You 2.0 From Serendipity to Synchronicity
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You 2.0 From Serendipity to Synchronicity

"Creating the very best version on yourself Now!"
4.9 (5 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
17 students enrolled
Created by A.D. Roberts
Last updated 5/2019
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I believe that we all truly want to experience life to its fullest, but many times will feel as though we are falling short and missing the mark.  Often this causes us to feel depressed and out of place. Our lives seem to be on a very "serendipitous" like path. It's like things just happen and luck and hope are the things we hold on to struggling to survive and not thrive.  Well, the goal of this series of talks is designed to move you from a life of serendipity to one of  "synchronicity", where things begin to fall into place at the right time and the right place! "You 2.0 From Serendipity to Synchronicity " was created through many years of coaching individuals to be the highest and best expression of themselves.  Now is the time for your to take action and grab ahold of what is happening around you.  This program will help you to become a much better version of yourself- You 2.0!

Who this course is for:
  • Someone who is looking to experience a better life or a better business
Course content
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+ Introduction
5 lectures 17:00

As a professional Success Coach, I have used these very same technics and protocols for years with my clients and in this "You 2.0" series you will get those same life changing benefits.

Preview 01:09

This is a "serious" program for those who are ready for a real shift in their life. This part outlines who the program works.

Getting Started

Many of us live our lives on "auto-pilot"... Just going with the program. The problem is its not "our program" it someone else's.  This section addresses just that.

Life By Default

Here is this section we outline in very broad terms what the Profile of a Winner is. Here take a moment to examine yourself for these traits.  The goal is for you to begin to create a road map "for yourself" as to what it is that you really want.

Personal Assessment Assignment: At the end of this segment take a moment to write down all of the things that make you happy. We are going to use this as we move forward with this program.

Preview 04:59

This segment wraps up our "Introduction" to the You 2.0 Series and puts us on the path for creating a life by your own design.

2.0.4 From Serendipity to Synchronicity
+ Part 1-Erasing the Illusion
10 lectures 51:34

This segment addresses the first steps to real self-discovery  and the power of the Illusions around us.

Segment Assignment: Download the attachment and answer the 2 questions.

2.1.0 Erasing the Illusions of our Lives

On our journey to discovering our "Passionate Purpose" we are going to encounter Competing Voices along the way. This segment discusses them and their effect.

2.1.1 Competing Voices

This segment is really fun for me because I get the chance to share with you some personal stories about my struggle with hearing my voice over and above the competing voices in my life.

Assignment:  Answer this Question- What are the competing voices in your life?

Preview 06:26

Discovering your Illusions is vital to overcoming any of the blockage that you may have impeding your growth.  In this segment I share my personal "Illusion" to help you find yours in hopes that you can get beyond them.

Assignment: Simply write down several of your personal illusions. This exercise is to show the contrast between your illusions and the place you really want to be.

2.1.3 Discovering Your Illusions

This is the introduction to uncovering limiting beliefs.  These tend to be very broad "core" thoughts that appear in our lives over and over again blocking us from experiencing our best lives.   Highlighting these beliefs will help you recognize and overcome them.

2.1.4 Limiting Beliefs What are they?

Time is really your friend and not working against you.  You are "not" running out of time!

2.1.5 Limiting Beliefs: Time

Just like we learned that about time as a limiting belief, how we view money or the lack thereof can be the same.  Uncover if this is something that you wrestle with in this segment.

2.1.6 Limiting Beliefs: Money

Over the many years of me coaching individuals I have discovered a pattern of too many people believing that they are being "tested" and when the fail these imaginary test they are allowed to experience the things that they truly want to. This short segment addresses this misbelief.

2.1.7 Limiting Beliefs: Tests

This is a huge misbelief. Many times people won't make certain moves or decisions because they feel that they are alone and cut off from everyone else. They believe they don't have any help... but this is far from the truth. In this segment you will learn that you will never really be alone and you will always have help.

2.1.8 Limiting Beliefs: Separate vs. Connected- I feel alone

The is the "wrap up" of Section 2: Erasing the Illusions.  You should be well on your way and ready to start planting the seeds of your Best Life ever!

2.1.9 Erasing the Illusions Wrap Up
+ Part 2- Intension
19 lectures 01:48:45

In order to create something consciously you must "Intend" for it to BE.  In this short intro this is exactly what we are covering.

2.2.0 The Power of Intention

This section is an introduction outlining step by step HOW you will be able to attract what it is that you would like to experience  by using the "Protocols of Alignment". So Exciting!!

2.2.1 Introduction to Intention

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  In this segment you will learn the check points along the way to "experiencing" the life you want.  If you follow these points of alignment you will greatly shorten the time and distance it will take to reach manifestation.

Assignment: Write out in narrative form your "Perfect Day". What are the things that you do, where do you live, where do you work, who are you in relationship with?  These are just a few this to consider as you write it out. This exercise is vital to the remainder of the program, as it will be use as a barometer of your personal success.

Preview 03:08

In order to hit any target you must be able to see it!  The clearer the image is that easier it is to hit what you see. In this segment we learn a tremendous tool that thousands of successful people have used to help them manifest their goals and dreams!

Assignment: Begin the dynamic work of creating your personal vision board.  You decide how you would like to do it.

2.2.3 Thought: Visualization

Millions of people around the world Incorporate meditation as a major "transformational" tool.  It has many many applications and from those come tremendous benefits.  In this segment you are introduced and encourage to add this practice into your daily regimen.

You 2.2.4 Thought: Meditation

This segment is designed to illustrate for you the minut underpinnings of why and how this program works for anyone.  "Thoughts are Things", they are real. Quantum physics surely comes into play when trying to illustrate the amazing dynamics of manifestation.

You 2.2.5 Thought: The Atom

The lesson to be learned in this segment is really about not sweating the not so great times. Along this journey of manifesting the life you want you will certainly encounter "Negativity" and it is this negativity that will knock you off course if you allow it.  You need to understand this principle so that you will be able to withstand the tough times. 

You 2.2.6 Thought: Positivity vs Negativity

This part is an attempt to tie up the Protocol: Thought in a neat little package.

You 2.2.7 Thought: Wrap up

Words, words, words!!! Words are super important and in this section we talk about how powerful they are and based on the application of "your" words your life will begin to unfold accordingly. 

Assignment: Pull your "Perfect Day" piece out and :

1.) review it to make sure that the words you use fulling illustrate all that you want to experience. 

2.) drill down deeper and begin to list the things you need to have happen for your Perfect day to manifest

3.) take those needed things and prioritize them so that a small plan begins to unfold.

You 2.3.0 Words: Introduction

The more you speak thing, the more powerful it becomes. In this section you will learn about the power of using affirmations to help you manifest the life you want.  There are two things that are to be done in this section for you to begin this awesome process:

1.) Download the primer sheet of Affirmations.  Use them each day to help with your manifestation.

2.) Perform the 555 program.  This is very simple but effective to use the power of words and affirmation to attract what you wish to have.

    a. choose a goal (money, health, relationships...)

    b. Create a simple affirmation statement similar to the ones on the primer sheet attached

    c. For 5 Days write your affirmation in a notebook 55 times and as you write each line, speak the affirmation aloud or simply to yourself. One of the keys to the 555 programs success is that you should be in a "good" mood before you start to do it each day.  You must complete your writing everyday for 5 days!

You 2.3.1 Words: Affirmations

This is an "untapped" power that can change the game when it comes to manifesting the greatest versions of ourselves. Feeling speak to us all of the time, guiding us away from danger to the safe harbors of happiness. This section touches on how we use this power to our greatest benefit!

You 2.4.0 Feelings: Introduction

Have you ever wanted to manifest your dreams "faster"? Well this segment is all about accelerating the process of manifesting your best life, your dreams by using the power of your emotions/ feelings to fuel the process!

Segment Assignment:

1. Simply take a brief moment and assess how you are feeling in this moment.  Are you feeling good or not so good?  If you aren't feeling good find a way to do so!!

2. Make a few affirmative statements speaking to your gratitude for 5 positive things in your life. 

You 2.4.1 Feelings: Emotions

Until you take "Action" none of these other protocols matter very much.  The absolute key to your success henges greatly on "doing.  This section is about making things happen!

You 2.5.0 Actions: Introduction

In this segment you will learn that when you "Do the thing... You will have power!" You will have the power the absolutely manifest the foundation for your greatest you. Here is where you you being the process of taking "deliberate" action.

Segment Assignment: Create a list of your "action" items connected with your "Perfect Day".  I doesn't matter how small or how big the steps are you must put a list/ plan together. Keep each item simple and very specific.  The question you should ask yourself is "what can I do today to help me reach my goal?"

You 2.5.1 Actions: Doing

Before you can "Become" a thing you must first BE the thing.  In this brief segment you will be introduced to a fresh idea that explores what it means to BE and how it helps you to become everything you have wanted.

You 2.5.2 Actions: Be-ing

To have something, I believe that there must be a serious level of commitment. This segment drives home the profundity of having a solid commitment to your journey and to its beautiful outcome.

Segment Assignment: Take a moment and write a declarative statement outlining you commitment to manifesting your best self.  The more specific you are the more powerful your vibration will be to attract what you need for the journey.

You 2.5.3 Actions: Have/ Commitment

As we near the end of this part in our journey, we must learn a very important variable in the equation of success... we must let go and allow what is to be to be.  This is the core of our discussion in this section.

You 2.6.0 Release!

This is exciting! Your greatest hour is at hand but you must not falter or stray from "your" chosen path! As we wrap up this segment, you will be encouraged to stay in your position.

You 2.7.0 Our Position

We have to learn to get out of our own way when we are looking to create a better life for ourselves. Understanding the "Pitfalls of the Ego" is key to you experiencing everything that life has to offer.  This is the final installment in this program and its goal is to encourage you to move beyond ego to a place of fulfillment! Be Brilliant

You 2.8.0 Pitfalls of the Ego