Enterprise Geodatabases & Data Pipelines

Learn how to work with Enterprise Geodatabases
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Learn about Geodatabases
Design Data Pipelines using Arcpy and ESRI Enterprise Geodatabases
Understand what various data formats are including shapefiles and Geodatabases
Learn about the ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise


  • Familiarity with ESRI technology
  • ESRI Enterprise Implementation Server or Cloud based


Are you interested in learning how to build data pipelines using ESRI technologies? If so this free course is for You.

About the Course:

In this course we will start with basics of Geodatabases and Shapefiles. We will also learn how to build data pipelines (theory and sample script) that can be utilized to populate database tables and/or update existing data in an Enterprise Geodatabase. Skeleton script sample has been provided as a starting point to enable the student to understand how such a data pipeline can be built using Python. This pipeline once built can be run periodically on a schedule to perform batch processing of data every day or even every 5-10 minutes. This approach allows for near real time update of data. Changes to the data are reflected on the services published via ArcGIS Servers and made available to clients. The services published to the ArcGIS Server are independent of the updates to the data in the Geodatabase.

Information on important considerations for working with Geodatabases has also been provided. We will also look at how ArcToolbox can be utilized to work with Geodatabases.

It is important to note, we will not cover publishing or updating Hosted Servers which make use of the black box hosted data store. The focus of this course is on Enterprise Geodatabases. If your architecture includes an Enterprise Geodatabase then this course will be of particular interest. However developing data pipeline using Arcpy or ArcGIS API for Python may be adopted for Hosted Server.

Who this course is for:

  • GIS Professkional
  • ESRI Geospatial professionals


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Faizan Tayyab
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My name is Faizan Tayyab and I am your instructor. A little about myself: I have been in the geospatial industry for the last 16 years, working in numerous domains and applying geospatial knowledge to solve interesting problems. During my career across various industries, I have worked with both commercial and open source geospatial technologies. I have been responsible for building complete enterprise geospatial systems and strategies within commercial settings.