Windows 8 Essentials

How To Unlock The Power Of The Windows 8 Operating System
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This course will teach you the basics of getting around in Windows 8. Such as...
Navigate and customize the Start pane
Troubleshoot program and printer issues
Use the mouse or touchscreen to navigate between programs
Learn tips and tricks for over 50 new Windows features


  • No prerequisites are required.


Unlock the power of theWindows 8 operating system

This course is for people new to Windows 8–taking this course will help you understand the new operating system, learn its functionality, and its advantages.

When Microsoft released Windows 8 they surprised many PC owners. The interface and basic functionality were different from any previous Windows operating system. In fact, Windows 8 represents the biggest change in the Windows operating system since Windows 95.

Take advantage of Windows 8 functionality across multiple formats. Windows 8 is faster, prettier, and easy to operate for most tasks. It’s consistent across desktop computers, tablets, and even Windows phones. Tackle common Windows 8 issues. Many people need some training with Windows 8 because the familiar Start button and Control Panel are hidden. Users must learn a whole new way of navigating through the Windows environment.

Roll up your sleeves and maximize the benefits-this course helps you avoid sitting on the new operating system sidelines. New users of Windows 8 may ask, “Do the benefits outweigh the concerns of the new look and navigation?” Take our Windows 8 course to learn more about this updated version ofWindows and how you can use it most effectively

Topics covered include:

  • Navigating and Customizing the Start Pane

  • Finding the hidden Control Panel to tweak settings

  • Using the mouse or touch-screen to navigate between programs

  • How to troubleshoot program and printer issues

  • Tips and Tweaks on over 50 new Windows features!

  • Use the new start screen

  • Apply touch-enabled features on Windows 8

  • Duplicate mouse commands to navigate through Windows 8 more effectively

Over 30 minutes of high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging” TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learnerstyle!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who uses Windows 8


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