Zero Point Yoga: Access Infinite Cosmic Power For Healing
4.9 (39 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,349 students enrolled

Zero Point Yoga: Access Infinite Cosmic Power For Healing

Learn How To Channel the Unlimited Cosmic Energy of the Universe!
4.9 (39 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,349 students enrolled
Created by Tripura Yoga
Last updated 8/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Connect to an unlimited source of inner strength and power.
  • Heal your self and others of any infection, injury or illness whether physical, mental or emotional..
  • Learn the ancient tantric sciences of Prana Vidya, Swara Yoga and Hamsa Yoga.
  • Experience the immense benefits of a personal daily meditation practice.
  • A willingness to learn the ancient yogic discipline of Prana Vidya.
  • An ablitiy to practice the most basic calisthenic exercises.
  • A personal space to begin a daily practice of yoga and meditation.

How would you like to begin enjoying more and more energy, and increasingly higher levels of vitality and inner power each and every  day?! The ancient yogic science of mastering prana shakti, as presented in this 3D animated video course, teaches you to develop a heightened sensitivity to the bioenergetic field within and all around you, so  you can conserve, multiply, and even consciously direct pranic energy!

I am serious about seeing you succeed in learning this technique; so, in this new set of 8 videos I have included a PDF workbook and an mp3 audio companion for each session, so you’ll have all the tools and resources you need to start your own personal practice and quickly master the science of prana for yourself.


  • Learn an authentic yogic mediation style!

  • Naturally triple your vitality levels!

  • Encounter your own Atma Shakti (spiritual power)!

  • Learn to heal your self and others with prana!

  • Increase your natural energy levels, charisma, wit and magnetic appeal!

  • Personally connect directly to the Unified Field of infinite power!

  • Have more energy for higher awareness and to manifest the life of your dreams!

Enjoy an authentic and high quality exotic yoga meditation course!

There is no other course like this on the Internet! Guaranteed! That's because I personally designed, produced and edited this entire video series single-handedly (even learning 3D animation software)! I did this because I wanted to ensure that the quality and authenticity of the final product was top notch, and (most importantly) true to the authentic source.

You see, I learned these techniques while living in a very remote and austere yoga ashram in northern India, where these very secret techniques have been passed down in an unbroken oral tradition since ancient times. I have  done my best to present you with these techniques in their original and true form, just as countless others have learned them in millennia past.

Now you can learn these previously hidden and very secret yogic techniques for your self!

I am very excited and extremely honored to be able to offer my audience this set of very rare and potent yogic techniques and meditations to give you a powerful first hand personal experience of cosmic power and Universal Energy.

Prana shakti is similar to the fuel in a rocket; the rocket can only  go as high and as afar as it has the fuel to propel it. By increasing your own vital power you are able to have more consciousness, awareness and wakefulness; allowing you to learn, grow, evolve and interact with life on a much more deep and fulfilling level.

With more Cosmic Energy you can quickly notice the opportunities  all around you, as well as more easily remain proactive and effortlessly overcome procrastination. Your energetic reserves are turbocharged!

Others will become instantaneously attracted to your higher energy levels, like moths are attracted to light, and will find them selves desperately craving what you have on a very deep subconscious level.

This course teaches you how to quickly master the ancient yogic science of prana, vital life force energy.

From the moment you begin learning these techniques spiritual experiences begin to occur with greater frequency and intensity.  Now spirituality is no longer limited to only intellectual concepts and ideas, but has now become a vivid, living and breathing aspect of your personal life.

Each video in this series builds upon the previous one, gradually leading you towards developing awareness of prana, storing prana within your subtle body, increasing and multiplying your prana, channeling and directing prana for healing, as well as empowering yourself and others with Cosmic Energy for spiritual awakening.

In this course, you are presented with a complete systematic path for spiritual awakening.

The yogic science of prana is a complete path for spiritual  awakening. As the prana shakti is awakening and amplified, the causal creative force which lies dormant in the human body is awakened and begins ascending and spiritualizing, healing and rejuvenating the entire body/mind complex.

There is no aspect of your life that learning this complete ancient  form of knowledge cannot enrich. Just imagine how much you can accomplish with 3 times more energy!

What if you could rapidly increase the rate of healing and recovery for your self and loved ones, no matter what their illness? Even illnesses for which there are no known cures. This course teaches you exactly how to achieve this, so you can heal others with your own touch.

Prana works on the subtle energy body which is the template of the physical body. By sending pure pranic energy to a certain organ, or body  part, you are revitalizing the subtle energy template and correcting  any distortions or stagnated energy that is at the root of any illness,  injury or disease in the physical body.

Do your self this favor by starting the 8-Part Zero Point Yoga Video Course NOW and enjoy this rare opportunity to learn an authentic and extremely powerful ancient  spiritual science with only the click of a button!

Who this course is for:
  • People intersted in learning to access unlimited Universal Energy from the nucleus of thier being.
  • People interested in learing to channel vital life force energy within their bodies for improved circulation of energy and enhanced vitality..
  • People intersted in using their own spiritual power of Prana Shakti to heal themselves and others.
Course content
Expand all 17 lectures 10:12:01
+ Developing Subtle Awareness of Cosmic Energy
4 lectures 02:17:19

An introduction to the course and overview of the theoretical aspect of Session One.

Preview 21:26

Sankalpa: "My intent is to now experience the Prana within my body".

In this session we will be going beyond theories, principles and intellectual concepts, as we utilize the ancient practices of yoga and tantric meditation to delve into the realm of personal experience.

These preliminary techniques act as the foundation upon which the other practices are built upon, and quickly become the vehicle for exploring the inner realms of your being.

Through the practices learned in this session you will activate your physical body with hatha yoga, unblock any stagnated energy with pranayama, and utilize tantric meditation to quickly shift your awareness to the dimension of prana.

The result in this newfound subtle awareness increases your quantum of vitality and corresponding mental state of 'wakefulness', by giving you direct access to your core of infinite personal power. 

The basic theme of this session is to become increasingly more aware of the dimension of bio energy. The dimension beyond physical matter, which is the template for the physical body. The energy body, or pranamaya kosha, is characterized by breath, feelings, emotions and intuitive intelligence. 

As you develop greater sensitivity to subtle energy you become more aware of your interrelation and connection to all life. Learning to sense the dimension of bio energy is an important first step in improving your health, vitality and developing mastery of Prana Vidya.

Preview 43:55
Session 2 (Theory): Merging Inner Space With Outer Space

Sankalpa: "My intent is to now experience the Five Subtle Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether".

In this session we will continue training the sitting bones and muscles for meditation, as well as beginning to learn how to maximize our lung capacity for pranayama (yogic breathing techniques).

Then, after withdrawing the senses and quieting the mind, we will delve into the sublime depths of inner space as we explore the cosmic elements which are the building blocks of all energy and matter.

Our main objective in this lesson is to learn to perceive and experience
the Five Elements, which are the subtle qualities of Creation.

Not only physical matter, but everything that comes into existence, from the mind to the body, has the quality of one or more of these Five Elements. By merging with these elements in meditation we can gain a deeper understanding for the manifest world in which we live, and gain an intuitive ability to work with these subtle qualities both within and all around us.

Session 2 (Practice): The Yoga Of The Five Elements
+ Awakening Vital Power Within Your Body
4 lectures 02:14:12
Session 3 (Theory): Awakening Prana Shakti

Sankalpa: "My intent is to now experience the Solar Center, as well as the Solar Conduit of Vital Power within my body."

In this session we will be exploring the five subtle prana vayus which flow through the body with the breath. The subtle prana vayus flow out from Manipura (the Solar Center) with the inhalation and back to Manipura with the exhalation. By reversing the flow of prana vayu and apana vayu, causing them to collide with the inhalation at the Solar Plexus, we can awaken and activate Manipura Chakra – so that it becomes a much larger reservoir of Prana Shakti. 

With an increased capacity of vital energy you naturally enjoy greater energy and mental clarity, as well as improved health and circulation. 

With greater life force energy flowing through your inner being you can focus more easily, empowering you to manifest your goals and intentions with natural ease.

The purpose of this lesson is to develop awareness of this reservoir of pranic energy, as well as the primary channel of which the Prana Shakti flows within the subtle body.

Session 3 (Practice): The Yoga Of Prana Shakti Level One
Session 4 (Theory): Consciously Directing Prana Shakti

Sankalpa: "My intent is to consciously direct Vital Power through the Spinal Channel."

In this session you will be exploring the source of your Prana Shakt at the root chakra, Muladhara, which is at the base of the spine. As we explore this deep cavelike abyss we will come into contact with the Kundalini Shakti coiled around the shivalingam at muladhara. From here we will be learning to raise the prana through the spinal passage, Sushumna, to the brow-center, Ajna; where the pure force of Prana Shakti can be utilized and distributed.

Our main objective in this lesson is to begin developing experience with directing prana through the spinal passage, Sushumna. Raising your Prana Shakti through the spine is a very important skill that is used in many tantric and yogic exercises, and is important for conserving and building your shakti up higher and higher within your subtle body.

Muladhara Chakra, at the bast of the spine, is the power generator of Prana Shakti. The solar plexus center, Manipura Chakra, is your internal battery where this power is stored, and Pingala Nadi is the positive conduit of electromagnetic bioenergy that conducts and connects Prana Shakti to these Chakras. Finally, Ajna Chakra (at the brow center) is the point from where prana is distributed. This makes up the entirety of the Pranic System of your body, which you are learning to master in this course. 

The culmination of this knowledge, Prana Vidya, is the ability to connect to Mahaprana, the universal life-force which is latent within all space, at will and have a direct knowing and realization of that One Force that bonds and connects all life in this Universe.

Session 4 (Practice): The Yoga Of Prana Shakti Level Two
+ Harnessing The Energies Of Cosmic Power
4 lectures 02:22:30
Session 5 (Theory): Becoming Centered In The Core Of Your Being

Sankalpa: "My intent is to now consciously direct Prana through my body."

In this session we will be learning the spontaneous mantra of the breath “So’Ham” to awaken the spinal passage, Sushumna, allowing you to have amore intense experience of the subtle bioenergies. From here we will  begin to develop awareness of the solar and lunar nadis, Ida and Pingala, which are the conduits of the positive and negative voltage in the body. You will also be learning how to focus and concentrate Prana at the brow center, Ajna.

Our main objective in this lesson is to learn to willfully direct prana. The previous lessons have allowed you to develop the necessary level of sensitivity to now begin learning to channel and consciously move prana through your body.

A key for understanding this technique is to understand the importance of the mind for directing energy; ‘energy flows where the mind goes’. Just by focusing on a certain part of your body, you are simultaneously building up prana in that area, as well.

Session 5 (Practice): The Yoga of Prana Shakti Level 3
Session 6 (Theory): Activating The Nucleus Of The Physical Body

Sankalpa: "My intent is to now experience the subtle conduits of power within my body."

In this session we will be awakening the nucleus of the physical vehicle sthula sharira, which is located at the root chakra, muladhara. This awakening of Prana Shakti will activate your physical and pranic bodies, allowing for an increased flow of vitality, creativity and awareness. Next we will intensify our awareness of ida and pingala as we accumulate prana at the brow-center, ajna, for self-healing. This stage of the practice will introduce you to the basics of directing and accumulating prana through the willpower of focused awareness.

Our main objective in this lesson is to intensify our awareness of the subtle pathways of shakti in the body. Just as electricity is channeled through specific wires laid out in the walls of your house, in the same way the vital (prana shakti) and mental (manas shakti) powers of the body/mind complex also flows through very specific conduits, as well. These pathways already exist within the subtle layers of your being, however, by adding your awareness to this force you are both amplifying and harnessing it, allowing you to balance your solar and lunar energies, which activates the third spiritual force of Kundalini Shakti. 

During this session you will be applying this new knowledge of your Subtle Bioenergetic System to raise, channel and willfully direct Prana Shakti.

Session 6 (Practice): The Yoga of Prana Shakti Level 4
+ Consciously Directing Cosmic Energy For Healing Your Self And Others
4 lectures 03:17:51
Session 7 (Theory): Awakening The Nucleus Of The Subtle Body

Sankalpa: "My intent is to now consciously direct Prana for self healing."

In this session, we will be moving beyond the physical vehicle of the body and exploring the astral dimension of the subtle body, the sukshma sharira. This dimension is characterized by energy and emotions. The nucleus of this vehicle is located at the region of the heart chakra, anahata, and is more specifically known as the Vishnu granthi; the knot of Vishnu, which keeps us bound through our emotional attachments and expectations to the social world.

The medium for gaining control over the subtle energy body is the breath.

Each and every emotion and state of mind has a corresponding breathing pattern. One method for achieving mental balance is by balancing the flow of the breath through the left and right nostrils. For this reason, this video will focus on the most powerful yogic method for loosening the Vishnu granthi, which is nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing). Continue to become aware of the subtle experience of the breath throughout the day, always breath in through the nostrils and never the mouth. Try to become aware of which nostril is more dominant than the other. If the left nostril is open then you are more likely to be passive, if the right nostril is open you are more likely to be active, and if both are flowing evenly you are more likely to be equanaminous, clear headed and balanced. Cultivate a subtle awareness of the breath and it’s interrelation with the energy body.

Our main objective in this lesson is to learn to direct the prana shakti we have awakened and concentrated through the previous techniques you have mastered. You can now apply prana for seemingly miraculous results, in what ever way you can imagine; ranging from cellular rejuvenation, destroying viruses, activating dna, healing, correcting disorders, etc. 

As you continue to increase your awareness of the universal power of Mahaprana, which is in vast abundance throughout the universe, you can apply this sacred knowledge in what ever way you chose.

Session 7 (Practice): The Yoga of Pranic Healing Part 1 (Self)
Session 8 (Theory): Awakening Kundalini And Healing Others With Prana

Sankalpa: "My intent is to now consciously direct Prana for healing others."

In this session, we will be going beyond both the physical and astral vehicles to develop an experience of the causal vehicle, the karan sharira, which is located at the region of ajna chakra at the brow center, and is otherwise known as Rudra granthi – the knot of Rudra.The causal vehicleis the catalyst of the soul, which carries us from life to life on this infinite journey of transmigration. To perceive that which is beyond the physical body and the mind, we will have to resort to sound. Through the extremely high vibrational frequencies of mantra the experience of the bindhu can be seen and felt at the brow center within the space of chidakasha. This bluish pearl-like point of light is the Atman, to have the true vision of this is the attainment of many lifetimes.

Our main objective in this lesson is to learn to direct and project prana shakti outside our bodies to heal others. One should only attempt this level when proficiency has been gained at healing and purifying your self, first. Only when you have established a direct link to mahaprana, the universal source of life force, should you send prana outside your body to heal, balance, awaken or empower others.

Session 8 (Practice): The Yoga of Pranic Healing Part 2 (Other)