Simple Exercises & Yoga for Lockdown & The Back Saga Part 1

Baby steps to bring our back, back Step 1
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This course will help students understand how the lockdown has resulted in causing Harm to the Back of a human body by continous sitting hours due to work from homes becoming a way of life for people across the world.


  • Anyone who wants to set themselves for a new life of energy


This Course is designed to help students take a step 1 to come out of the various challenges which the back goes through because of changing times. I have combined Yoga and Fun to make it a happy recovery of the back but this course is for Beginners who do not do any kind of exercises or are leading a completely less flexible life. This is my attempt to bring the students out into a simple world of awareness and small steps to let everyone know the importance of one's back and how we should take Step 1 for our back. This Course is Part 1 and I am starting Part 2 for Next course of Action of how to take a plunge into focussed Routines for back.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is going through a mode of immense pressure on back and want to break through to a free painless world

Course content

5 sections25 lectures1h 25m total length
  • Introduction
  • The GLUE SYNDROME : A gift from Lockdown
  • Lets Talk on Thoughts
  • Lets Get started: The Back Anthem
  • Gather yourself like a Honey bee


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Swayamprabha Dalai
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I am Swayamprabha Dalai working as an Yoga instructor for 9 years. I am also a software architect. This combination has helped me to deal with life in a way that can make me happy in an overall manner.

I have Certified with 500RYT with Yoga Alliance International and it is my dream to see everyone doing yoga.