4.8 (15 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Let's get HEALTHY and HAPPY together ! This yoga course will open your eyes !
4.8 (15 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
95 students enrolled
Created by Yani O'lani
Last updated 10/2019
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What you'll learn
  • - FEELING HAPPY & BEEING THERE FOR OTHERS -To bring the attention in your body. To not always think about yesterday or tomorrow. Being present and get some much more life quality back in your life. Having amazing emotions with this daily yoga program.
  • - GETTING RID OF PAIN - We are going to work on your body posture, to relive pain and stress in your body.
  • - HAVING MORE FOCUS & SUCCESSE IN YOUR LIFE - Working on you breath. Deep breathing is leading to health. To have enough oxygen in your body that your muscular system is nice and smooth. It'll prevent you from headache and a big rad tail of bad body issues. It will give you so much more focus and success in your life.
  • - EXPERIENCE AN AMAZING BODY....YOUR BODY - Enjoying to open up the hole body, open up the joints, stretching the muscles in your body to allow the tension to find another body to disturb :)
  • - BEEING HEALTHY - By getting rid of the muscular tension, we are going to allow your blood flow and your lymphatic circulation to improve. That will fight inner problems and illnesses. All the nutrients getting better and faster into your cells and all the stuff which is not supposed to bet there is going to get flushed out way better.
  • We do not need special equipment :) Using a yoga matt is great to have but not necessary.
  • Previous yoga knowledge is not required. All levels are very welcome if beginner, intermediate ore advanced. (I'll give you some easy way variants)...And always be able to take a break. It's YOUR practice.
  • Stretchable and comfortable clothing.
  • Pillow or a block

My name is Yani O’lani.

I am a yoga teacher and physical therapist from Germany…

After years of studying and working with the human body I found the optimal way to feel good, stay and become healthy through movements mindset and right eating.

Follow me on this journey

We ll start with the basics…to develop the right body posture and form there we’ll go on step by step.

After the course you’ll defiantly will feel a massive change in your life..the way you interact with others and your overall happiness.

This journey is endless…there is so much to learn and discover in just your body…stay tuned and let magic happen!!!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an e mail ! We are going this journey together so I'm there ! Always :)

we are going to reduce your stress level

  • strengthen your hole body to make sure your feeling good and confident in your daily life

  • going to focus onto your spine, to get rid of back pain and other sensations

  • Increasing your energy to be more focused and successful in all your life areas

We are going to make your mind body and soul strong !

You'll become a rock for others !

Start our journey today :)

I'll see you in the video :)

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Hey, this is me...Yani O'lani. :)

I'm a yoga teacher and physical therapist from germany.

After years of teaching and practicing the human body I found the optimal way to feel good...getting rid of disturbing feelings / emotions and having so much more life quality and happiness in my life.

I would love to share that with you. Being mindful and happy is a life changer. It will make you way more successful and balanced in your life!

Thanks for you time !

Let's get healthy and happy together :)

A big hug

Your Yani

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The power of stillness

In today’s busy world of working, networking, and the ongoing assaults of emails, texts, and family problems, we are saturated with the stress of psychological overload. Our minds are rarely at rest and our bodies are paying the price. You finish the end of a normal day and find that stress has become your partner.

Meditation is one easy way to combat the effects of daily stress, and take back control of your health. Just 10 minutes a day can reduce stress and help your brain to recharge.

- coming to yourself start off meditation for stress relief -

Mindful movements connected with the breath will bring you into your body.

We are going to practice in this class easy postures to allow yourself to recharge and to fight stress you've might collected throughout the day.

Preview 10:10

In todays class,

we are going to focus a little bit more onto the spine.

If the spine is in good health you won't be having hard times with back issues, won't have sensations like tingling in your arms or legs...

It will give you all arounded health and an amazing feeling into your body.

- warming up the spine and getting a nice flow -

The sun salutation,

this flow was practiced by many different tribes to hornoring the sun for spreading life and energy.

Remember at any time.

It's an amazing tool, to warm up or just having a session when you need it.

If at one point you feel uncomfortable or overhelemed

don t worry, take a break and come back onto your knees in childs pose and continue when you feeling better.

- the sun salutation -

Opening up the hips and hamstrings is our focus today.

Letting the blood flow, opening up the myofacial system to get rid of all damaged cells, which are disturbing the body in it's function.

Stretching the muscles to bring more life quality in our daily life.

- hips and hamstring opening -

The core

is a super important part in our body.

It gives us stability through out the day and a good posture and how we do interact with the others.

  • This video is even super good if you struggling with some back issues or wanna know how to prevent them..

  • Some postures can be a little bit challenging for you, so always remember to take a break if its to much for you or you not feeling ready yet, be passioned and you will be surprised how those exercise will change your body.

- core work -

In todays class, we are starting with some good energizing back bends.

  • If you have trouble or issues in your back always remember to go slow and mindful.

  • Never force, go and practice in your own speed and range of motion.

  • It needs to challenge  to make progress but know your limit.

Go as far as it feels good to you.

It's your practice.

- energizing back work -

Welcome to another class of your body discovery.

  • in today s video we are having some special treat for you to learn.

  • Many of my clients are struggling with headache and migraine.

  • In todays video we are going to relax the upper neck and having one of the best videos to relief.

- special headache / migraine flow -

We are going to practice,

a nice warming total body flow,

to relief pain in your hole body and letting yourself being present for the moment.

- standing poses, energizing body work -

Welcome to another step forward,

into your body mind and soul cleaning.

  • we are going to focus some lounge poses, to open up the hips and stretching nice and deeply.

  • We are adding some new postures, so go as far as you can and never force.

  • Just move in your comfortable range.

- deeply body stretch -


we are having a gentle stretch and core class,

to start amazing in your day or letting go of all the stress you've collected through out the day.

Enjoy :)

- gentle stretch and core class -

Welcome back to another class...:)

  • You are about to practice today lot s of twisting.

  • That is amazing for the health of your spine and your hole body.

  • Always keep in mind if you need a break at any time…just push the pause button and continue when you feel better or recharged

- the amazing health for you spine -

Today we are having a total body flow.

This total body flow is amazing for increasing energy in your body mind and soul…

  • If you need a break..push the pause button and relax..

  • Take care of yourself…and Never force..

Preview 13:00


welcome back to another episode of the course…

I hope you are doing good and enjoying the practice…

  • In todays class we are having a total body workout and some balance postures…

  • So as always…take some rest if needed..

  • Let s get started..

- total body/balance workout -

Welcome back to another class…

  • In todays video we are going to fight some stressful days or just facing a rest day with some movements to make the body smooth and nice and then we are going into a meditation..

Have FUN :))

- calm down movements to make the body smooth -

Welcome back to flow yoga class with some core work

  • This workout will really focus on stenghtening your core muscles.

  • And it s also really great to feel your body center wich is also known as your third chakra.

Be mindful and thankful that you've taken that time for yourself today.

- powerful core class -

Welcome to the last episode from the yoga beginner course…

  • In todays video we are getting into some deep stretches and maybe some new poses to challenge you a little bit..:)

  • as always…never force and go so far as it feels right for you…:)

  • Let's get started

Your Yani O'lani

- deep body stretching -