How to Create a Wordpress Website & Sales Page in 1 Hour

Creating a professionally designed sales page that can accept credit cards has never been easier thanks to technology!
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How to create a Wordpress website
How to purchase a domain name for your website
How to create a product you can sell
How to create a sales page that can accept credit card payments


  • Have access to a fast internet connection
  • Have money you can invest into a web hosting service & Wordpress page-building plugin


Being able to create a sales page for a product or service you want to sell is so empowering!

You can go from an idea to something live in the world that people can pay you money for in a couple of hours.

Although it seems complicated, technology has grown dramatically over the last decade and creating a sales page has never been easier!

This free course walks you through exactly how to setup a Wordpress website and create a professional looking sales page that can accept credit cards in less than 1 hour.


Eric John Campbell

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning online entrepreneurs that need a website
  • Beginning online entrepreneurs that are ready to practice their online sales skills
  • Beginning online entrepreneurs ready to take action and turn their dream into a reality!


Eric John Campbell
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