Wordpress and X Theme for Beginners - Custom Page Building
4.6 (60 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
268 students enrolled

Wordpress and X Theme for Beginners - Custom Page Building

Building stylized website pages easily, even if you're new to Wordpress. The basics behind page building with X Theme.
4.6 (60 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
268 students enrolled
Last updated 7/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Students will be able to build a responsive website with Wordpress and X Theme
  • Students will have a basic understanding of how to work with SEO
  • Students will learn about multi-media on their websites and understand how to appropriately size images for the web.
  • Students will be able to build stylized posts and pages with Wordpress & X Theme
  • Students attending this class will come away with the basic building blocks of designing a website with Wordpress and X Theme without the need to learn how to code.
  • You should be able to use a PC at the beginner level
  • You should have a stable Internet connection
  • You should purchase a licensed copy of X Theme or X Theme Pro by Themeco
  • Students should have a willingness to learn, and realistc expections. An effective website takes time to build, site layout and tools are just the beginning.

This course will take students from the initial Wordpress Installation through to being able to start building a website using the X Theme Page builder.  Students do not need to have prior Wordpress experience to take this course.  This is not a full website building course, as there are multiple disciplines that go into website building as noted below.

When completed students will understand how to setup Wordpress properly, create blog posts (if they choose to), and create highly stylized web page designs that hold visitors interest and attention.  X Theme offers many plugins, custom styles, and layout tools.  Students will see the basics and are encouraged to experiment on their own to see all of the elements X Theme offers in custom page building.

This is not a full "Web Design" course.  This course specifically focuses on Wordpress & X Theme, and gives you a starting point to building your own website.  X is a tool that it part of your overall website development strategy.  Modern websites cover many disciplines beyond just the tools to layout your pages.  What goes into a full website build out these days?

  • Written content creation - Writing skills are very important to getting your website's message out there.  Creative writing courses, marketing courses, and other writing focused classes can be helpful.

  • Graphic content creation - Photography, graphic design skills, and more go into an effective website.  Photography, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and other photo and graphic editing program courses will help you here.

  • Video content creation - Many successful websites incorporate video these days.  Video editing courses, filming courses, and video gear introductions will be helpful.

  • Page Design and Layout - X Theme is a great tool for laying out custom pages with Wordpress.  This is the focus of this course.

  • SEO content creation - Search Engine Optimization skills are necessary to help your website get found.  What you write and how you write it is a key to effective SEO.

From the list above, this course specifically focuses on Page Design & Layout with X Theme and Wordpress.  You'll learn how to add your written content to web pages, add your graphics and images to pages, incorporate video into pages, and how to publish your webpages through X & Wordpress.

Students will also learn the basics of SEO in order to help get their website found in the sea of hundreds of millions of websites.  SEO is a large topic, and students are only exposed to an introduction regarding SEO, and will need further training in the subject.

This course pays attention to details like properly sized images for website usage, adding in Slideshows with Revolution Slider, and using such third party plugins Essential Grid for unique page layouts.  When students complete this course they can be confident that they have the fundamentals for creating custom page designs with Wordpress & X Theme.  The class was launched Fall of 2017, and will keep up with the latest changes in the X Theme and the Cornerstone editor!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to build a website that generates real traffic
  • Anyone interested in building websites with Wordpress
  • Anyone interested in using Themeco's X Theme with Wordpress
  • Anyone interested in building websites that are mobile friendly and easy to manage.
Course content
Expand all 69 lectures 09:33:35
+ Introduction - Installing Wordpress, X Theme, and setting up
7 lectures 52:41

Wondering what you can expect from this class?  Instructor Rich Charpentier spends a few minutes in front of the camera sharing what students will be learning about in "Wordpress and X Theme for beginners."  When you've completed the course you will have the tools to build your own custom website with Wordpress and X Theme.

Preview 05:07

Lesson 1 welcomes students to our course on using Wordpress and the X Theme to create full robust websites.  This lesson introduces what we'll be doing in the course, and shows a freshly installed Wordpress website with no content.  Over the lessons in this class we'll build a full website front page, learn how to create posts, pages, add media, and more.

Preview 08:57

Lesson 2 covers logging into your Wordpress installation for the first time.  If you're uncertain about installing Wordpress, RLC Design recomends WPEngine.com.  Their Wordpress installations take no time at all, and the hosting company offers a slew of benefits including daily backups, security monitoring, Max CDN (content delivery network), SSL Certificates, and more.

Once you've logged into your site for the first time you'll be ready to start looking at your Wordpress installation.

Lesson 2 - Logging into your Wordpress Installation for the first time

"Out of the box" Wordpress is ready to go.  But there are some settings that you should pay attention to before you dive into creating posts, pages, adding media, and everything else that accompanies building your website.  Pay close attention to this lesson, and be sure to check through your settings on your first Wordpress Website build.  You wouldn't want the wrong time of day confusing visitors when they subscribe to, or buy from your website.

Lesson 3 - Your initial Wordpress setup.

So far our website has no real structure.  The wordpress installation looks more like a blog than a world class website builder.  In this lecture we're going to make a place holder front page, and a place holder blog page to start building structure into the website.

Setting up a static front page and a blog page

We're finally ready to install X Theme from Themeco.  We show you the X Theme Home page, and talk a little about the power of X Theme and what it can do for your website.  We then upload the X Theme zip file to our wordpress site, and we're ready to start working with actually building the website!

Installing X Theme

We've spent a lot of time working on the back end of this website so far.  It's time to have a little fun, and quickly fill out our website's front page with the X Theme and the Cornerstone editor.  Don't worry, we'll be covering page building in an upcoming section of the class, but I thought it was time for us to have a little fun and show off how quickly you can make a stylized page for your website!

+ The Wordpress Post Editor - Where it all begins
5 lectures 42:19

The "Post Editor" is one of the most important components of your Wordpress website.  Learning how to use the post editor will carry over to page editing, portfolio editing, product editing (if you choose to sell items on your website), calendar editing (if you include an events calendar) and more.  So paying attention to the next 3 lessons will be critical in helping you feel comfortable with building your website on Wordpress with the X Theme!

Preview 08:52

The second lecture on using the Wordpress Post Editor.  Getting comfortable with this tool will help you feel confident with so many other aspects of your wordpress website.  Feel free to re-watch each lecture about the post editor so you have a firm grasp on how it works!

The Post Editor Part 2

The final installment on the Post Editor.  In this lecture we add several images to our post.  It's only fitting that the next lecture will cover the Media Library in greater detail after adding images on the fly from the post editor.

The Post Editor Part 3 - Adding media into your posts

In both the Rapid Fire web page build lecture, and in the Post Editor lecture we added some images to the website from where we were working.  It's now time to introduce the Media Library, and talk about image sizes, alt text, and using the media library.  Fortunately it's accessible in almost every module of Wordpress where you would need it, but it's nice to know about the stand alone library as well.

The Media Library

We couldn't leave you hanging with no futher information about resizing images for your website.  So we're providing 2 examples of resizing images with Adobe Photoshop, and Lightroom.  Even if you don't use either program, this lesson should point you in the right direction for images going on to your site!

Resizing your images for online viewing - Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom examples
+ Building and Editing Pages with the X Theme's updated Cornerstone Editor 10-2017
10 lectures 01:26:05

The X Theme, in a nutshell, allows for live visual page building on the Wordpress platform.  The standard version of the X Theme lets users create custom stylized web pages easily on Wordpress.  X Theme Pro also allows users to create highly customized header bars and footer bars.  Which is right for you?  In most cases, the normal X Theme will do.  But if you want to create incrediblly stylized header and footer bars, Pro might be for you.

This new section came about due to a recent update from ThemeCo.  The Cornerstone builder (the page builder in X Theme) received such a dramatic makeover that we decided to re-do the content for this section completely.  We've included the old page build out as well later on in the lesson just for your review!

What is X Theme - An Explanation of what the X Theme Offers for Web Development

In this lecture we start into building a full page from scratch with the newly updated (October of 2017) Cornerstone Editor.  The next few lectures will walk you through a full page build complete with text based content, images, page links, and embedded video.

Preview 11:02

We continue our page building exercise with the X Theme Cornerstone Editor.  In this lecture we add some text based content to the page, save the page, and preview our results.

Adding Content to a new page with the X Theme Cornerstone Editor

There are several ways to add new images to a page with the Cornerstone Editor.  With the newest release of X Theme's Cornerstone editor you have your choice of several methods of adding images to your website.  We take you through 2 different ways of adding images to your site, and leave it up to you as to which method works better for your needs.

Adding Images to our newly constructed page with the Cornerstone page builder

We're in the home stretch on creating our first page from scratch with Wordpress, the X Theme, and the Cornerstone editor.  We'll look over our results and add some additional content.

Finishing the roughed out "Camping Page" with X and the Cornerstone Editor

X Theme's Cornerstone Editor offers many "Elements" that you can add to your pages.  These elements can be added anywhere in your website.  There are so many choices you're going to need to try them out for yourself.  You can add counters, marketing cards, lists, images, videos, audio files, slide shows, grids, and more.  This lecture will help you find out what the elements do and how to use them!

Using Cornerstone Elements on your pages. There are a lot of elements to choose

Once you've finished your page to the point you're ready to share it to the world, you're going to need to add it to the navigation menu.  You can add pages to the navigation menu through the X Theme Customizer (coming up in a future lesson) or you can use Wordpress native menu tool.  We prefer the Wordpress menu builder, and we're going to show it to you in this lesson.

Adding your finished page to the Navigation Menu

Over time you'll want to change your pages.  New images, new content, new videos, you name it.  In this lesson you'll see how easy it is to get into a page you built with the X Theme and the Cornerstone Editor.  We'll take a look at ExplorePrescott's home page, and walk through the items that are contained in the page.  

Editing Pages With Cornerstone. Over time you'll want to update your pages!

We couldn't leave the page building and editing section without adding a cool feature or two to our website.  In this lesson we return to the "Camping" page, remove an image, and replace it with an embedded video from YouTube.  We also show a few other elements that we can add to a page if we so desired.  

Adding embedded video to a page. Take a YouTube Video and display on your site.

We keep seeing the X "Launch" button when editing our pages.  What is that thing for anyway?  Does it allow me to do more, or is it redundant?  Let's take a closer look at what happens when we "Launch" X.  

The X Launcher - What is that thing anyways, and do you really need to use it?
+ Page Building and Editing with the X Theme's Original Cornerstone Editor.
9 lectures 01:20:36

As promised, the section on Page building will be done on a live site, ExplorePrescott.org.  This is a new website promoting the outdoor activities available in Prescott Arizona, and the site is built on Wordpress with the X Theme.

This section promises to be a lot of fun.  We'll introduce basic editing and layout concepts for The X Theme's Cornerstone Page Builder.  Students will discover quickly that the range of designs for pages is limited only by their own imagination!

Page Building with X Theme's Cornerstone Editor

In this lesson we'll be creating the new "Photography Page" from scratch on the Explore Prescott website.  We'll add a new page, save the page, and then start using the Cornerstone Editor from X Theme on the page.  We'll be adding photo bars, text content, and images to the page.

Preview 11:31

We continue building the new "Photography Page" on Explore Prescott.  The page is starting to take shape with images and content being added.  And we're learning about adding "Elements" to pages with the Cornerstone editor.

Continuing the Photography Page's buildout with the Cornerstone Editor

As we continue to expand the Photography page we continue working on the page structure and information.  Two new sections will be added to the page for information about Outdoor portrait photography.  A new section for an image bar, and a new section for written content and photo content.

Page Building with the Cornerstone Editor Continued.

Finishing up with the initial layout of the Photography Page for Explore Prescott.  We've created multiple sections, some columns, added images and alt text, and created a page geared toward good SEO results in the future without even know it!  In an upcoming section on this lecture series we'll talk more about SEO, checking your success or failure, and how to incorporate SEO tools into the pages and posts we build.

Finishing off the initial look of the "Photography" page with Cornerstone Editor

For the final installment on building the Photography page on Explore Prescott we add an Essential Grid to the page to get visitors to look at our recommended recreation location pages on the site.  

Since we've never showed you through how to build an Essential Grid, you know that an upcoming lesson will cover using the grid for sure!  It's a great way to create sections of internal and external links that are presented in a compelling format that will engage your website visitors!

Bonus! Adding an Essential Grid to the "Photography Page."

After you finish building your initial website you'll probably want to edit pages you've built.  New information comes along, you want to refine your design, maybe add more media to the page, etc.  Fortunately doing page edits is relatively easy with Wordpress and X Theme's Cornerstone editor.  So....let's start editing our pages!

Page Editing with the Cornerstone Editor - Update your pages easily!

Cornerstone offers several more tools on the left column bar that we haven't looked at closely.  How about seeing your website as a wire frame layout?  Or how would you like to see what your site looks like on different screen sizes?  Finally, you can create sections on your pages that are Mobile only, and sections that are large screen only.  Want to know how?  Watch this lesson.

The Cornerstone Editor's Additional Tools - Format mobile only sections and more

Since we've been doing this training on a live site that is in the process of being built new things come up often here at RLC Design.  Our partner Greg just released his latest trail running video on YouTube, so we're lucky enough to have the opportunity to add the video to the Running page on Explore Prescott.  We edit the page, add a new column to a section, and add the embedded video!

Adding an embeded video to a page with the Cornerstone Editor!
+ Customizing your site with X Theme, Plugins, and Widgets - So many tools!
4 lectures 49:15

We're now moving into customizing your Wordpress website.  X Theme has some amazing plugins included with the purchase of a license, and what they don't have can be added to with other Wordpress plugins and widget areas.  Wholesale changes can be made easily to your design thanks to X Theme.

Site customization with X Theme, Plugins, & Widgets

The X Theme Customizer helps you change the look and feel of your website in mere moments.  Change fonts throughout the site.  Change the styling of the website layout with a few clicks.  Easily add pages and posts to your drop down menus.  It's all easily achieved with the Customizer!

Large scale design changes made easily with the X Theme Customizer too.

Need custom features for your website that aren't included with Wordpress or X Theme.  The solution is easily at hand with thousands up thousands of custom plugins for Wordpress.  Weather apps, calendars, appointment apps, mapping apps, and more.  While Wordpress and X Theme include a lot, whatever they're missing will be covered by plugins available through Wordpress.org!

Add features that Wordpress and X Theme don't provide. Plugins to the rescue!

Widgets can be added throughout your website thanks to X Theme.  Want a weather widget inside one of your pages?  Easily done.  You can add widgets to the top bar, footer, sidebar, and you can create custom widgets for other locations you carve out in your web pages built with the Cornerstone editor.

Using widgets to add custom features to your Wordpress website.
+ Worpdress Administration - Staying up to date with your website
3 lectures 15:06

Watching over your website is part of your job.  You can't just build your website (on any platform) and walk away hoping it will generate leads and income for you without further work.  Paying attention to software updates, page changes, and users accessing your system must become part of your regular work tasks.

Wordpress admin is fairly simple, but something many people overlook!

Part of an admin's duties is very simple.  Look at your website regularly.  Have pages changed without your knowledge?  Are there advertisements on your site that shouldn't be there?  Are there links on your website going to other sites you don't approve of.  You'd be amazed how many people fail to look hard at the online presence after their website is finished!

Check your site often - This isn't a set it and forget it proposition!

Part of a webmaster's admin duties includes keeping up to date with registered users on the site.  Make sure there aren't users that are not approved by you, and make sure your current users have the appropriate authority.  Additionally, if you're interested in your website's growth you should make a regular habit of keeping up to date with your statistics.  Who is viewing you, where are they being referred from, etc.

Administer users and watch over your statistics
+ Additional Tools for your Wordpress - X Theme Website.
4 lectures 45:40

There are thousands of tools available for Wordpress.  We're going to cover 3 very useful tools that will help enhance the look and feel of your website, streamline navigation to important pages, and help you learn more about your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

These are our favorite tools that we use on almost every installation we do for clients and for ourselves.

A few additional tools to help with page layout, presentation, and SEO

Slider Revolution allows for the creation of highly customized slide shows that can appear throughout your website.  We cover the basics of Slider Revolution, and we don't go into the higher end topics like video banner bars.  This course is for beginners, to get them off the ground with Wordpress and X Theme.  If demand for a full course on Slider Revolution is of interest, please drop us a note and we'll put a full course together.

Slider Revolution - Build cool slideshows for display on any page.

Essential grid allows for visually pleasing dynamic content presentation.  Link your grid to post categories, and with each additional post sporting that category your grid will be added to.  Offer different navigation formats for your pages on your website.  Add grids of embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

Essential Grid - Slick layouts that link to posts, categories, pages, and more!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a huge topic covered by countless classes on the Internet.  And it's a subject that will always be of interest as it's necessary in order to drive new traffic to your website.

Yoast SEO is a plugin we highly recomend.  It helps you determine if you're doing good SEO work on each page and post on your website, and it's relatively easy to use.  In this lecture we give a brief overview of using Yoast.  We do not go in depth as that would be another class in itself.  Fortunately Yoast offers many webinars and videos on using their plugin. 

Additionally we quickly talk about Web Page Word counter, and Semrush (a professional SEO Tracking tool).  

Yoast SEO - How are you doing with your Search Engine Optimizaiton?
+ A little more on SEO and ExplorePrescott.org - Tracking a site's growth!
4 lectures 29:58

We've decided to add a few additional lectures to talk about SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is incredibly important if you really want to get found online these days.  Understanding the basics of SEO will help you make decisions about your website and what you want to build into it.  We'll be introducing a few "must have" tools, most of which are free.  We'll also talk extensively about Semrush and what it can help you achieve when it comes to guiding new traffic and visitors to your website.

Winning the SEO Battle - Getting found in searches takes a lot of work!

What is the difference between Organic SEO and PPC (Pay per click)?  We'll discuss that in this lecture.  If you need to get found in searches really fast, PPC might be the way to go.  But remember, it will cost you every time someone clicks on your ad.  In the long term, organic search results are preferred, but they take time to build up.

Organic SEO vs PPC (Pay per click) - One takes time, the other takes money.

Semrush is an incredible tool to help you monitor and plan your SEO strategy.  Compare yourself to your competitors, learn what your competition is using in their SEO, and find keywords that generate real results.  All of this can be accomplished with Semrush.

Using Semrush to measure your SEO effectiveness. A powerful tool to have!

In the end, it's all about the content you put into your website.  People are searching for information, and sites that contain more information rank higher.  It's that simple.  There are so many tips and tricks out there to get search traffic, and a lot of them don't generate what you're looking for.  Getting found comes down to hard work and research, like anything else important in life.  Don't get suckered into the fake SEO band wagon.  Provide good content and appropriate language and your audience will come to you in time.

Content is king! Write meanigful content and they will come!
+ Extras - New Updates and useful information as promised!
1 lecture 11:06

Be sure that your website images are sized properly.  Images that are too large can slow your website down, giving your visitors a poor quality experience.  If you resize images before you upload them to your website you'll save on server space and make your visitors much happier.  A few helpful tips are offered in this lecture.

Proper image sizing for your website. Avoiding slow page loading for images.
+ Growing the course - AZ Drone Business Website Build
7 lectures 45:11

July of 2018 I made the decision to start taking content developed from an intermediate course on X Theme and Wordpress and incorporate those lectures here in this course.  The next 16 lectures cover website installation with WP Engine (you don't have to use WP Engine), Installation of X Theme, and another full series of web page layout with X theme and the Cornerstone editor.  For students, these new lectures will be a good review of what we've covered, and we'll also begin talking about additional tools for your website building.

Preview 05:46

This lecture introduces the new website build for AZ Drone.  In this lecture we review what we'll be using, and the tools we'll use to start creating a new website from the ground up with WP Engine (a wordpress specific hosting company), installing X Theme, and developing the new website.

A new website setup from scratch - AZ Drone's new business website

In this lecture we'll begin building AZ Drone from the ground up.  RLC Design uses WP Engine for all of our important wordpress hosting.  You don't have to use their service, and can pick from so many Wordpress hosts.  This lecture will give you a good idea of how you'll be setting up your new installation, even if you use a different hosting provider.

WP Engine Installation - The Wordpress hosting solution I use

Continuing the WP Engine installation and pointing your domain name to your new host.  Once again, you don't need to be a WP Engine customer to learn about pointing your new Wordpress site to the correct host.  In the case of this lecture, GoDaddy is used as the DNS provider, and we need to update the DNS information to ensure our registered domain name is pointing to our Wordpress hosting provider.

Pointing your domain name to WP Engine, or any alternate hosting provider.

The new Wordpress host is setup, and the domain name has been pointed to the host.  The next step in the process is to install X Theme on the website.

Host and DNS setup complete! Let's install X Theme on our new website!

In this lecture we start working on a few Wordpress setup items.  This content should be a review for all students, unless of course you skipped ahead.

Initial Wordpress setup items for the new website

X Theme comes with a lot of tools for you.  In this lecture we'll add some of those tools, and additional plugins as well.  Once again, this should mostly be review for you. 

Adding several plugins and tools before starting our page building