17 BEST Self Defense Finishing Moves, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Military Grade Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Martial Arts
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Learn how to end fights quickly
Apply finishing moves like lion kill choke
Clothesline choke
Wrist Break
Arm Break
Neck crank
Forward and reverse leg trip
Dirty Boxing Clinch
And much more!


  • No experience necessary
  • Consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine


Learn how to end the fight quickly with these finishing moves that work directly with the top 10 attacks. 

From low-threat situations to life-threatening, you will be able to increase your attack force in a realistic (and legal) way. 

This course includes all these videos: 

-Lion Kill Choke 
-Clothesline Choke 
-Armpit Lock 
-Collar Choke 
-Finger Break 
-Wrist Break 
-Arm Break 
-Shoulder Break 
-Neck Crank 
-Simple Takedowns 
-Forward Leg Trip 
-Reverse Leg Trip 
-Standing Finishers 
-Standing to Ground Finishers 
-Ground Finishers 
-Dirty Boxing Clinch 
-Optimal Knee Strike 
-Optimal Elbow Strike 
-Dirty Boxing Clinch 

Over 30 years in the making, he has taken the best techniques and concepts from countless martial arts forms and refined them into a single, concise and brutally effective form that has been proven and tested to work in real life on the streets.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to feel safe and secure
  • People who want to finish a fight quickly


Martial artist, Qi Gong Meditator, Entrepreneur, Influencer
David Wong
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David Wong is a leader of meditation technology innovations. A martial artist, Qi Gong Meditator, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Inventor, Visionary, Mentor, Speaker and business Development.

With an indomitable combination of expertise, tenacity and talent, he helps entrepreneurs, teachers, healers and professionals actualize their full potential.

His career was preceded by an achievement far beyond the limits of conventional remedies when he combined ancient Chinese Qi Gong principles and research into NASA-inspired electromagnetic frequency technology to heal himself of what he was told was an incurable disease. David has since used this knowledge to develop the patent-pending Qi Coil™ System; a personal transformation device that has helped many transform their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

As a self-made business executive for over a decade, David has built a powerhouse e-commerce company, as well as a software and mobile application enterprise - amassing over half a million combined YouTube subscribers, 1700 mobile app publications on both the App Store and Google Play, with over 20 million downloads. His integrated and vast skill sets and leadership has led his companies to generate well into 8-figure revenues with a high-standard reputation in the industry.

On a personal note, he is also a 3rd generation Bruce Lee student, a martial arts instructor, and a Tai Chi and Qi Gong expert who has practiced meditation since he was 10 years old.

His passion for helping others maximize their full potential in their personal and professional lives is a reflection of his inspiring journey of overcoming his own challenges, and a sincere desire to help others do the same.

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