get started. It's for people who feel trapped, or who drift along, or who feel average, and who are unmotivated. And, of course, it's for people who love zombies!
Course content
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+ INTRODUCTION - NEW DAY, NEW BRAINS - Starting on your path
1 lecture 02:47

Welcome to Zombie Inspiration! This is where we use the awesomeness of zombies to live a better life. We are going to work hard, because that's what zombies do. They work hard and they never give up and that's why they eat a LOT of brains and the zombie virus spreads so fast!

We want to spread the zombie virus too ... the zombie virus of awesomeness. Get ready to set goals, focus, persist, take action, get fit, eat well, be authentic, be the first and best, stand out from the crowd, and, most important of all, avoid getting your face bitten off!

Preview 02:47
+ Lecture 1 - PICK A BRAIN, ANY BRAIN - Working out what you want
4 lectures 14:50

Setting goals is amazingly important in getting what you want. Goals are like the directions to the party, and there are games and music and it's just awesome. Not many people set goals, but those that do have a much higher rate of success than those that don't.

Zombies set a goal too. To eat your brain. So if you don't set goals, they will be more successful than  you which means they will eat your brains, which is good for them, not so good for you.

Preview 07:29

Awesome! You set goals, and now it's time to celebrate! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Lecture 1, Section 2 - Celebration time!!!!!!

When you go for your goals, it's really important that you don't bring others down or hurt other people to reach them. Even better, you can help and lift up others just by going after your dream. How? Well, that's what we're here to find out!

Lecture 1, Section 3 - Help others be great

Okay, now it's time to sum it all up, and to do some circling for later on. Great work, superstar, you're on your way! You're zombifying!

Lecture 1, Section 4 - Circle work and summing up
+ Lecture 2 - BE THE BRAIN - Get in the moment and focus
4 lectures 16:53

Focus is a zombie trait that is SOOOOO helpful for us as non-brain-dead humans. If we focus better, we work faster, we enjoy it more, and we get better results! You will answer some true/false questions to get a bit of an idea of where you're at in terms of your focus. 

Lecture 2, Section 1 - True or False focus questions!

Multi-tasking is something talked up as being good, but it isn't! It just means you do lots of things averagely instead of one thing awesomely! You will answer some more true/false questions with awesome focus, and while you answer them you won't be talking to someone else or checking your phone. Right? Yes!!!!!

Lecture 2, Section 2 - More True or False!

Even if you think you have bad focus, you will already have some areas where you focus really well. It might be playing a game, or talking on the phone, or playing music, whatever! You'll write down things you do where you don't think about other stuff and then we are almost done for this section!

Lecture 2, Section 3 - Being in the moment!

WELL DONE!!! So you have worked on your focus, and found ways that you can focus better. Now you'll be given some techniques that work for me that may help you with focusing, so get out there and see what works, and also TURN OFF YOUR PHONE! Sorry for yelling, but that works for EVERYBODY!!!!!! If you turn off your phone, you will focus better because it won't ring!

Lecture 2, Section 4 - Summing Up
+ LECTURE 3 - ME WANT BRAIN, ME GET BRAIN - Trying hard and being resilient
6 lectures 16:36

Awesome legendary zombie superstars try hard, and they don't give up at the drop of a hat. neither do zombies. Zombies rarely give up at the drop of an arm or leg, or even a sledgehammer in the guts! So get ready to do some research on some world champion authors who kept trying and believing in their dream even when the odds were totally against them. 

Lecture 3, Section 1 - Giving 100% ... or 110% if you can!

It's not just authors and zombies who persist! It's true! Other people do it too, and most of them, aren't nearly as stinky as zombies or authors! Do some more research and you'll find out some pretty amazing stats on people and companies who wouldn't give up, who fought against the odds, and who won!

Lecture 3, Section 2 - Awesome championessnessnes

Even if you sometimes give up easily, or you stop doing something because it's too hard, you will still have had times in your life where you kept going until you succeeded, whatever succeeding may mean. Don't believe me? I bet you couldn't walk when you were born, and probably not even when you were like 6 months old. And I bet you couldn't dress yourself, or ride a bike when you first tried. Did you know your times tables when you started school? You have done all this and more, so get ready to write down your triumphs!

Lecture 3, Section 3 - You're a try-hard!!!!

Sometimes we give up because it's too hard, or we get scared we're going to fail, or won't be good enough. But the only way you can really never fail is if you never try anything. If you take a chance and do something new, chances are you will fail. And that's AWESOME! Because you will try again and again and eventually you'll get it! You're scared because you're brave enough to keep going even when you might fail. 

Which means you're a champion already.

Lecture 3, Section 4 - Being scared

What's your thang? What can you do really well, and you like doing it? Riding your bike? Maths? Singing? Dancing? Athletics? Whatever it is, everyone has something they can do well, and it's time for you to write down your thing!

Lecture 3, Section 5 - What do you ROCK at?

Okay. This one's hard, but it can be awesome fun as well ... if you let it be. You are going to take the thing you are really good at, and you're going to fail at it! Scary? You bet. But there's a reason we're doing this, so get out there and fail!

Just don't let failing win. Let failing help you become even more awesome than you already are. And you ARE awesome. Oh yeah you are, because you have done THREE WHOLE sections! 

You totally rock!

Lecture 3, Section 6 - Let's be EPIC FAILURES YEAH!
+ LECTURE 4 - START SHUFFLING - Take small steps towards your goals
4 lectures 19:41

Okay, this is an easy one. We're going to look at things to do to get moving towards our goals, but to do that you need to have goals to work towards! All you have to do is recap your goals. Easy. 


Lecture 4, Section 1 - Recap time!

Taking action towards a goal is easier if you know WHY you want to go for that goal. So that's what we're going to work on in this section!

Lecture 4, Section 2 - What's your WHY?

You don't need to stress about taking huge steps straight away. That can be too hard. So in this section we'll work on little steps, little things done regularly that will help you on the way to your goal.

Lecture 4, Section 3 - Choosing your shuffle steps

Writing stuff down is great, but not if you don't actually do anything about it! To finish up Lecture 4, you are going to circle some steps and actually get out there and do them! Yep. That's right!

Lecture 4, Section 4 - Action stations!
+ LECTURE 5 - RUUUUUUNNNNNNN - Cardio is important
7 lectures 24:17

Being fit has HEAPS of benefits. Is smelling better one of them? Well, you're about to find out!

Lecture 5, Section 1 - Fitness Benefits!

Even if it isn't formal training, most of us will do some things that help with our fitness, even if it's only a little bit. Walking the dog. Riding your bike. Kicking the footy. What do YOU do?

Lecture 5, Section 2 - Fitness. What do YOU do?

Okay, time to be honest. Time to mark on a scale how fit you think you are. And remember, if you lie, you're only cheating yourself and the zombies will bite your face off!

Lecture 5, Section 3 - Where do you think you are, fitness-wise?

Okay, so you kow where you are. Now, where do you want to get to? You might be happy with where you are, or you might want to get fitter. It's up to you!

Lecture 5, Section 4 - Where do you want to be, fitness-wise?

We know where we are, and where we want to be with our fitness. Now it's time to think of some things you could do that will help you get to that fitness level you desire like a zombie desires braaaiiinnnsss! 

Lecture 5, Section 5 - Get ready to make it happen!

Writing down things you want to do to get fit is good, but that ain't getting you any fitter! So it's time to choose a couple of things you will do and then get out there and do them!

Lecture 5, Section 6 - Get circling!

WELL DONE! The first step in getting fitter and outrunning the zombies, even the fast ones, is working out where you want to be and how to get there. YOU ROCK! Now it's up to you to put in the work, and then get ready to run because there's a zombie behind you!

Lecture 5, Section 7 - Summing up.
+ LECTURE 6 - MMM ... BRAAAIIINNNSSS - Eat to live, don't live to eat.
5 lectures 18:56

Food can be a source of energy, or it can drag us down. Some of us eat too much, some eat too little. Whatever you do with your diet, please make sure that you have your health as the number one priority, and don't take things to extremes. Be good to your body, and it will be good to you.

Lecture 6, Section 1 - Be good to your body.

Some foods that are TOTALLY tasty aren't actually that good for us, so we can eat them, but maybe not all the time. So what are those foods? Well, let's see what you think!

Lecture 6, Section 2 - Sometimes foods!

Okay, like with fitness, it's time to be honest. What are foods you do and don't eat? Time to get them out on paper and see if your diet leans more towards healthy foods or sometimes foods.

Lecture 6, Section 3 - What I eat, what you eat!

GOOD! You're rocking this! Now it's time to see if you have balance in your diet, and if there are sometimes foods you can have a little less of, and healthy foods you might have more of.

Lecture 6, Section 4 - Balancing your diet.

Great work! Eating well, like fitness, has HEAPS of benefits, so it's something to be aware of as you try and avoid zombies. See, zombies know brains are good for them, so they eat brains. Right? So once again we can follow their example (of eating what's good for us, not of eating brains!).

Lecture 6, Section 5 - Summing up.
+ LECTURE 7 - YOU ARE YOUR BRAIN - Be real, be authentic.
4 lectures 21:00

Zombies know who they are and they're happy with that. And they're not afraid to say what they mean. They want brains, they say, "BRAAAIIINNNSSS! How about you? Let's see if you say what you mean or if you hide your true feelings. How? By circling stuff!

Lecture 7, Section 1 - Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Sometimes, part of being real is actually doing what you say you will. We have written down some actions to take, but it's easy to make excuses for why we can't or won't do them. So it's time to make up some excuses! If we create them, we can smash them!

Lecture 7, Section 2 - EXCUSES, EXCUSES!

We all make excuses, but we don't have to let the excuses, or the zombies, win! So now it's time to see how we can smash excuses out of the way and still get things done!

Lecture 7, Section 3 - Excuse SMASHERS!

It's not just talking we have to think about, it's listening too. If we listen more, we can learn more. It's hard to learn if you're the one talking all the time! So now let's look at some ways listening well can benefit us.

Lecture 7, Section 4 - Listening up!
3 lectures 07:02

As we saw last lecture, the words we say can have a big impact. Not just on others though, on ourselves as well. It's easy to talk ourselves out of going for our goals. It's easy to lie to ourselves. But we don't do easy. We do superstar awesome champion zombieness! So let's work on that!

Lecture 8, Section 1 - The words we say

So we talk the talk, but now we have to walk the walk. If you didn't do the actions you circled earlier, guess what? It's time! If you did do them, you're not done yet, it's time to do more!

Lecture 8, Section 2 - Getting it done.

You have to move towards your goals. If you don't, you'll miss out. You never know what may happen tomorrow that will change everything, so you have to take action NOW! Right? Good.

Lecture 8, Section 3 - Summing up.
+ LECTURE 9 - BE YOUR OWN BRAIN - You don't have to do what everyone else does.
5 lectures 24:32

If you do what everyone else does, you get what everyone else gets. And in a zombie movie, if you do what everyone else does, you end up getting your eyes eaten along with everyone else who is crowded in a big city. So what extra steps can you do that will set you apart and get you to your goal sooner? 

Lecture 9, Section 1 - Going harder.

Well done! Those extra steps are going to get you flying! Now it's time to go even further. Remember, writing things down is good, but if you don't do those things, you miss out and the zombies get to eat you for breakfast! So this section's about taking action!

Lecture 9, Section 2 - JUST DO IT!

Even if you don't reach your goals, and believe me, that will happen sometimes (even superstars don't always reach their goal), it doesn't mean you've failed. You will learn so much on your journey, and now it's time to imagine what awesomeness can come out of a goal you may not reach.

Lecture 9, Section 3 - What if you don't make it?

All this stuff about standing out from the crowd, taking risks, maybe failing, going for goals, it's kind of scary! But if we know some of the things that scare us, we can take some steps to get past those fears and still smash out our goals and dreams. 

Lecture 9, Section 4 - Being scared.

We can't control what other people will say or do, we can only control how we react to it. Things will happen that are out of our control, but we can't let that stop us. We can only control what we can control, and that means, among other things, how hard we work, and how true to ourselves we are. That's what zombies do, and that's what we can do too.

Lecture 9, Section 5 - Summing up.