Which Language Should I Learn to Work as a Translator

Choose the Most Advantageous Language for You, and Learn While You Work
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Evaluate the economic factors that make certain translation language pairs more competitive
Evaluate the linguistic factors that make certain languages easier to learn
Design a study plan that allows you to start working in the language industry as early as possible
Determine which language will help you reach your personal and financial goals as a freelance translator


  • This course is for everyone: aspiring translators with zero foreign language skills, or professional translators looking to add a new language pair.


Are you considering a career in freelance translation? Or considering adding a new language to your professional translation repertoire?

Have you been wondering if it is too late to learn a language and work as a translator?

Our instructor learned seven languages after the age of 18, and worked as a freelance translator in four of those languages, until starting her own translation company. She will show you that it is not only possible, it is hugely beneficial to your freelance translation career to add at least one more language to your repertoire.

How do you choose the best language for your career? Some languages are more in-demand than others, and choosing the right language can help you to meet your personal and financial goals.

This course helps aspiring or current language professionals identify the best language to learn in order to work as a freelance translator, by analyzing economic outlook, ease of acquisition, and other considerations.

Finally, we'll show you how to study a new language WHILE you work as a translator, so that you can launch your career right away.

If you are an aspiring freelance translator or a seasoned professional looking to add a more competitive language pair, check out this short course.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring or professional translators looking to learn a new language.


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Sara Maria Hasbun
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Sara Maria Hasbun is a linguist and former freelance translator, who is now the Managing Director of Meridian Linguistics, a global linguistic consulting firm employing more than 3,000 freelance linguists and offering translation services to clients from Airbnb to The Economist.

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