5 Awful Mistakes Killing Your Fry Scream

And How To Fix Them!
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How to fry scream without destroying your voice!
How to solve and avoid the 5 most common problems preventing you from mastering the fry scream!
Setting the best possible foundation for your fry scream and your vocal technique overall
Proper posture and breathing technique for singing and screaming
Breath support and using it for singing and screaming
How you can get relief and avoid unhealthy constrictions in your body preventing your from mastering the fry scream
Understanding the difference between a vocal fry, fry noise and fry scream
How to engage your false vocal folds for fry screaming
What is a vocal compression, how to practice it and use for singing and screaming
How to stick with the best technique possible without over-analysis that kills a natural flow of your voice


  • No singing or screaming experience is necessary - you will learn everything from scratch!


Are you trying to learn how to fry scream for weeks or even months, but your practice is ineffective, frustrating or even painful? Or maybe you've already learnt how to fry scream but you aren't sure if your technique is 100% effective and safe for your voice?

Regardless the answer, you are here to master the fry scream and make your screaming tear off the roofs of buildings!

In this free fry scream course I will do my best to help you achieve it step by step!


Here are 5 Things Killing Your Fry Scream that we are going to deal with in order to bring the best from your vocals:

1. Lack of a proper foundation!

Are you sure that your voice is really ready to begin the fry scream practice, or maybe you missed something important and it holds you back? Sometimes even one little detail can determine your success or failure!

2. Unhealthy constrictions in your body, especially in your neck, larynx, jaw and even tongue!

Stress and constrictions in your jaw, tongue and larynx make your vocal folds tighten harder, harder than they have to. Fry scream requires our vocal folds have a slight state of relaxation, so having unhealthy constrictions is one of those things that kills your fry scream!

3. Focusing too much on the vocal fry!

Vocal fry can be very helpful for learning the fry scream, but the fry scream picture is much bigger than that! Vocal fry connects our vocal folds more than fry scream, they also vibrate slower, so using the vocal fry, and only vocal fry to get the fry scream will lead you nowhere! Besides this method of engaging the vocal fry, there are others ways that don't need vocal fry at all!

4. Trying too hard!

If you are obsessed with the fry scream, you put your body through a lot of stress and it's definitely not helping you in any way, because again, constrictions in the area of your neck, larynx or jaw make your vocal folds tighter. Trying too hard, wanting it too much, using too much force or air pressure are definitely the fry scream killers!

5. Being too technical!

Details are important, they can decide whether you are an average vocalist or an outstanding vocalist, but focusing too much on technique and over-analysis can complicate things too much.

Over-analysis and overthinking causes a lot of tension and stress, they also kill your natural flow and state of relaxation of your voice, which is likely preventing you from achieving even a basic fry scream!

Who this course is for:

  • Vocalists struggling to learn how to fry scream!
  • Beginner extreme vocalists wanting to master the fry scream technique!
  • Advanced screamers wanting to check and improve their fry scream technique!
  • Anynone interested in learning the fry scream technique!


Extreme Vocal Coach
Sibila Extreme Vocal
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My name is Mateusz Sibila, and my adventure with vocals began in 2012, when, fascinated by the skills of death and black metal vocalists, I decided to try my hand at and see if I, too, can master the technique of making similar inhuman and brutal sounds!

When I was taking my first steps as a vocalist, it was extremely difficult to find reliable, effective and safe methods for developing extreme vocal techniques.

After watching over 100 videos on YouTube, I felt even more lost and tired. I decided that I will go on a journey through the world of extreme vocals on my own and through trial and error, and will learn what actually works and what should be avoided at any cost.

I also decided that once I create an effective and safe program for practicing this type of vocals, no one would ever have to go through the same shit as me and would gain proven knowledge and methods for improving their voice NOW, avoiding all the possible traps that only cause pain, discomfort, waste of time or frustration.

That was almost 12 years ago.

Nowadays, my students, even beginners without any vocal experience, are able to make much better progress in about 3 months than I did in the first 1.5 years (or longer) when I was bouncing from one YouTube video to the next one and experimented on my own through trial and error, which often resulted in pain and frustration that are, in fact, of no use in the entire learning process.

My students develop so efficiently (in addition to their commitment and passion) thanks to a program of proven exercises that have been perfected over the years while practicing with hundreds of people from all over the world.

They focus on getting to know their own voice and doing everything that supports development, while at the same time avoiding things that harm them or do not help them move forward.

Since 2017, I have been running the YouTube channel "Sibila Extreme Vocal", where I share tutorials and tips for learning how to scream, both for beginners and more advanced vocalists.

In addition to publishing materials, communication with viewers is very important to me - I try to respond to each comment in the most accurate and valuable way.

At the end of 2017, I was employed by the Polish Theater in Poznań - the longest operating theater in Poland, since 1875 - to "teach a group of professional actors of the play "K." in the field of safe screaming and growling. It was quite a challenge because we only had a few weeks to achieve it.

The actors, despite their short time and many more important responsibilities, coped phenomenally on stage and performed the play many times without losing their voices, captivating the audience.

Since 2018, I have been running extreme vocal workshops around the Poland, including: at the Konador School of Singing and Voice Emission in Warsaw. Celebrities such as Nergal from Behemoth, Kayah, and Kora took lessons there.

In the same year, I started creating online vocal courses - they are an extension of the YouTube channel. So far, several of them have been created and they reached thousand of participants from over 140 countries around the world.

I am also an active vocalist and have recorded 11 albums, 6 EPs, many single songs (including with the bands Vishurddha, SoulCarrion, Athvarf, Lyktgubbe, Imperial Sin, Moonthoth, Mardom, ZØRZA, Algol) and performed dozens of shows around the Poland.

I'm writing about all this so that you know that vocals are my passion and it's something I live by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I love it :D

However, the greatest satisfaction for me comes from observing the progress and development of my students - it is something priceless and gives me a huge dose of motivation to continue working without even thinking about slowing down!

I am sure that the courses I've created will support you in your personal path to development and fulfillment as a vocalist.

Have a great practice,

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