Yoo: Develop Confidence; Build Relationships; Make Changes!
4.3 (33 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
223 students enrolled

Yoo: Develop Confidence; Build Relationships; Make Changes!

The Yoo course covers 3 related areas: Developing confidence; Building great relationships and Making positive changes.
4.3 (33 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
223 students enrolled
Created by Andy Edwards
Last updated 12/2019
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What you'll learn
  • The Yoo Personal Development Course with Andy Edwards covers three related areas: Developing confidence, Building relationships and Making positive changes
  • How to increase confidence and become more self aware by understanding yourself on a psychological level
  • To recognise why your 'bad behaviour' is actually your good behaviour - but on a bad day!
  • Approaches to build or repair relationships by discovering why you 'click' with some people and not others
  • Techniques to 'read' people almost instantly simply by checking three simple measures
  • Why and how assertiveness and mental resilience will help you decide on changes in your life (rather than allow changes to 'happen' to you)
  • An interest in 'how people tick' - but no requirement for any previous qualifications
  • The opportunity to practise the techniques in social and/or work interactions will be helpful
  • An open mind and a willingness to develop

A Quick Story

A man once approached me after I had given a talk in a beautiful venue in the Middle East.

“Andy”, he asked, “Is it possible for me to read someone’s thoughts?”

“Do you have someone in mind?” I replied. The man looked down. “Someone close to me” he offered (I reckon it was probably his wife).

“Jack (I read his name badge), I have a method that works nearly every time I use it to find out what someone is thinking…” Jack looked up, raised eyebrows, expectant. I paused and said slowly…

“I ask them, Jack, I ask them!” Jack opened and closed his mouth, frowned then slowly looked up as a grin formed on his face. He nodded and walked away…


Andy Edwards is an international speaker and widely published author, who's been teaching relationship and ‘soft’ skills to companies and individuals for over 25 years. He's taught all over the world, as well as online, and has an entertaining and practical teaching style. This course is guaranteed to keep you engaged, motivated, fascinated – and even (at times) amused. The Yoo course aims to teach you life changing skills to transform your approach to three key areas of your life.

And, like Jack discovered in the story above, it’s simpler AND MORE PRACTICAL than you might think!

The Yoo course could help you develop tons of confidence and self-esteem; increase your popularity, find you a soul mate, get a new job – make you happier! Bold claims indeed… however, any and all are entirely feasible with the right awareness and approach.

Andy’s story of developing the Yoo approach

Back in 1990 Andy himself was in a bit of a mess. Unemployed for two years, no real friends a failing marriage, his family homeless at one point; he didn’t think things could get any worse.

Then, on November 6th 1991, things got MUCH worse.

A personal tragedy (every parent’s worst nightmare), showed Andy what it was like to be at the very bottom of life’s barrel. He takes over the story:

“Well, over the following few years, I grieved, reflected a lot. I read a lot. I learned a lot… Even went on a couple of ‘personal development’ courses. I now completely understand (from a psychological perspective) exactly what I was going through… but not at the time! Unsurprisingly my marriage finally failed. It dawned on me that I needed to effectively reinvent myself.

And, in doing so, I started experimenting in what I could do to make a difference in my life… I initially thought it was about money. However I was wrong. After exactly a year of trial and experimentation, I decided to make a specific effort to study and practice just THREE particular areas.

More by luck than judgement I believe I got these three things absolutely right.

It is those three areas that have made fundamental differences in my life – such that, these days, I can claim to be a very different person.

People still meet me and call me ‘Lucky’ for what I have. But I know better. They didn’t see me back in the early ‘90’s!! Yeah… Luck may play its part – but I tell you, the Yoo approach, for me, has been the ‘Luck Generator’. And it’s simple to learn!”

The three areas of study

Andy’s successful ‘Personal Development’ approach (which he now calls ‘Yoo’) boils down to three interrelated areas:

1. Self awareness to build esteem and confidence

2. Understanding others to build and maintain (even repair) relationships

3. Personal resilience to face (or create) important changes in our lives

The Yoo course covers these three areas showing how each is interrelated. You literally can’t address ONE without affecting the other two.

Contents and overview

After an introduction you get an immediate opportunity to ‘Self-select’ your personality type based on descriptions on a set of colour cards. You end up with a ‘Colour Order’ to which you can refer as you learn more about yourself and other people during the course.

Then it’s time to understand the underpinning psychology starting with Hippocrates – and some pretty gross-out medicinal practices, through to Carl Jung, one of the ‘Fathers’ of modern psychology.

We learn that our fundamental, psychological differences are based on just a few preferences and traits. Once we know what these are, we can start to recognise such traits in real life through observing our own and others’ behaviours.

All well and good. However, we need to also understand what happens to our behaviour on a BAD day. The answer will surprise you – because Bad day behaviour is directly related to Good day behaviour – and we find out exactly how.

Bear in mind that, throughout the course, there are downloadable exercises and information sheets to help you apply your new-found learning.

Next up is the four ‘R’s. A simple model to help us understand how a relationship develops… and why it has to happen in a particular order. Here, we also examine whether you want to kill me or have babies with me! This is because we are still subject to primal human reactions – even though, these days, political correctness demands we largely keep these things to ourselves!

Now is the time to review the colour energies to be able to ‘read’ others. We look at typical Body language, Tone and likely Content of speech. We even have the basic ‘motto’ for each type. From this it’s a short hop to a fascinating model (Created by the author Gary Chapman) called the 5 Love languages. There’s no better insight into your ‘significant other’s’ preferences.

Emotional intelligence (or EQ) marks our next stop. The basic components of EQ speak of self-awareness and understanding others, so it’s a no brainer as part of the Yoo course. We also explore ‘Psychological Payoffs’ which can often be our unconscious barriers to making the changes we want to make in our lives.

By the end of this course

  • People will be drawn to you – and they won’t know really know why

  • You will have the knack of being able to ‘read’ someone almost instantaneously

  • Your Communication with others will improve – misunderstandings drop

  • You will be far more self-accepting and confident in who you are

  • You will find it easier to forgive – or at least understand why people behave in negative ways

  • You may become more tolerant – and yet more assertive

  • You will be able to anticipate how certain people will react to certain situations

  • You might even find out what people say about you when you’re not there!

And that’s just for starters – it all depends on how you apply your learning – and in what context.

Who this course is for:

Those who work, play, meet and interact with other people on a daily basis (at work you might be in sales, teaching, management, professional services, a therapist, hospitality, customer services or the caring professions. Or simply a member of a team).

Not suitable for those wanting an advanced academic qualification in psychology.

People looking for the most accessible, practical and easiest elements of psychology to apply to their daily lives.

Testimonials for Andy and the Yoo material

Working with the Yoo process has been a voyage of discovery, learning more about myself than I ever imagined. Mary (Female late 70’s).

You are inspirational to me and what you have passed on. I would like to think I am also a better husband, father, son and friend to those in life through what I have learnt. Richard (Male early 40’s)

The course has had quite a profound effect on me, I feel lighter, more free (less burdened) empowered, energised and above all more at peace with myself. Alex (Male mid 20’s)

For me personally this has been a game changer. Abbie (Female early 30’s)

This stuff really made me think. I can fully understand why so many people find it fascinating and useful. Richard (mid 50’s)

I would recommend Andy in every capacity – as a speaker, trainer, coach, a mentor, a motivator, an inspiring force… Andy is beyond ‘good’ at what he does. He’s the best. He lives it, practices it… always with incredible results. Mohammed (Male late 30’s)

Who this course is for:
  • Those who work, play, meet and interact with other people on a daily basis (at work you might be in sales, teaching, management, professional services, a therapist, hospitality, customer services or the caring professions. Or simply a member of a team.)
  • People looking for the most accessible, practical and easiest elements of psychology to apply to their daily lives
  • Not suitable for those wanting an advanced academic qualification in psychology
Course content
Expand all 27 lectures 02:07:46
+ Self awareness breeds CONFIDENCE and self-esteem
11 lectures 50:01

To remind you what the course is about – and some of the exciting things you’ll learn.

Preview 05:09

If you are PREVIEWING the course, then you can access the “Discover Your Colour Order” exercise by typing into your browser the link shown in THIS lecture. If you already have full access to the Yoo Course, then you can download this resource from the curriculum and do not need to do it here. Just skip this lecture.

Preview 00:17

A brief description of what the course contains: Three main sections (Confidence; Relationships; Making Changes) with a total of 23 main lecture videos across these sections

Preview 03:18

What Andy calls Lecture 1. You’ll learn about: A brief history of self awareness – and how phlegm and bile were thought to regulate some of your emotions! Outcome – understand the birth of psychometrics and its impact on self confidence.

Advice from ancient Greece - Know Thyself!

Andy’s lecture 2. You’ll learn about: Carl Jung’s influence on psychology with the identification of three psychological preferences. Outcome – understand Jungian psychology at a basic level. Start to build your confidence based on self awareness.

Jung's main psychological types

The 3rd lecture. You’ll engage with your ‘Colour spread’ and recognise that everyone has a ‘Home base’ from which they start. Outcome – clarity about how each of the four colours relates to a particular psychological style. Know yourself at a deeper level.

It's your preference - in colour!

You’ll see that differences of opinion are often based on different perceptions of the world – even if the input is the same! Outcome – an understanding and appreciation of your full spectrum of preferences – and why you can be confident that it’s perfect for YOU.

More about the colourful behavioural model

You’ll learn how and why others might see you in a different way to how you see yourself. Outcome – appreciation of why the same psychological traits can be seen as both positive and negative. Even too much Confidence can be seen as Arrogance!

You on a bad day (The Dark Side)

You’ll learn about the importance of how you make people feel Outcome – an ability to bring to consciousness your overplayed behaviour for clarity and confidence of your own personal impact.

What people say about you when you're not there

You’ll learn how understanding and accepting your weaknesses counter intuitively boosts confidence. Outcome - Far more self acceptance leading to an intrinsic confidence!

Owning your weaknesses

You’ll learn how and why babies and toddlers have supreme self confidence and why it’s OK to feel a bit fearful sometimes. Outcome – an understanding that confidence develops relating to how comfortable you are in your own skin.

Confidence building is a journey - not an event
+ Reading and connecting with others for the best RELATIONSHIPS
8 lectures 39:09

Lecture ONE in section 2... You’ll learn about the four stages of relationship development – including the difference between our primal reactions and our more evolved ‘Responses’. Outcomes – Identification of the four ‘R’s of relationship to understand the job at hand.

Preview 03:20

You’ll learn how your 5 senses (but mainly 3) unconsciously take over when you first meet someone and how that serves us well as humans. Outcomes – a conscious appreciation of what’s happening when we are introduced to someone and an appreciation of why we click with some people and not others.

How to understand and build Rapport

Having covered off Rapport – we now look at the remaining stages of relationship development. Outcome – Clarity about the underpinning and largely unconscious reactions we have to people who are like us and NOT like us.

The remaining 3 'R's of relationship development

You’ll learn how these three elements combine to help us understand others at a deeper level. Outcome – you will be able to read someone’s psychological preferences (and likely behaviour) within a few seconds of meeting them

Reading body language, vocal tone and content

You’ll learn that different people require a different style of communication to get the best out of them. Outcome – identification of the approach to take, and even some of the words to use, when addressing different types.

Communicating with the four main personality types

You’ll learn about the 5 love languages model and its application to your self – and your significant relationships. Outcomes - a conscious awareness and ultimate choice of what someone close to you needs in order to feel loved – and it probably isn’t what you think!

The 5 love languages for understanding those close to you

You’ll learn what it says on the tin! Andy’s 5 suggestions to ensure the relationships you have flourish. Outcomes – ability to focus on what is important within successful relationships.

The top 5 relationship tips

Behavioural psychology gives us an insight into how people tick. Used responsibly these shortcuts can help you bond quicker and more strongly with people around you.

Some relationship hacks and shortcuts - use with care!
+ Emotional intelligence builds resilience and helps us through life's CHANGES
8 lectures 38:35

You’ll learn the value of emotions – they inform us well! And how Daniel Goleman’s book helps millions succeed in their lives. Outcome – simply a basic understanding of the concept of emotional intelligence.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

You’ll learn that the identification of emotions in ‘self’ is the key to managing relationships and self confidence. Outcomes – and overview of 32 different emotions and how they are related to each other.

Recognising, expressing and regulating emotions

You’ll learn about the acronyms NOB’s and WIMP’s and their role in changes in your life. Also that 100% responsibility is the aim of anyone seeking to make changes. Outcomes – you will be able to concentrate on the things that CAN be changed rather than fighting things that can’t.

What is within your power?

You’ll learn the reasons why people SAY they want to change - but don’t. This is the concept of psychological ‘Payoffs’. Outcome – a recognition and clarity that 100% responsibility is the aim.

Choices: Wisdom from a whining dog

You’ll learn Andy’s own story. It’s not comfortable to hear – but will allow you to understand that he talks from knowing what can go wrong in life – not just the shiny happy stuff!

A personal lesson in mental and emotional resilience

You’ll learn what 953 is actually a measure of and how this relates to you right now. It will either motivate or depress you! Outcome – This knowledge will help you speed up your decisions to change (if you want to!)

Nine hundred and fifty three; the most important number ever

You’ll learn that what you think about really does have an impact on your confidence, relationships, happiness and success. Outcome - the ability to literally re-programme your mind based on sound neuroscience (not weird, unproven, metaphysical ‘techniques’.)

Telling yourself a different story

A quick thank you from Andy Edwards – and some ideas as to how to continue your journey.

AND FINALLY A last few words from Andy