YOUR Health and Wellness: 8 Steps Towards Transformation

Covers 8 topics, each with an optional personal growth action item
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Identify some of the most common areas where people struggle with their health and wellness goals
Take action with an optional action item for each topic covered
Take steps towards becoming your OWN personal health advocate
Discover topics you can research to deepen your understanding of what is healthy for YOU


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This series of 8 health and wellness videos is brought to you by:

- Ryan Kingsbury:  Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Nutritionist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach

- Lotta Siebold:  Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Nutritionist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Lessons in this course


- Lesson 1 is focused on sugar, which is part of everybody's diet these days.

- Lesson 2 is focused on salt, which salts are used and what things should be considered when using salt.

- Lesson 3 is focused on sleep, its importance and about circadian rythms.

- Lesson 4 is focused on thoughts, how positive and negative thoughts can impact your overall well-being and how you can positively influence yourself.

- Lesson 5 is focused on energy, what lets our energy peak and drop and how to obtain a stable energy level

- Lesson 6 is focused on choices, and how our unconscious mind influences choices and behaviours

- Lesson 7 is focused on breath, how important it is and how to breath properly for maximum oxygen intake

- Lesson 8 is focused on dairy, in what products it's found and the possible implications of consuming dairy

About us


Lotta and Ryan are certified yoga instructors, health and wellness coaches, nutritionists and personal trainers. They are both passionate about helping people be the best version of themselves, and look to make positive changes in the world by helping people grow at the individual level.



The techniques and suggestions presented in this series are not intended to substitute for proper medical advice. Consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program. Lotta Coaching and Kingsbury Coaching assume no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing these techniques.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals interested in personal development


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To help others find their gateway to individual transformation.

Lotta and Ryan are both certified Yoga teachers, personal trainers, nutritionists and holistic lifestyle coaches.

We believe that to change the world, you start with the individual. And since everyone is unique, we offer a variety of ways (personal training, yoga, breathwork, life coaching, and much more) for those seeking a personal transformation to begin their individualized process.

We are constantly creating both free and paid course content to help others with their transformation, so keep an eye out for new content and subscribe and follow to our social media as we grow TOGETHER WITH YOU.

Thanks for being here!

x Lotta and Ryan

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