How To Create A Bitcoin Business WordPress Website SEO

WordPress From Zero To Beautiful Websites In 3 Hours
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 (72 ratings)
11,030 students
How To Create A Bitcoin Business WordPress Website SEO
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 (72 ratings)
11,030 students
Install Wordpress 4.4 latest version January 2016
Install Customizr wordpress theme updated latest version January 2016
Use WYSIWYG Editor, enter your website content, bold, caps, font size, color etc
media library skills to manage your images, videos, sound files and other media
customize the appearance of the website using widgets for header, sidebar, footer, calender, posts, etc of your site
use plugins to add security, contact form, google analytics, back up your site , search engine optimization etc
know 20 websites where YOU can find paid web design work
add a 7 page menu to your website
add copyright free photos from google images to your website
how to join affiliate sites to earn money like clickbank, amazon and google adsense
add a contact form to capture client email address
choose keywords to get a great chance of top 10 Google rankings
add your logo
add a photo to the website
how to navigate within WordPress
publish the pages and blog to the world wide web
be familiar with admin pages in WordPress
set home page
use general settings
be familiar with reading, writing, comments
know what permalink structure means
how to view posts and pages
learn how to create a page
create a blog post
delete page or post
schedule post or page


  • Hosting and a domain name cost about $15 i teach you how

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Student Reviews:

Great Course

This course certainly deserve appreciation. Easy to understand and complete with perfection, which lead me to understand this course within a short period of time. I thanks for such an amazing course and I enjoyed my learning experience.

by Jebul Rahman

Very well structured and Detailed course

Wow...I am blown off with the little minute details this course is structed with. Nick is very prompt to mention that the use of this course knowledge can help you make money by taking action and not false promising that you'll make guaranteed money by showing well-mocked pay reports.

I really adore the minute details Nick has covered in the course. Especially the menus and the static page for the site and 7 page website.

I've to thank Nick, by following this course I could get my worpress blog online.

Thanks for the course and the great value you portray in the course.

by Ashok Kumar N Rao

  • Wordpress Students over 5,000 enrolled on this course from 125 Countries!

  • Full 30 day money back guarantee so no risk to you, if you are not happy with the course just ask within 30 days of buying and you will get your money back!

  • Would you like to see PROOF of how much people earn with Wordpress skills that are very easy to learn and i teach you these skills so you can start earning money tomorrow?

  • Would you like to see how people just like you earn $37,000 for simple Wordpress skills?

  • Would you like to see the exact skills in my videos that people use to do Wordpress jobs and earn $50 for an hours work?

  • We're also completely updated to the newest Wordpress version. This means you're working in real-time right now with the most update version and menus you see inside Wordpress.

  • And we're the only course that teaches how to use the new updated Customizr Theme so that you can build professional websites faster, easier, with more features to give you a competitive edge against other web designers.

  • Support team ready to answer your questions usually in less than 24 hours.

  • Course updated regularly with the latest features and updates in the world of Wordpress Web Design.

  • Thinking of starting your own freelancer web design business? Then this quick course is for you and you can offer web design service straight away for $500 no coding needed.

  • WordPress is great if you want to start your own online business, blog, charity website, I include 10+ websites where you can get freelance web design and other Wordpress work after you finish the course.

  • Follow along with me as you  design the website. You watch the videos in one browser window like Chrome and quickly and easily create your own WordPress website in another.

  • You will quickly learn new WordPress skills to build your own beautiful, professional business website in 3 hours..

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wanting to earn $500+ for creating a professional beautiful WordPress site (no coding needed)
  • Small business owners who want a beautiful website that generates leads and sales.
  • Anyone wanting to create a Professional WordPress website for themselves or clients.
  • Anyone wanting to make money as an affiliate of Clickbank, Amazon or from Adsense adverts
  • Anyone with zero or little knowledge of the amazing easy to use WordPress
  • The course is not for advanced users of Wordpress
  • Entrepeneurs
  • No age limit
  • Students
11 sections • 62 lectures • 2h 59m total length
  • Introduction
  • FREE Bitcoin Landing Page Templates
  • How To Get Wordpress Web Design Work In The Next 72 Hours
  • Wordpress Quiz
  • Search Engine Optimization Basic Research - Success Or Failure Case Study
  • Proof Of $37,000 Wordpress Earnings from Simple Wordpress Gigs
  • Wordpress Quiz
  • Wordpress Quiz
  • Who Are Your Best Clients?
  • Mobile Apps
  • Install New Customizr Theme As of 21st January 2016
  • WordPress 4.7 Vaughan
  • Where Can You Hear Wordpress Founder Speak Online Now About Wordpress?
  • Install New Wordpress 4.4 "Clifford" As Of 21st January 2016
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Log In To Your New Wordpress Website
  • Craigslist Or Similar Website To Advertise For FREE Your $500 Webdesign Service
  • Static Home Page and Permalink Setting
  • Delete Sample Page Messages And Customize Right Side Bar
  • Add 7 Pages To Your Web Site
  • Wordpress SEO Yoast Quick Start
  • Pages And Posts Resources
  • Add A 7 Page Menu
  • Adding Content And Photos To A Page
  • Add Photos From Google Images
  • Add A Contact Form To Your Site
  • Adding Your Logo To Your Website
  • What is the best payment terms for you when starting your web design business?
  • W3 School Great Free Resource
  • Websites To Find Web Design Work - Bonus Click "View resources" Top Right Page
  • Claudio Sanches: How to Translate WordPress to Portuguese
  • What To Sell As An Affiliate And How Much You Can Earn
  • Customize Appearance Of Your Website Part 1
  • Customize Appearance Of Your Website Part 2
  • Customize Appearance Of Your Website Part 3
  • Customize Appearance Of Your Website Part 4
  • FREE Resources You Can Use To Build Wordpress Sites Easily And Fast
  • Use Standard Text Editor Part 1
  • Use Standard Text Editor Part 2
  • Adding Posts To Your Website Part 1
  • Adding Posts To Your Website Part 2
  • Adding More Content And Photos To Your Website
  • What is the best way to communicate with your client?
  • Plugins Part 1
  • Plugins Part 2
  • Wordpress Security Wordfence
  • Social Sharing To Get More Visitors
  • Add Site Map To Get Google Robot To Visit Part 1
  • Add Site Map To Get Google Robot To Visit Part 2
  • Set Up Gmail Account To Be Able To Add Analytics And Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics Set Up New Account Part 1
  • Google Analytics Set Up New Account Part 2
  • Google Webmaster Tools Set Up New Account
  • Stop People Spamming Your Site
  • Back Up Your Wordpress Website
  • What Are Widgets?
  • Add Video White Board Animation to Your Website
  • MailChimp Email Service To Collect Email Addresses
  • MailChimp Email List Part 1
  • MailChimp Email List Part 2
  • Pop Up Email Capture Form
  • WordPress Quiz
  • Bonus Lecture My Other Courses

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