Yoga for Allergic Rhinitis / Hayfever

Powerful Yogic Principals & Practices to free yourself from allergic rhinitis / hayfever & chronic sneezing
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Students will learn how to use Yogic Techniques to free themselves of the experience of Hayfever and Allergic Rhinitis.


  • No, it is open to everyone of all abilities.


Would you like to be empowered and equipped with Yogic exercises to support you in combating allergic rhinitis / hayfever? Allergic rhnitis / hayfever can be very wearisome for the body, spirit and mind. Chronic sneezing, blocked sinuses, an itchy nose and sore throat can make it difficult to function normally.

If you follow the simple yet powerful techniques and practices in this course you will learn ways you can potentially heal yourself of these complaints.

The creator of this course has twenty years of Yogic experience and also decades of experience, (and thousands of tissues of experience!) of allergic rhinitis / hayfever. Through trial and error and his own yogic experience he has now healed himself of allergic rhinitis / hayfever. 

Learn and practice the principals and techniques of this course, boost your immune system and learn how to breath and live freely again.

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Benefits and Outcomes of the Course

- Learn powerful techniques you can apply in your daily life

- Notice a reduction in frequency of allergic rhinitis / hayfever

- Learn how to free yourself from it altogether!     

- Grow in core strength, stamina and mental balance and relaxation 

After completing the course you will be inspired, energized and fully empowered to do all you can to help lift yourself out of the experinces of allertgic rhinitis / hayfever.

Disclaimer: This course is speculative and based on subjective, experiential knowledge. This course in no way claims to be able to provide a guaranteed or definitive cure for people with allergic rhinitis / hayfever, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical guidance or expertise. No liability on the the part of the creator of this course can be taken for any adverse effects that arise as a result of doing the practices contained in this course.

Who this course is for:

  • People suffering from allergic rhinitis / hayfever who want to know what they can do to heal themselves from within.


Spiritual Facilitator and Author
Tom Llewellyn
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I have twenty years experience across a range of spiritual traditions. I offer events around the themes of meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, Kundalini yoga, buddhism, sound baths and creative ritual.  I'm a keen practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and I teach four weekly classes of Kundalini Yoga in the Uk. I am fully insured to lead workshops in meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, Kundalini yoga and sound healing. 

I have a 220hr+ Yoga Alliance recognised qualification to teach Kundalini Yoga. I have a Diploma in Astral Projection, and I also have a Diploma in Sound Therapy and Sound Healing. I have written two books, The Initiation: A Progressive Spiritual Manual and Kundalini: The Path to Regain the Divine. Both are available on amazon.

In my more everyday life I have a background as a licensed GOALS trainer in positive psychology and confidence building. I'm currently based in the South West of the Uk and run a collective of Spiritual Facilitators, and often work in community development for a housing charities. I was involved with Green Politics for many years and was a City Councillor between 2006 - 2010.

I offer people an approach to spirituality that is both grounded in the fundamental principles of spirituality; the will to awareness, ethics etc, but that also embraces and draws on the wisdom of various traditions.

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