Yoga Bites -20 Mini Workouts For Healthy Posture & Alignment
4.7 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
22 students enrolled

Yoga Bites -20 Mini Workouts For Healthy Posture & Alignment

Twenty Bite Size Yoga Workouts To Get You Through The Day - Practice Anywhere, Anytime That Suits Your Day
4.7 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
22 students enrolled
Created by Aidan Cartwright
Last updated 10/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Build a healthy yoga practice from the ground up with confidence
  • Connect with your body, gain confidence and find balance for body and mind
  • Improve alignment and joint health to reduce the risk of injury
  • Develop strength and flexibility at your own pace
  • Improve your posture and correct your spinal cord alignment
  • Tone and relax through a simple yoga routine
  • No previous knowledge of yoga is required, however it would be very helpful to you if you have done my Yoga fundamentals course to get a good grasp of the basic yoga moves. No tools are required although a mat, block and a belt might be useful

I’m Thomas Pedersen – a UK trained osteopath with over 16 years of experience developed in my private practice.

I’ve been practicing yoga for 20+ years and I've developed a style that combines my expertise as an osteopath with the benefits and flow of several yoga styles.

Working with hundreds of patients in my clinic and helping them address various issues caused by sedentary lifestyles, injuries, diverse hobbies or simply genetics highlighted to me the major impact a healthy and safe yoga practice could have on their recovery and future.

In my classes, you won’t be balancing all your weight on one finger or expected to become a professional contortionist.

During these 20 classes you will be doing basic movements and postures with easy to follow guidance from me on alignment, strength, flexibility and grounding. We will progress the postures over time to stronger poses but this will only happen when you are ready. 

Each of my lessons is about 10 to 14  minutes long and I strongly recommend doing each lesson a few times before moving onto the next one. Feel confident with a lesson before progressing onwards.

I’ve created this format because there is a demand for bite size chunks of yoga sessions that can be practiced in those spare moments when you do not have time for a full workout .

In my opinion, breathing techniques are an integral part of a healthy yoga practice and have immense benefits for your health, improving both the body and mind.

With these carefully crafted classes and clear instructions, you'll be able to enjoy a full range of yoga poses, designed to improve flexibility, strength, posture and alignment for a healthier and happier life.

From the comfort of your own home, you can now choose when to practice without having to attend expensive classes or stress about making a class at a specific time and place.

I really hope you enjoy these classes and please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.


Who this course is for:
  • From absolute beginners to more advanced yoga practitioners
  • You can build your own custom workout by combining these bite size yoga routines together
  • Thomas will take you from the very basics of yoga and movement safely to an advanced Sun and Moon salutation
  • This course is for anyone who wants to improve their feeling of wellbeing mentally and physically
  • Take some time to breath and connect and feel fantastic
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 01:37

Thomas introduces the course and explains what you can expect to get out of following the routines

Preview 01:37
+ Sitting Exercises
3 lectures 35:44

This  lesson will help you to explore you current range of movement and work to improve it. At the end you will feel the shoulders opening more and the neck lengthening.

Sitting One – Neck and shoulder mobility

Through an exploration of the normal movements of the spine we develop a better understanding of our mobility and work to improve any restricted areas. At  the end you will feel looser and gain a sense of length up though the spine.

Sitting Two – Spinal Mobility

This lesson focuses on improving our flexibility in our legs. Most people have stiff legs which can be detrimental to the back. Loosening the legs will improve back function and also make sitting more comfortable.

Sitting Three– Leg Mobility
+ Supine Exercises
3 lectures 45:07

Let's focus on twists to encourage a better range of movement in the spine. We also adapt the bridge pose to encourage core strength in movement. At the end your spine should feel awake and loose.

Supine One – Spinal Mobility

We want to loosen the legs, encourage range of movement in the hips - this lesson will help that. We will focus on the typical areas of stiffness in the legs and by the end your legs will feel alive and ready for action.

Supine Two – Leg Mobility

We live slumped over our desks and phones – lets change that with this quick lesson on opening the shoulders. It will be challenging but stick with it and you will improve your posture over time.

Supine Three– Shoulder Mobility
+ Sun Salutations
5 lectures 01:06:04

A straight forward workout made up of 2 rounds of sun salutation as I do it. It always leaves me feeling invigorated and ready for a challenge. Join me for this quick workout.

Sun Salutation One – Two Rounds of Sun Salutation

Here in this lesson we start to add elements to the sun salute – lets gain some hip range and continue our mission to mobilize the ribcage. Extension is essential but often done badly which hurts the back -let me start your journey towards safe back extension.

Sun Salutation Two– Flexibility One

In this workout we add the pidgin pose to really deepen our hip loosening. Ofcause we continue our mission into safe but fun spine extension. Workouts getting stronger be safe and enjoy it.

Sun Salutation Three – Flexibility Two

Flexibility is great but without strength can result in injuries. I add one of my favourite posture poses the chair and we start to look at how to strengthen into extension. Ofcause let us not forget about having some fun with the plank – yes I do mean fun!

Sun Salutation Four – Strength One

More plank fun, but do make sure you can do strength 1 confidently before doing this one. I also add another one of my favourites 3 leg dog -> knee to opposite elbow. This is a fantastic dynamic core workout – core stability is only useful if you can move with it. Hot and sweaty workout – ENJOY!

Sun Salutation Five – Strength Two
+ Moon Salutations
5 lectures 01:07:55

In this session we do 2 rounds of my modified moon salutation. Make sure you are comfortable with it before moving on the other workout. It is a lovely calming practice and you should end feeling settled in yourself.

Moon Salutation One - Two Rounds of Moon Salutation

In this lesson we really focus on opening the chest and gaining rib mobility. At the end of the lesson you will feel a lot more freedom in your chest and even possibly encourage deeper slower breathing. Very relaxing.

Moon Salutation Two – Flexibility One

This workout has a strong focus on rib and chest mobility. We really want to encourage good quality movement through the ribs and build on what we did in flexibility 1. Let us not forget about those hamstrings so they get a workout as well.

Moon Salutation Three – Flexibility Two

Some of the elements in the moon salutation naturally makes me want to strengthen. We will be working on lengthening the spine through strength and prepping for the full warrior 3 to come. The treat that is the chair is back!

Moon Salutation Four – Strength One

I love coming into warrior 3 this way but it can only be done with strength and stability – if you are not yet ready do strength 1 more. Can you get the hang of the wide squats at the beginning – they really start to feel great once you do -movement with breath always!

Preview 13:45
+ Relaxation
4 lectures 44:32

Now let's calm down. By far my favorite sitting moving relaxation. A take on the sun breath that will leave you open to face what may come.

Sitting Relaxation One – Sun Breath

This is a suggested way to explore your spinal alignment when sitting. Its worth just looking up some pictures of the spine sitting so you can visualize the sacrum and sit bones when I mention them. Again, breath is key - feel how breathing in can lengthen you and open you – lovely.

Sitting Relaxation Two - Spine Alignment Visualisation

Let's explore how we breathe in this  gentle 3 part breath relaxation practice. Explore where you breathe and how you can change it to gain a calm mind and body.

Supine Relaxation One – Three Part Breath

A variation on yoga nidra or yogic sleep that I like to do in classes. By focusing on your body we relax the mind. Savor it!

Supine Relaxation Two – Yoga Nidra Variation