YouTube Marketing and Retargeting Masterclass
4.4 (46 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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YouTube Marketing and Retargeting Masterclass

Our Ultimate Strategy for Highly Effective YouTube Marketing and Retargeting Campaign
4.4 (46 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
431 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Set up a well optimized YouTube channel that will help you grow your organic and pixel based audience.
  • Create engaging content that will build your audience and increase conversions and traffic to your websites and products.
  • Complete effective keyword and tag research & spy on their competition (for free) to see hidden stats and tags.
  • Optimize your videos to rank high in search engines and within YouTube using our simple optimization strategies.
  • Link their YouTube and Adwords accounts to create custom audiences for retargeting.
  • Create retargeting audiences in YouTube and create your first set of YouTube ads.
  • Retarget your warm and hot audiences on multiple websites and videos.
  • Run YouTube and Google Display Network Ads for cold, warm and hot traffic.
  • Run retargeting ads to turn your warm traffic into buyers at a positive ROI.
  • Create conversion pixels and optimize conversions for maximum ROI.
  • Leverage the power of YouTube and video to build and profit from laser targeted audiences
  • Find, market to and profit from targeted buyers in any niche
  • You will need a YouTube account. If you don't have one, no problem as we will cover how to properly set up a new channel in the lectures.
  • You will need a Google Adwords account. If you do not have one yet, we will show you how to sign up for one.
  • You'll need an ad budget, even if its a small one. We suggest a minimum of $5 a day budget.

Discover a simple yet powerful pixel based retargeting method for YouTube to advertise to website visitors and turn them into paying customers.

We will show you how to create killer content, create remarketing audience lists in YouTube and then follow up using simple and effective ads on YouTube and the Google Display network.

What you'll be able to do after taking this course...

==> Set up a well optimized YouTube channel that will grow your organic and pixel based audience.

==> Create simple and effective videos using other people's content.

==> Post engaging content that will build your audience and increase conversions and traffic to your websites and products.

==> Optimize your videos to rank high in search engines and within YouTube for effortless free traffic

==> Create retargeting audiences in YouTube and create your first set of YouTube ads.

==> Run remarketing ads to turn warm traffic into buyers at a positive ROI.

==> Re-engage your audience on the Google Display Network for long term sales & profits

We use this pixel retargeting strategy for our own channels and clients including international NGOs and Fortune 500 companies. This used to be a well kept secret of large brands and full time marketers but now you can cut through the confusion and use it for your sites and products.

Maybe you're on the fence, and we get that. Check out what current students have to say about our courses:

Another Excellent Course From The IM Rebels
... it provides an excellent platform for you to build an online business and also an audience for that business. There is a lot of excellent content here ... and this is one excellent marketing plan!
- Terry Jenkins

This team produces super solid information on topics marketers need to know. I have bought other courses from them and I find it’s always over-delivered top notch learning on the inside. - LearningSilo

Brian, Mark and Shane are excellent instructors and the course is all in as far as content goes so I highly recommend it. - Fred Ferguson

Retargeting YouTube Viewers And Turning Them Into Buyers Doesn't Have To Be HARD Or A MYSTERY Anymore!

We walk you through every step of the method from the top types of video content to use and the ads to run to convert cold traffic into warm, warm traffic into HOT and how to profit at each step.

Why YouTube Retargeting?

This is a method that large marketers and brands have used for years and now it's time for you to implement in your business. You create multiple audience lists based on behavior on your channel and videos. You can then serve custom ads to these people.

No more advertising to COLD audiences or stabbing in the dark with your paid ads!

Serving ads using pixel retargeting drives your ad spend down while increasing your conversions! If you have just $5 a day to spend on paid advertising, you can start seeing daily sales in your funnels and products.

YouTube Retargeting: Explosive Growth

This platform is growing daily! Don't miss out and get in early while you can advertise to your audience cheaply and with very high ROI. This allows for multiple engagements that will increase your brand awareness, allow you to continually offer value and then be front of mind when time to subscribe or buy from you.

What Makes This Course Unique?

We’ve got your back. You’ll have a dedicated team of three instructors ready to answer any question you have, or describe something in more detail for you.

As with our other courses, this one will be updated over time with fresh content. All updates for life are included.

The extensive content is broken into easily digestible bits you can rapidly absorb. Engaging exercises along the way help you master the methods so you can see results fast.

You’ll come out with a specific strategy to turn cold traffic into warm and more importantly, warm traffic into SALES. This allows you to begin focusing ON your business and not being stuck working IN your business.

Who this course is for:
  • This YouTube marketing and retargeting course is for people looking to grow their business using YouTube and video marketing
Course content
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+ Welcome To YouTube Pixel Retargeting Advertising Masterclass
3 lectures 11:01

The IM Rebels

-the NEW school of internet marketing

The IM Rebels are a group of three like-minded individuals who were drawn together while each following separate paths in the IM space.

And even though the tagline mentions “new school,” in actual fact their philosophy is about as old school as it gets. But more on that in a bit…

As individuals
, each Rebel brings something different to the table and has a unique background. As a united front, The Rebels’ goal is to change the way internet marketing is both taught and perceived.In short, they want to make YOU a success.

Rather than hiding behind smoke and mirrors,
The Rebels are about 100% transparency in all of their trainings and interactions. What you see is what you get, and when something comes out with The IM Rebels stamp of approval, you can be assured that it lives up to every single claim on the tin.

Why Rebels?

In the exciting and sometimes frustrating world of IM, there is one constant: hype. Too much of it, The Rebels believe. Excitement is great but too much hype can mislead prospective consumers, even lead them to make poor decisions. And that has led to many people having a perception of this industry that ranges from caution to considering it a complete sham.

So The Rebels aim to buck that trend.
Go completely against the grain, if you will. Forego the hype completely and exchange it for 100% honesty, complete transparency, and a genuine desire to help those looking for guidance.

And that, in business terms, is about as “old school” a philosophy as it gets. Because these virtues seem to have gotten muddied up beyond recognition within this industry throughout recent years, however, it seems a value-system born of sheer modernity.

It’s rare, to say the very least.

So in this spirit of transparency and new-school excitement, let us say hello to each member of this dynamic, accomplished, and industry redefining team…

The IM Rebels Are:

Shane Farrell
is the “been there, done that” guy in the IM space. From SEO to Amazon and plenty in between, he eventually settled on list building and never looked back. Also a successful solo ad vendor and partner in one of the largest SMS companies back in the day, he’s since turned to sharing his personal techniques for list building by releasing quality products that have been smash hits in the market. Also a successful coach, Shane’s reputation for integrity is second to none.

Mark Tandan
, “The Goofball”, is the oldest member of The Rebels but still thinks he’s a kid. He started in affiliate marketing and moved quickly into product creation, again teaching only methods proven to work. With numerous award-winning products in affiliate and email marketing, he continues to practice what he preaches. He ghost writes emails and sales copy for some very big names online, and has worked extensively in affiliate recruitment for other highly successful marketers.

Brian Gray,
‘The Traveler”, was born in the US, grew up in Africa and now lives in Cambodia. To running out of gas crossing the Sahara or having his father kidnapped by actual rebels in Africa, he has some stories and adventures he could tell you! He uses his skills from 13 years in the education sector to now dive deep into analytics, traffic and testing and uses IM to continue to travel and explore. He has had clients like the EU, UN, World Vision, Vespa, Hennessy and Hyundai (just to name a few). He is our resident paid traffic and social media traffic expert.

What Brought The Rebels Together?

It wasn’t really a plan, it just sort of happened. One day someone stumbled upon an amazing product and decided to promote it. Which led to a relationship. This was rinsed and repeated a few times until the three individuals realized they had a LOT in common.

Namely, a general disgust with the overall IM situation.
False promises, the whole “fake it till you make it” mindset, and all the other shenanigans.

As individuals, each Rebel had quietly been releasing quality products that have all delivered as promised, while trying to maintain a high code of ethics in every dealing.

When they got to know each other and realized they all shared the same ideals, the concept of The IM Rebels was born. And this is the result.

Can The Rebels Help You?

Well, that depends. If you wish to pursue a LEGITIMATE way of earning online, following proven methods that WILL require some work, then yes. If you want to be able to look yourself in the mirror and proudly tell your friends and family what it is you do, then most definitely yes.

Because as successful as each Rebel is individually, as a team, they’re pretty much unstoppable. And they’ll stop at nothing until each and every student of theirs becomes a success as well.

“After enough time in the trenches, I’m a bit tired of the whole ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ mentality. So my goal is to show you how to scratch YOUR OWN back and be self reliant in your success and results moving forward. Best part of this? You get to be your OWN person… and follow your own path to the riches that will follow.”
Mark Tandan

“I believe in teaching what you do! Product creation alone is not a business plan. I believe the most actionable trainings come from people sharing their own experiences and is what I aim to continue to do. This way I am providing maximum value while allowing you, the customer, to have an extremely high success rate following along with what I do everyday!”
Shane Farrell

“With my background in digital marketing, I realize the importance of having an overall strategy, and I put great emphasis on setting realistic, actionable goals that work to accomplish a master plan. If you’re in IM for a quick, easy buck, then all you are going to do is waste your time and money chasing fantasies. The reality is, it takes dedication and hard work to be successful, but for those who are willing to learn, we can teach you what it takes to set up a long-term profitable business.”
Brian Gray

We are the IM Rebels. And we couldn’t be more thrilled, honored, and excited to have you here joining us today. All the very best from ourselves and our families to you and yours. Now let’s craft some truly legendary experiences!

Thanks a million.

  • The IM Rebels
Preview 03:12

YouTube marketing has MANY advantages. It's very cheap compared to most platforms, so you can see great ROI. You can create highly targeted audiences VERY easily, which is great for profitability. Oh ya, and it's absolutely massive so you're getting your message across to as many people as possible.

Preview 04:48
+ Building The Foundation: Setting Up Your YouTube Channel
4 lectures 19:41

If you are new to YouTube, follow these lectures to set up a new channel, cover art, main channel video and get a walkthrough tutorial of the dashboard. Experienced YouTube marketers can skip this section.

Basic Channel Setup And Settings

In this video we'll cover all the different parts of your control panel for your YouTube Creator Studio

YouTube Control Panel Walkthrough

Free and paid methods to create your channel cover. Help brand your channel and give your page a look and feel that will stand out from the competition.

Creating Your Cover Art

A Channel Video is a great welcome to your brand and the ability to start branding yourself as the authority. New visitors can be shown a video that auto-plays upon arrival and you can feature new content or your best content to returning visitors.

Create Your Main Channel Video
+ Simple Video Creation: Underground Method To Create Videos Without Recording
3 lectures 14:49

One of the most powerful video editors out there is fast, easy to use and completely free! Thank YouTube for this great tool you can use to create stunning videos in minutes. Best bit? You can choose from millions of videos others have made to create your own. Cash in without creating or recording any of your own content!

Easy, Free Video Editor

Don't feel like creating new videos? See how to tap into millions of free-to-use videos, completely legally, that others have already made! This is a massive time saver and can actually help your business - because you can pick from the best content out there and brand it as your own.

Access Millions Of Videos At Your Fingertips

Video engages on many levels, and audio is VERY key. Top videos have great background music that keep people watching and listening, ESPECIALLY on mobile. See how to tap into all the free music and sound effects you'll ever need to make your videos stand out and convert like crazy.

Free Rights To Music, Sound Effects And Video Effects
+ Creating Engaging Content For Your Videos
8 lectures 28:47

Creating content for your videos doesn't have to be painful. The same type of content that works well for your blog posts and website content also can work great for engaging content that will help you grow your YouTube retargeting audience. We ENCOURAGE you to not only create videos but leverage this to create blog posts also so you can increase your organic search traffic and then use the videos to also drive traffic back to your website.

Creating Content For Your YouTube Videos

This type of content is an easy way to provide your readers with statistics in your niche and be an authority resource for them. The posts are simple to create and have SEO benefits and allow you to build relationships with authority sites related to you. Check out the live examples from authority sites for inspiration. These are super easy to turn into a video version for your channel as well!

Content Type #1: Easy Way To Gain Traction & Provide Value To Subscribers

You've likely seen this type of blog post or video and for good reason. It's a win for yourself, your readers and builds relationships that can leverage traffic from some of the biggest sites in your niche. Get traffic and loyalty at the same time! This is a post that takes a little longer to create but you don't have to do any writing. Perfect!

To convert into video, you'll summarize the main points from each crowdsourced authority and encourage with call to action to have viewer head to blog via annotation and link in video description.

Content Type #2: A WIN-WIN For Your Subscribers & Niche Authority Movers

You can drive massive amounts of traffic with this blog post style and there are multiple ways to get it done. Leverage the audiences and knowledge of others to associate your blog on their level and grow your site.

In your YouTube description make sure you put the person's name you interviewed to help show up in related videos of the interviewee and in organic search. You can shoot these live using Google Hangouts/Blab or summarize the main interview points and then drive traffic back to full printed interview using annotations in the video and link in the video description.

Content Type #3: Instant Authority By Association With This Type Of Video

This type of content is very easy to create for blog posts and videos. It helps to establish yourself and brand as the go-to niche authority for readers and viewers who want to solve simple niche problems.

Content Type #4: Be The Hero & Create Simple Tutorials

Readers and viewers LOVE cast studies. It establishes you and your brand as an authority and will build a loyal following. These are among the most popular pieces of content you can create.

Content Type #5: Show Them Your Results!

This type of post is growing in popularity and perfect for also turning into a video for even more traffic and shares. The work is already done for you so it's as simple as copying and pasting into your blog post and adding some links.

Content Type #6: Vewers Love This Content & The Work Is Done For Your Already

The top free and paid tools to easily leverage your blog content and create YouTube videos.

FREE & PAID Tools To Crank Out Video Content
+ Optimizing Your Videos
9 lectures 48:17

Learn the overview of the nine optimization steps we use to get more viewers, traffic and subscribers. These are simple and effective!

Our Simple Video Optimization Steps For More Views, Traffic And Higher Rankings

Simple hack to edit your video file before uploading. This will help rank you very fast for long tail keywords and let YouTube know exactly what your video is about and main keywords.

What To Do BEFORE You Upload

Now you're going to learn a fast, and easy way to spy on any YouTube video to get their stats and keywords that are hidden from the public. (Free tool)

Quick And Effective Tag Research

Discover one of the EASIEST ways to drive traffic to your videos: your video description! Simply summarize the key points and follow these quick tips to get ranked at the top of both YouTube and Google. How to's and verified proof inside this lecture.

Writing An Optimized Description

Playlists are an important part of your YouTube channel. In this lecture we cover how to use playlists to get more engagement and views.

Using Play Lists Effectively

Adding images is something simple to do but often overlooked. Don't pay for expensive photos or risk copyright trouble by ripping any photo from the web. Use these three sites to find awesome photos for your blog and video content.

How To Find Eye Popping Images For Your Videos

Thumbnails are very important. With the right thumbnail, you'll get more clicks and more views. In this lecture, I show you the dead simple method that the pros are using to get more views on their videos.

Thumbnail Strategies for More Clicks

This is a very simple step to take that will help you get more subscribers and visitors to your websites and offers. YouTube annotations and cards can only be used for verified associated websites. This was reviewed in Lecture 5 if you need a refresher.

Using Annotations And Cards

You can automate this task or complete it manually. This will help your video rank higher in the search engines and YouTube.

Simple Steps to Improve Video SEO
+ Setting Up Your Paid YouTube Ads
7 lectures 01:06:06

Here is an overview of the retargeting strategy that you will be learning (and doing).

Paid Ads Strategy Overview

Here is how you link your YouTube channel with Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

Link Your YouTube Channel To Adwords

In this lecture we'll dive into Adwords. I'll give you a tour and show you the basics of working in and navigating around Adwords.

Adwords Layout And Setup

Keyword research is critical for the whole process to work properly. If you don't get this step right, then chances are, your whole campaign will fail.

Easy Keyword Research

Now you're going to set up 4 audiences (minimum) that will give you the best results for your ads and highest ROI possible.

Creating The CORRECT Retargeting Audiences

In the previous lecture you learned how to create your audience pixels, now you'll learn how to put the right code on the right pages to populate your pixels correctly.

Adding The Correct Retargeting Pixels And Tracking Codes To Your Page

Now I'll walk you through setting up your first YouTube ad campaign. Before you actually set up an ad, make sure you finish the whole training first.

Setting Up Your First YouTube Ads
+ Running Remarketing Ads
7 lectures 01:03:51

Conversion pixels are very important because you're going to use them to track the progress of your ads. Without conversion pixels, you won't be able to optimize.

Using Conversion Pixels

Remarketing is where its at! In this lecture we're going to walk through, step-by-step, how to set up different remarketing ad on YouTube.

Setting Up YouTube Remarketing Ads

In order to optimize your retargeting ads, it is important to exclude certain audiences. In this lecture we cover how to exclude these audiences from your retargeting ads.

Exclude Buyers For Lower Cost Campaigns

Here is a trick that you can do to upload your email list so you can retargeting them with ads to purchase things they didn't yet buy, but that they showed an interest in. This is a very effective way to get people to purchase.

Upload And Target Your Email List

After you have built up your warm and hot audiences some, then its time to start to reengage them on the Google Display Network. In these two lectures, we'll be covering not just how to set up your ad, but how to get all your ads created in all the right sizes for 100% free.

PART 1: Re-Engaging Your Audiences On The Google Display Network

This is part two of two for how to reengage your audiences using the Google Display Network.

PART 2: Re-Engaging Your Audiences On The Google Display Network

Here are the strategies for getting the most sales possible from your hot traffic. We're going to look at not just retargeting with ads, but reengaging them with emails.

YouTube Retargeting Strategies For More Sales
+ You've Made It! Conclusion
1 lecture 04:18

As you move through setting up your YouTube marketing and pixel retargeting ads, keep these five points in mind:

  1. More Data = Better Results
  2. Segment Your Remarketing
  3. Cross Platform Marketing to Open New Audiences
  4. Send Instream Traffic to Blog Post & Pixel
  5. Start w/ Longer In-Display Ad & Follow Up w/ Short Instream
Final Thoughts: Keep These 5 Items In Mind As You Progress With YouTube Ads
+ Training Updates
5 lectures 01:06:25

This is a tool I've been using to map out and track my sales funnels.  There is a free version so I suggest checking it out. 

Awesome tool for your sales funnels

You'll need a website, landing page, sales page or opt in page to send your traffic to.  Here are the best options for building the different pages.  We'll talk about pros and cons of each option, plus which solution is best for which goal. 

Best Options For Landing Pages

Many of you will be running retargeting ads to get visitors to join your email list. We've put together this list of 101 lead magnet ideas that have attention grabbing titles perfect for ad headlines as well. 

***These are also great for newsletter content and blog posts***

101 Lead Magnet Ideas

Here is a super easy way to create a video for your YT ads.  In these next two lectures I create a video from start to finish. 

How to Create a Video From Start to Finish part 1

Here is a super easy way to create a video for your YT ads. Part 2 of 2

How to Create a Video From Start to Finish part 2
+ Bonuses and Resources
1 lecture 00:00

Thank you again for taking our course and sincerely hope you TAKE ACTION on the material taught. We have compiled some additional training resources to help you grow your business and exclusive 'student only' discounts to our other best selling Udemy courses. Thank you!

Bonus Content and Resources
3 pages