Women's Holistic Challenge To Reboot Your Life

When transformational coaching and meditation together boost your confidence to create the life of your dreams.
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (14 ratings)
1,958 students
Women's Holistic Challenge To Reboot Your Life
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (14 ratings)
1,958 students
Transformational Coaching
Sound Therapy


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Do you believe that you are destined for greater things?


  • Have you ever wanted to become something more than what you are currently?

  • Do you believe that you are destined for greater things?

  • Do you want the motivation to just tackle all your goals and stop procrastinating?

  • Do you want to get rid of bad habits and form good habits instead?

  • Are you lacking confidence and feel like you would get a lot further in your career, relationships, health and wealth?

  • If you answered yes to any of these then read on… Why Aren’t You Feeling Fulfilled?

Almost half of Americans said they’d experienced a major stressful event in the last year, according to a survey of 2,500 adults by National Public Radio.

You may be experiencing so much more pressure – at home, work and socially.

You may be living less in the moment and spending more time on gadgets. We live in a noisy and distracting world.

It’s no wonder you’re looking to improve your life in one or more areas.

Take this CHALLENGE as your GAME CHANGER!!!!! with the online transformational coaching like no other because the transformational coach, artist and master healer Zayra Mo will guide you to reboot and how to take action in a holistic way if you need a change in your personal, career, relationships or entrepreneurship life...

Through Transformational Coaching Tips and Sound Bath Meditations, you will also, find how to join Zayra Mo's Women Tribe as a network to connect and to  support.

Who this course is for:

  • Women who want to know their life purpose
  • Women who need coaching to start something new
  • Entrepreneurs women who need tools to perform better

Course content

3 sections • 19 lectures • 3h 31m total length
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  • Before you start: A special invitation
  • Ask yourself... and connect!
  • Download Report: 10 signs you need a personal reboot
  • About Transformational Coaching
  • About Music Meditations and Sound Baths:
  • An example of my Sound Baths
  • Testimonial Janeth Roman - Her Sound Meditation got me where I'm right now.
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Mass Music Healing Meditation, Artist & CHA Method Creator
Zayra Mo
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Sound Healer Therapist and Mass Meditation Music Artist who performs sound baths to masses and also personalized the sound healing according to the clients needs.

Is the creator of CHA Method (Chakras Harmonic Alignment) Program where she teaches and certified alternative healing professionals. Also is the founder of kAca Yoga (1rst Spanish Online Yoga Studio in USA) and the coach director of DeiFit (yoga, meditation and Qigong programs for active adults).

As a Mass Meditation Music Artist, Mo performances included the festivals Yoga Expo and Yoga Fun Day, besides tours for Miami Dade College. Zayra is member of Sound Healing Association, Award Recipient of Sound Healing Immersion Program from The Shift in 2019, meditation coach in Insight Timer and sound healer and meditation leader in Meditation Collective.