Writing "Happiness" in 5 Styles

Chinese Calligraphy - New Year's Edition
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Learn how to write a Chinese character "happiness" in 5 major styles
Learn about the composition of "Happiness"
Learn about Chinese culture in general


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This course contains all my best wishes to you in the year 2021!

The year 2020 perhaps has been difficult to a lot of us, but in the year 2021, I would like to teach you to make your own happiness in 5 major Chinese calligraphy styles, so that you can receive and spread the love to everybody around you. Let's start our new year together and strong!

In this course, we will first discuss the composition of the character "happiness", and after practicing them in 5 main scripts, we will write them down on nice presentation papers. If you do not even own a brush, feel free to be creative anyway :)


Who this course is for:

  • You are interested in Asian arts
  • You would like to find out more about the Asian arts

Course content

2 sections5 lectures30m total length
  • Happinesses x5
  • Brief Introduction - 5 major Chinese calligraphy styles
  • Prepare and Hold a Brush


Tradtional Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Instructor
Fiona Sheng @ InkDifferent Studio
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Hi there, I am an English speaking (fluent) traditional Chinese artist who has been trained in these arts since the age of 5. Now living in Europe, I find it aspiring to share my knowledge with you, especially if you are seeking to relax your mind in an alternative way.

The courses will contain plenty of detailed practical traditional painting / calligraphy techniques that will help you form a solid base, develop your skills or master these arts. In my courses, there will also be useful information in terms of cultural relevance. Additionally, thanks to my two Master's studies and business school work experience, there will occasionally be useful content related to the Chinese business culture from an international perspective.

If you are an old friend of the Chinese art, welcome to join our art family; if you are a future friend, why not have a try at it with me? Look forward to seeing you!