What The Heck Are These Strings For?

Beginning Guitar Lessons to Get You Started On The Path to Mastering the Guitar
The names of the strings.
How to tune the guitar.
The basics of right and left hand technique.
Common major and minor chords.
How to practice the chords you learn by learning basic common chord progressions.
What a power chord is.


  • This is a start from scratch course.
  • No prior experience needed.


In this beginning guitar course we will cover the basics of technique, tuning, major and minor chords and chord progressions on the guitar. Learn at a step by step pace with close up camera angles of the fretboard. You will finally figure out what the heck those strings are for!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning guitar students.
  • People who have always wanted to learn the guitar but didn't think they could.

Course content

4 sections22 lectures53m total length
  • What the Heck Are These Strings For?
  • Tuning the Guitar
  • Right and Left Hand Technique
  • Reading Tabs and Chord Charts


David Varney
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I am a guitarist who loves to figure out how to learn and play efficiently. I love rock, blues, jazz, and gospel music. I have been playing for 12 years and I have studied with three great guitar teachers. I taught in a private studio for 2 years and I love working with students. I have a big background in music theory and I am currently working towards a Bachelors of Music degree.