Patterns For Success. XCulture: How Superheroes Are Born
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Patterns For Success. XCulture: How Superheroes Are Born

Award-winning leadership and training program to boost the success of small business owners and first time entrepreneurs
5.0 (1 rating)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4 students enrolled
Created by Mihalcea Georgia
Last updated 9/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Develop and refine strategic and leadership mindset
  • Learn to navigate with precision in complex and challenging situations
  • Increase endurance and resilience capabilities. Bounce back.
  • Plan your competitive advantage
  • Design powerful strategies and operational plans
  • Brand your vision and your business
  • Sell to generate new costumers
  • Build your team and key partnerships
  • Commanding presence
  • Create great company culture
  • The value of simplicity
  • Life balance and stress management
  • Develop a problem solving mindset
  • Earn extra money from alternative smart ways to fund your ideas and secure your personal development at the same time
  • entrepreneurship capabilities
  • small business ownership
  • operations management
  • change management
  • strategy planning
  • budgeting and cash flow
  • decision making
  • management skills
  • creative problem solving
  • curiosity

Success is a dream for every small business owner and first-time entrepreneur. Yet it is a dream rarely realized. The question is—why? It’s certainly not for a lack of sweat, enthusiasm, passion, brains, and courage.

Fewer than 80% of small businesses survive their first year, and at five years, the survival rate drops below 50%. If you are part of this tribe, then this course is for you.

Most of us do anything and everything imaginable to boost our businesses towards success. Even though motivation is high and our efforts monumental, there are more and more demands to be met each day. It’s no wonder our tribe struggles so hard.

"Xculture: How Superheroes Are Born" is an awarded leadership training program designed to boost the resilience and success of necessity driven entrepreneurs, first time and young entrepreneurs, DIY and small business owners in a globalized world.  The video course is structured in 4 main sections: Introduction, Leadership, Strategy and Culture.

This award-winning program rose above 134 proposals coming from all over the world in a crowdsourcing competition launched by an U.S.A. business consortium on the open innovation and crowdsourcing platform HeroX in a competition called 'Patterns for Success'.

To get more out of this course, you can also by the book on all Amazon websites.


The majority of entrepreneurship in the world is not mission-driven, but necessity driven. Most of us are entrepreneurs not because we have a big idea or because we are necessarily passionate about what we are doing, but because we try to survive and there are no institutional ways for us to do that.

An estimated 1 billion individuals in both developed and developing nations can be defined as necessity entrepreneurs. This is our tribe.

On the background of globalization and automation, but also taking into account also the upcoming 1 billion new people, more and more of us will join this community, and we will have to master the grassroots and the systems to rise above the crowd, we have to develop a very resilient and creative culture, a very sharp action capabilities.


XCulture is an action oriented training program. It shows you how to wire your mind and set yourself for precise action to reach precise goals. The course helps you create unique patterns for success, to refine and reach your goals with whatever you have at hand, wherever you are.

At the end of this course you will know precisely how to plan, implement and grow your business idea on short, medium, and long term, and how to reach from point A to point B in your own terms, against all odds and adversities. It teaches you to act like a surgeon and visioneer, free from fears and hesitations.

Unleash your superhero by joining XCulture leadership training course!

Who this course is for:
  • Necessity driven entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Freelancers
  • First time entrepreneurs
  • Youngsters who want to develop the culture of winners
  • Do-It-Yourself business owners
  • Start-up entrepreneurs
  • Business schools students
  • Problem solvers
  • Decision makers
Course content
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XCulture | Philosophy

XCulture is attitude built on precision of action meant to unravel your particular patterns for success by unlocking your XFactor.

It is a well defined way to rise above adversities and crowds, to break through by using the power of your uniqueness in existing systems and in a world that only becomes more and more complex and challenging.

Success is not a metaphor or an abstract and non-quantifiable notion, it is a simple and straightforward equation: reaching from point A to B in my own terms.

To expand your lifespan in the jungle, you must connect your world to the world.

During this lecture you will explore the XCulture pathway and you will better understand why it is vital to identify your XFactor and act upon it.

Preview 03:27

In this new multidimensional world, we have more than one strength and more than one purpose. How we make them emerge into a unity to empower ourselves to break through and fulfill our lives is our DNA, our XFactor.

To gain more clarity over your XFactor and on how you can put it to work, try this simple technique:

1) Separate the plans of your life into key areas: business/work, family, social, personal (passions, dreams, spiritual needs). What is your … for each?

- No.1 strength

- Vision (destination – point B)

- Status (point A)

- Top 3 action directions to reach from A and B

Make your answers tangible, precise. Use maximum 3-5 words for each.

2) Look at your destinations. Do they fall together?

3) Look at your action plans. Are you on the same journey overall? Or do they reap you apart?

What did you discover?

Unravel your XFactor
3 questions

XCulture - The 1st alignment | Values, Intentions, Motivations

Difficulties in making life and business choices signals a misalignment at the level of your personal values, intentions, and motivations. This misalignment manifests itself as a form of confusion, a blurred vision.

At the end of this lecture you will feel how this alignment catalyzes your action capabilities and how it opens a clearer horizon. A clearer view naturally generates more precise action.

This lecture helps you refine your roots and bring clarity to your vision, a vital thing we need to navigate through a blurred and changing world.

Alignment 1| Values, Intentions, Motivations
Set up your personal and business 1st layer by prioritizing, refining and correlating your top 3 to 5 values, intentions, and motivations. Set the first XCulture layer. It influences you all the way and sets the odds for your success.
Set unbeatable foundation for refined action
3 questions

XCulture - The 2nd alignment | Skills, Mindset, Intelligence

To unlock your superhero potential as a leader and to boost your business success, it is vital for your skills, mindset, and intelligence to match. To make them match.

Once you do that, you will be able to do help also your employees do it, you will know precisely what kind of people you need to hire, to work for and to connect with, you will know how to strategize and act upon your goals.

This lecture guides you to your unique blend.

Alignment 2 | Skills, Mindset, Intelligence

Achieve your goals with your magic blend. Match your skills, mindset and intelligence.


What is the goal you want to achieve?

What is the timeline for this goal?

What are your top 3 skills?

What are your next best 3 skills?

What is your predominant form of intelligence? (IQ, emotional, social)

What is your mindset type? (freelance, DIY, business owner, entrepreneur)

Having the given mindset, the predominant form of intelligence, and the given skills - is it possible to achieve the defined goal in the given timeline?

What is your magic blend? Become smart enough to be lucky.
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XCulture - The 3rd alignment | What you know, What you don’t know

One of the core reasons so many small business owners and entrepreneurs fail so fast is that they operate with what they know. They don’t change at the same pace with the world.

With each step you make, you unlock new levels of the unknown. Your business won't grow in the absence of your own growth.

This lecture sets you for thriving in unknown.

Alignment 3 | What you know / don’t know

I never step backwards. It’s one of my personal politics. Still, when I face mind-squeezing dilemmas or when I don’t know what to do anymore or where to, I make a lateral step.

I engage myself in reading and exploring things that I was never attracted to or that I always found too hard to understand, not for me, like: chemistry, how to compose a song, world reports from sectors I never cared about, learning meaning of words in new languages, writing backwards or with my left hand, you name it.

It is a choice. I need to push myself in the mood, as such mood never comes on its own.

While I force my mind in this kind of process, it always pays off. Something always unlocks it. An idea pops up or a realization, a lead, a clue, a piece from the solution I am looking for.

Try to do the same for 1 month. A few minutes a day, especially in those moments when you feel like resting and do nothing.

What happened?

Build new reflexes. Rewire your mind.
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XCulture | Planning your competitive advantage

The world is the ocean. Your country is the sea. A business is a boat. Your small business is a raft.

At any stage of your business, your competitive advantage stays in 2 essential factors:

  • understanding where the rules end and where the lack of rules begin (legal frame/moral frame);

  • good integration of your business vision in the greater visions (market, national and regional strategies)

Knowing your competitors and how they play the game is not the first thing you should worry about. The arena is where you must focus your attention, before anything else.

Today, our competition is no longer made of humans and companies only, but also of robots and machines. We no longer compete at a local or national level, we also compete with international players.

The game became much more complex, and it gets ruthless for small businesses.

Understanding how the currents are moving is vital, because the entire evolution of your life and business is influenced by them. In this type of knowledge is where the power of your competitive advantage has its roots.

This lecture teaches you where to look before designing your strategy and action plans, to gain the clarity and precision needed to develop errorless decision making and execution capabilities.

Preview 08:13

ABC read:

Legal Frame:

1.       Constitution

2.       The codes that govern life and business: Civil/Criminal/Labor/Family etc.

Your industry frame:

3.       Special laws

4.       Cyber criminality & black reports/threats

5.       The national/regional/global strategies

6.       Court decisions on various trials

Competition frame:

1.       History: former players, crisis study cases, leadership historical decisions, industry evolution, stats

2.       Look at the top 10 players from top 10 countries and see how they play this game at national/international level. What about the ones in your space?

Moral & Cultural Frame:

1.       What is the Bible where you are? The genetic spiritual print?

2.       Rooted traditions, cultural symbols, and meanings.

How do you stand now?

ABC knowledge. Win the game by learning the game first.
1 question

XCulture | Strategy. Failure factors and remedies.

As a small business owner you are necessity driven more often than not. While your hyper action mode and passion compensate the strategic flaws in your beginnings, soon enough you get stuck or slowed down because of few key things you can easily avoid, if you prepare well.

These are common weaknesses:

  • planning your operations (action plan on short and medium terms)

  • budgeting your action plan

  • rethink your cash flow

  • business money vs personal money

The reasons why so many small business owners fail so fast are not so many as you might think.

This lecture highlights key failure factors and teaches you how to turn your operational plan into an instruction manual and a clear map for you and your team.

Preview 06:48

Let's plant the seeds of a successful business idea implementation:

Phase I:

1/ Operations flow. Time phases of your idea implementation.

2/ Paperwork to set it up legally. Timeline and costs.

Phase II:

3) Existing resources and their costs (include your work and resources already spent)

4) Needed resources, costs and time to assemble them.

Phase III:

5) Refine operations timeline.

Phase IV:

6) Implementation budget and cash flow.

If numbers add up, congratulations! You're in! Before celebrating, do one more thing:

7) Budget the next 12/24/36 months and cash flow. Crunch the numbers.

How do you stand? Are you still in?

Cash flow shows you when you will go south and how bad. We do not do this to turn you off, but to start working at the problems you didn't know you (will) have.

Successful approach to implement businesses and ideas
1 question

Smart ways to earn extra money are those ways that allow you learn while doing what you know. Monetize your knowledge and those ideas you don't use in your operating business. It will save you from bringing in partners you don't need or want in your business, especially when it comes to small amounts of money.

Smart Ways to Fund Your Business Without Engaging Partners You Don't Want.

When I began solving problems in open innovation marketplace & crowdsourcing competitions, I felt smarter than I really was. Competing against thousands of worldwide professionals, people smarter or better educated than myself, brought me down to earth.

I realized I needed a lot of fine-tuning, a better connection with both present and future, and a different mindset. Still, I was determined to find out how I stand in the world. Then, competition acts like therapy in my case.

I challenge you to engage in problem solving competitions on platforms like Innocentive, HeroX etc. Don’t stop until you win at least once. Then, come back and tell me how you feel.

You can also read my book ‘Rise Above The Crowd’, a good guide for this journey.

How good do you really are? Take the journey of rising above the crowd.
1 question

XCulture | Branding your vision and your business

In cinematography we say there are three things needed to make a good film: script, script and script.

In business, the script is the strategy. The strategy is the Bible you use to reach your goals and fulfil your vision. Strategy is the instruction manual to reach from where you are now to your envisioned destination.

The essence of branding is giving your vision the right visual identity.

For a small business, the branding challenge is very much about your identity as a leader more than anything else. 

The way you brand your vision indicates your success probability.

This lecture helps you translate your uniqueness into a powerful branding concept. It will naturally lead you to the right pathway to brand your business.

Branding Your Vision and Your Business

Unique Value Proposition is where branding has its roots. You can have one for your overall business, but also one for each of your service/product. At the core, they follow the same script. The script of your uniqueness.

If you look at iconic unique value propositions, they have in common one thing: simplicity.

If you know how your uniqueness sounds like, you will naturally know also how it should look like.


LessAccounting: Bookkeeping, Without the Hassle

Apple McBook: Light. Years ahead.

Vimeo: Make life worth watching

Mint: That horizon may be closer than you think

Dollar Shave Club: Look, feel, and shave like a million dollar bucks.

Now, design your value proposition and the right branding concept for your business will reveal itself.

What is your value proposition? Extract your uniqueness.
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XCulture | Selling to generate new customers

Happy customers lead our sales. We must correctly identify them, reach them and connect with them. Being small players, we must do one more thing: to turn transactions into relationships.

Big companies pay loads of cash to access the right data and software to make sense of the realities, to make better decisions and to be able to design more precise sales and marketing strategies. We don't have such resources, so we need to correctly evaluate our sales capacity, improvise in smart ways and learn the shortcuts.

This lecture highlights key things to sell in a ways to generate new customers.

Selling To Generate New Customers

Do this promotion:

In exchange for a free or discounted product/service until [set a date], ask your clients to engage in a short live or recorded (online/offline) video/audio/text conversation with you to discuss their experience with your service/product.

Whether is good or bad, don’t worry. People are naturally attracted to authenticity and honesty, whoever watch this will love your courage, transparency, and openness.

Post these stories on your website and across your social networks. Re-use them to write some great articles about the overall experience. Be consistent. Post with regularity (at least once a week at an established hour).

Goal: Invest one hour a day to produce and publish a short piece of relevant content (article, design, video, audio). Make it a religion. Your reputation precedes your brand.

Turn your business/service into a good story
1 question
3 lectures 19:09

XCulture | Resilience and conquering new territories

Smart enough to be lucky. There is this very clever and skillful ad that conquered my heart forever (from “Johnny Walker – The man who walked around the world”.)  

…but he, and his family that followed him, were possessed by a fiery ambition, with the skill and intelligence to match.

As a small business owner, resilience is guaranteed by your basic intelligence and by the reflexes you must develop continuously to turn yourself into a 'field general', to develop also your strategic side, your scholar side.

We get better and better while we become great characters, the superheroes we dream to be.

This lecture helps you increase your resilience capabilities naturally to rise above your existing adversities and to conquer new territories at the same time.

Resilience and Conquering New Territories

Learn the power of words and the energy that comes and goes from them

Do this experiment: Don't express yourself through words for a week.

When you really have to talk, keep it short and to the point. Don't engage in explanations and debates, don't respond to conflictual approaches, don't comment on Facebook posts, don't post anything irrelevant anywhere. Let it all pass by you.

Just watch, observe, listen.

During this time, pay attention at your inner movements. Hear yourself. Watch yourself.

This is a simple and effective technique that helps you refine your clarity, work with your ego, exercise your self-control, and see how to better connect your world with the world.

1 question

XCulture | Building your team and your key partnerships

Small business owners cannot afford a complex team. We are obliged to develop complex skills and to permanently broaden our horizons, to constantly learn to cover all aspects of our business, to keep it on track and to grow.

Theoretically, you should build a team. It is how it should be done. Good leaders do that. If they can afford it. 
Great leaders let it go and allow the team to create itself naturally, organically, to attract the right people and people alike. Not clones, as many do.

This lecture teaches you how to find your tribe and how to be seen by the right people.

Building Your Team and Your Key Partnerships

The best people and partners usually challenge us. They are what HRs call ‘difficult people’ or ‘trouble makers’

Make this experiment from time to time:

-  Employees: put yourself in their shoes and allow them to put themselves into yours. Let them be the boss, while you do their jobs/tasks.

-  Partners & stakeholders: play the role of an employee or delegate in charge with this relationship.

This technique helps you see your business from new perspectives and teaches you more about the people you are working with, but also about the kind of people you need to bring in. On top, it heals you from control freak and judgmental syndromes.

Learn how to see the need behind actions, reactions, and non-reactions
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XCulture | Commanding presence

There is no commanding presence as powerful as the humbleness and force that comes from the authenticity.

As a small business owner, you cannot count on money to make your people thrive for your business and for your overall wellness. It's a losing card.

You must learn to touch their hearts. To make them overcome their fears, to make them strong in their weak spots. Your way of being and of doing things is what keeps their dreams alive and what makes them wish to come to work day by day for endless days. With joy, restlessness and happiness.

This lecture helps you to be naturally followed as a leader.

Commanding Presence

During my worst times, when I had no resources to pay lawyers to represent me in the court of law, I had to learn to do it myself.

I had to ask myself: What if my opponent is not hostile and ill-intentioned, but just thinks he is right the same I think? What makes me believe a judge will rule in my favor? If I were a judge, how would I rule?

I spent months in the courts of law to learn the judges' mindset and how justice system works, to know how to build, plead and win my cases. I learned priceless knowledge and applicable ways to make differences between legality and morality. When I have time, I still do that from time to time.

Try it, too. It will pay off. If your system does not allow public in court, read/watch cases and match your ruling decision with the judge's decision.

It will make wonders with your commanding presence.

Learn and teach what straight judgement is
1 question
3 lectures 17:19

XCulture | Creating great company culture

I started my business very early in life when things like company culture were abstract theories and when I didn't know what exactly I am doing and what the results will be.  

I had no clue that I created a whole culture around myself until things went wrong and pushed us overboard. Life was hard anyway and I couldn't imagine it could also become unfair. I knew nothing about life outside the ship, I didn't even know there is life outside life.

I couldn't believe that by choosing to stick to my core values and by risking wasting my life at all its ends, a culture bloomed around myself.     

This lecture teaches you the vital importance of company culture in times of crisis and why you should give it the right importance in your day to day business.

Preview 07:00

A great company culture adds value in areas vital for your people well-being.

One sensitive area nowadays is healthcare: physical and mental. A company where people are healthy and well, it is a vibrant, creative, and innovative place. It is a fertile environment.

If your employees start looking unhealthy or depressed, you must know that is a big red flag for crisis, and you must step in now: talk to them, bring in a therapist/coach, implement a ‘group diet program’ with a nutritionist, move some activities in nature, do creative workshops or sport together etc.

Do a ‘wellness audit’ in your business and life. Don’t allow things to go south.

Wellness audit
1 question

XCulture | The value of simplicity

Simplicity is very hard to achieve. You cannot achieve it just because you set a goal out of it. It is a process that requires daily practice. Eventually, it is a way of living. A mindset.

Kill your darlings.

Simplicity is not just a principle anymore. It is a tool. 

Simplicity is what gives your business force, speed and precision at the same time.

This lecture teaches you techniques to cut the clutter and turn simplicity into your golden tool.

The Value of Simplicity


Choose a moment from your business life and turn it into a movie scene by writing it under the form of a film script. It can be anything: a negotiation, a crisis, a failure, a turning point.

It is a very useful exercise to educate your mind on simplicity, to create complexity by keeping it outrageously simple, to assemble a life moment frame by frame.


I would like to produce together the most popular scenes and turn this creative test into a web video serial.


- use present time only;

- short films can have 1 to 35 minutes;

- 1 script page = 1 minute of film;

- replace books with scripts for a while;

- find online for free almost any movie script. Read it and see how it's done.


Post your scene as a comment, so everyone can see it, react to it, work together.

Creative Challenge|Turn a scene from your business life into a short film
4 questions

XCulture | Life balance and stress management

Work-Life balance is close to utopia in our world today, especially for small business owners. And stress management...that is more like a spiritual challenge nowadays. It takes a lot of breathing and praying to constantly beat stress, burnout and all the depression and health problems that come from it.

When we design the strategy of our business, we practically design also the strategy of our own self-development and personal life.

This lecture reminds you on how to choose your battles and how to practice integration to achieve a decent life balance and to well manage your growing stress levels.

Life Balance and Stress Management

We are in constant movement and we are ageing. Integration is the most realistic way to improve life-work balance and be in shape, no matter how stressful it all becomes. Stress causes compulsion and if you fall for it, you go downhill.

Do simple things consistently, like:

-  When you eat, turn off your phone and don’t talk anything related to business/work;

-  For 1 hour/day, do your heart things: write, read, whatever that is, no matter where you are. Work constantly at your passions and dreams, no matter what;

-  Never go hungry to food-shopping;

-  Before unleashing yourself when challenged or hurt, breathe slowly 60 times.

-  If your work is static (long hours on chair or up), take 10 minutes breaks at each hour and move around, do something else.

Practice Integration. Small adjustments for remarkable results.
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