Ultimate Figure Women's Weight Training Program and Workout
4.9 (76 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
485 students enrolled

Ultimate Figure Women's Weight Training Program and Workout

This is a fun, intense workout based on figure competitor training. Forget cardio, and sculpt a lean, toned figure.
4.9 (76 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
485 students enrolled
Created by Scott Abel
Last updated 3/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Adapt and "tweak" the program slightly to your own needs, and to your own current level of development, using "progressions" and "digressions."
  • Use this training program to sculpt and tone your body and lose fat (working in conjunction with proper diet of course -- there are no "magic" recipes!).
  • Understand the meaning of "intensity" and increase your workload capacity through training.
  • Get a taste of what real figure TRAINING looks like. Enough "starving" off the fat. This is a program for athletes.
  • You'll have taken your training to a new level. Trust me. This program is a "higher level" program that many people are not used to, but I've included ways to "work up" it.
  • Understand how training can serve to shape and sculpt the body. You'll understand how it's not an either/or thing of "bodybuilding training" or "endless cardio."
  • Students need access to a gym, or the equipment shown in the dungeon in the "Welcome to the Dungeon" workout video.
  • Students should have some familiarity with weight training.
  • Tracey demonstrates ALL the exercises in the program with proper form, all at "workout speed."
  • If you're going to a commercial gym and it is always super-packed, that can be an issue. You need to be able to do 4 exercises in a row.

The course uses quadplexes -- meaning four exercises performed back to back in circuit fashion -- to create huge metabolic demand. This course is excellent for burning fat, toning your body, sculpting a lean figure, and staying in shape.

You'll see Tracey, who is a mother and works full time, but who uses this kind of training to stay lean year-round, go through each of the exercises a few times, at workout speed, so you can see and learn the full meaning of intensity. I also lecture throughout on how to get the most from your workout.

The course includes the following:

  • A 5-day written program of the full training program, plus a 3-day "intro" program if you're not ready yet for the full 5-day program.
  • Videos going through EVERY quadplex from the full 5-day program, all in REAL-Time. Tracey goes through each quadplex twice, so you can see it both times.
  • Info on what you need if you're thinking of building your own "at-home" training dungeon.
  • Information on how to "progress" or "digress" movements to tweak the program to your current fitness level.

Learn ADVANCED Metabolic Training I assign figure athletes.

The program you'll see Tracey do is actually a very advanced program. She actually does 4 sets of the 4 quadplexes, but honestly that's too much for most athletes. BUT I also think it is useful to see what advanced training is really like, as so few programs actually show you. You should have something to "work towards." Yes, there is a difference between how the really successful copmetitors train, and how other people do. Training is about pushing yourself, and that's why I've shown an advanced program, but with info on "how to get there."

This is the kind of metabolic training I often assign figure athletes and women getting ready to step on stage in a figure or bikini competition. As you'll see, there is no need for cardio on top of this program (especially once you see Day 5!). I used Tracey for the demo because she doesn't just look great when she steps on stage--she looks great year round, and does NO cardio.

Who this course is for:
  • Women (and yes, men) looking for a highly metabolic workout, and who are tired of traditional boring cardio cardio cardio.
  • There is an emphasis on metabolic work, shoulders, a tight core and glutes, so if you want to target those things, this program can be used by both genders.
  • Someone looking to learn what REAL training is like. This is the kind of program I assign to real competitors, but there's info so that you can "work up" to the full program.
  • The "Ultimate" 5-day version has a lot of volume. If you're looking to make that kind of commitment, progressing from the 3-day version to the full 5-day version is the perfect way to do that.
Course content
Expand all 46 lectures 04:15:14
+ Course Introduction
4 lectures 12:13

This goes into how the whole Ultimate Figure workouts and training program is broken down into a course format, as well as the general layout of the course, where to find what information, and more.

Preview 04:32

What should you expect from this training program? What is the program designed for, and what kinds of changes will you see? This lecture also goes into having reasonable expectations, and thinking about where you're coming from, and where you're going and what your goals are.

What to Expect from the Program

This lecture talks about WHO the ultimate figure training program was designed for. This also gives insight into how and why it was originally developed, and who can benefit the most from it. If men are wondering if they can/should do this program, this lecture goes into in what circumstances and WHY they can actually benefit quite a bit. (FYI: YES, I have done this program myself!!)

Who the Ultimate Figure Program Is For
"HELP! I don't understand ___________"
+ Adapting the Program to YOUR needs and training level
3 lectures 16:26

One of the most important lectures! This one is about conditioning into the program, and goes into detail about using progressions and digressions to make the program your own as you condition into it.

It WILL take a few days to really get "into" the program, as you get used to any of the new exercises (and you get a handle one what you need to progress/digress), and as you get used to the quadplex workout format. Even then, the "Mastery" Phase comes several weeks into the program. THIS is what proper program design is all about. It's NOT just about adding weight on individual exercises. Your body adapts to the program as a whole. The fact that it feels a "little weird" at first is PART of this process.

"Conditioning Into" the Program, and Using Progressions and Digressions
More on Progressions, Digressions and Conditioning Into the Program
Progressions and Digressions Quiz
7 questions

This includes a few progressions for every exercise in the full, 5-Day Ultimate Figure program. Note that all the digressions you see here are suggestions, and they also apply equally to the 3-Day Program.

List of POSSIBLE digressions for every exercise
6 pages
+ Ultimate Version (5-Day)
1 lecture 00:00

The full written out program for UFP.

Written Program for 5-Day Ultimate Figure Program
6 pages
+ Beginner Version (3-Day)
2 lectures 00:56

This is just a super brief intro to the beginner's program and what to expect from it. The really important stuff for the beginner's program is all in the written version of it.

Beginner's Program VERY brief overview

This is a 3-day version of Ultimate Figure, if you want a 3 day version or aren't yet ready for the 5-day version of the program. You should still watch the videos on making the program your own, and the one on progressions and digressions before starting the program.

Aside from your own personal progressions and digressions, the "rules of application" section in this written document has all the info you need to transition from the 3-Day version to the 5-Day version.

Written Program for Beginner 3-Day Version
3 pages
+ Where You Train
5 lectures 13:47

This gives a quick walkthrough the dungeon you see in the rest of the videos, and outlines some of the key pieces of equipment you need to do this program, if you're doing it at home. The one thing you won't see in this video is the Functional Trainer I've added -- I mention it in the lecture below about constructing your own dungeon.

Preview 03:44

This has a list of what you'd need if you wanted to train at home instead of at the gym. It also very briefly goes into consideration if you are training at the gym.

Training at home is by no means required, but if you want to, this is the best place to start. Combine this video with the downloadable list of items (with links) and the "minimum requirements checklist" to get started.

Constructing Your Own Dungeon - requirements and tips

Contains links for all products in the dungeon that are mentioned in the walkthrough and in the video on constructing your own, plus the "minimum" equipment checklist.

Full PDF list of links for Dungeon products with brief explanations/tips
2 pages
"My gym is always busy... what do I do?"
+ Day 1
7 lectures 46:17
Day 1 - Intro
Day 1 - warming up with squats
Day 1 - Quadplex 2
Day 1 - Quadplex 3
Day 1 - Quadplex 4
Day 1 - Conclusion
+ Day 2
6 lectures 38:28
Day 2 - Intro
Day 2 - Quadplex 1
Day 2 - Quadplex 2
Day 2 - Quadplex 3
Day 2 - Quadplex 4
Day 2 - Conclusion
+ Day 3
6 lectures 34:56
Day 3 - Intro
Day 3 - Quadplex 1
Day 3 - Quadplex 2
Day 3 - Quadplex 3
Day 3 - Quadplex 4
Day 3 - Conclusion
+ Day 4
6 lectures 39:01
Day 4 - Intro
Day 4 - Quadplex 1
Day 4 - Quadplex 2
Day 4 - Quadplex 3
Day 4 - Quadplex 4
Day 4 - Conclusion
+ Day 5
6 lectures 36:09
Day 5 - Quadplex 1
Day 5 - Quadplex 2
Day 5 - Quadplex 3
Day 5 - Quadplex 4
Day 5 - Conclusion