Customizr - Learn WordPress with the ultimate creative theme

Create a beautiful, fully functional and mobile ready website from scratch by following step-by-step instructions
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (187 ratings)
11,356 students
Customizr - Learn WordPress with the ultimate creative theme
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (187 ratings)
11,356 students
Apply the knowledge in this course to create a fully functional blog, portfolio or commerce site
Learn how to integrate social media, video, pictures, social links, email signups, sliders, featured pages, contact forms and more into your site.
Learn the many ways to customize the layout of your site with this flexible theme
Get an email service provider (free) like MailChimp to handle your signup forms and to grow your list.
Get a basic graphic design tutorial so that you can modify your site's images yourself without the need of any paid software.


  • Basic computer skills
  • How to copy and paste
  • How to locate files on your computer
  • How to drag and drop

If you've been stuck with trying to decide which theme to use on your wordpress site without having to spend money for a premium theme, look no further. The Customizr theme is the answer. It's the most beautiful and functional free theme out there . Best of all, it gives you complete control - it really lives up to it's name!

The theme is fully responsive, and looks beautiful across a multitude of devices, whether it be on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

This course features a step-by-step approach that takes your from purchasing a domain and web hosting plan to creating a full fledged website with social media sharing, video embedding, email signup forms, layout customization and much more. If you can copy and paste and use a web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you can create a website for your business or passion with the Customizr theme on WordPress. 

There are so many features that make the Customizr theme amazing. That's why it receives a 5-star rating on wordpress and has been downloaded over 2 million times! 

Who this course is for:
  • Any one that is undecided about which theme to install on on their WordPress site. The Customizr theme's flexibility will amaze you.
  • Anyone who wants to learn wordpress by using a fun any highly customizable theme.
11 sections • 70 lectures • 4h 47m total length
  • Tools You Need For This Course
  • Introduction
  • Important! Download the course materials (.zip file)
  • Website Hosting
  • Get a domain and webhosting plan
  • More options for webhosting
  • Set up your domain name and hosting plan
  • How to log in to Cpanel
  • Create a subdomain
  • Install wordpress
  • Login to your wordpress administrator pannel
  • About passwords and accounts
  • How to change your admin username and password
  • Install the Customizr theme
  • Donate to Customizr developers
  • Pick your site's colours and write your tagline
  • Insert text and an image into your page
  • Features of WordPress "word processor"
  • Upload images to your media library
  • Create a "static page" - this is wordpress jargon for a simple webpage
  • Link to any page of your site
  • Add more static pages
  • Create a navigation menu
  • Create a submenu
  • Assign a submenu to a page
  • Set your front page
  • Resize your images with Pixlr
  • Choose your featured pages
  • The Slider: an introduction
  • Resize images for your slider
  • Upload your slider images from computer to Wordpress media library
  • Configure your slider
  • Add social media icons to your site
  • Customize your fonts
  • Install Google fonts plugin for unlimited font customization!
  • Create a contact form
  • Recaptcha: validate that the person writing to you is human and not a robot
  • Delete the About sample page
  • How to leave your front page blank
  • Assign a posts page to display your blog posts in a thumbnail gallery
  • Publish your first blog post
  • Create an image gallery
  • Edit your image gallery
  • Social media sharing - Let your visitors share your content on Facebook, Twitter
  • Social media sharing: the "more" button
  • Discussion settings
  • Categorize your blog posts
  • Add your blog posts to one or more categories
  • Choose your sidebar layout
  • Add sidebar widgets
  • Front page layout
  • Customize the layout of your post and pages
  • Breadcrumbs - wordpress leaves trail so you can find your way back
  • Footer widgets
  • Footer area 2
  • Footer area 3
  • Create and upload a custom logo
  • Replace the site title with your custom logo
  • Introduction to email signup forms
  • Create a "thank you" page
  • Setup your Mailchimp account
  • Download these plugins
  • Connect Mailchimp to Wordpress
  • Finalize your Email signup form

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