Work Life Balance 10 Tips: Succeed as a University Student

Harness your Ability to Succeed as a Uni Student
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Work Life Balance 10 Tips: Succeed as a University Student
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411 students
How to Succeed as a University Student
10 Tips for Success as a University Student based on my Successes and Failures
A few stories of my life as a University Student and tips based on my actions taken


  • Be a current or future university student
  • An open - mind to assimilate new ideas


Work Life Balance 10 Tips: Succeed as a University Student

In this course, I discuss ten (10) of the best tips I have compiled to help you succeed as a University student based on:

- My successes, what I did well

- My failures, what I recommend doing differently so that you can be more successful than me

This course is split into 10 lectures, with 9 videos and 1 article. In each lecture, I go through each tip, some in more detail than others.

Who this course is for:

  • University Students
  • Part Time workers studying at University
  • Students considering to enrol in a University course
  • Student currently studying an Undergrad / Postgrad / Masters / Honours / PhD university course
  • Anyone looking to improve their work - life balance as a student in an Educational Institution such as Tafe or Uni

Course content

1 section • 11 lectures • 49m total length
  • Tip #1
  • Tip #2
  • Tip #3
  • Tip #4
  • Tip #5
  • Tip #6
  • Tip #7
  • Tip #8
  • Tip #9
  • Tip #10
  • Bonus Lecture - Thank You :-)


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Michal Tokarz
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Hi, my name is Michal Tokarz. I work as a Professional Educator & Personal Coach. I love helping people to reach their full potential.

Some topics of interest to me include: Health, Spirituality, Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Personal Mastery, Mathematics and Statistics.

With over 6 years of Classroom Teaching experience in Australian schools and a vast array of coaching / mentoring experience with clients varying across different age groups, I am equipped with the tools and resources to assist people to achieve a wide variety of goals.

I constantly seek Professional Learning & Development opportunities from in person mentors & by regularly going to events that are closely related to my goals, so that I am in a better position to help others achieve more, with greater ease and clarity.

Giving back is simultaneously a crucial part of what I do. The opportunity to be a mentor (a guide / informal advisor) for my ideal mentee (who wishes to achieve some of the goals I have on my journey) is not only very important to me, but a treasurable & valuable experience.

I hope to continue seeking out opportunities to both mentor (guide) others and also to be a mentee (learner / devotee), so that I am able to strike a good blend of teaching & learning in my professional growth.