What Is SEO? Learn SEO Basics & Optimize Your Website

Learn SEO basics & optimize your site - introduction to SEO techniques for entrepreneurs, marketing managers & newbies.
Free tutorial
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (4,491 ratings)
96,986 students
What Is SEO? Learn SEO Basics & Optimize Your Website
Free tutorial
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (4,493 ratings)
97,005 students
Explain what SEO is and why it is important to any business that has a website
Explain how search engines work
Understand how SEO has changed over time
Explain the differences between on-site SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO
Understand the key elements of on-page SEO
Be able to review how SEO is improving over time


  • No materials are required before studying this course, however it is recommended that they have an active internet connection so they can check out websites mentioned in the course.

This training course is an SEO basics tutorial that aims to provide an introduction to search engine optimization techniques for for marketing managers, entrepreneurs or those just getting started in the field. What is SEO? You should know the answer to that after watching these videos!

David Bain, author of the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan and host of Digital Marketing Radio walks through everything that you need to know to start with in the art and science of SEO.

Six main modules are covered in the course and they are as follows:

  1. What is SEO and why is it important?
  2. How search engines work
  3. A brief history of SEO
  4. On-site, on-page and off-page SEO
  5. Key elements of on-page SEO
  6. The impact of SEO
If you struggle with knowing what SEO is and are confused by all the misinformation about SEO that is often published on various blogs on the internet, look no further - this course is for you!
Who this course is for:
  • This course is suited to entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing managers and those just starting out in search engine optimization. It would probably be considered to be too basic for experienced SEOs.
Course content
7 sections • 33 lectures • 2h 17m total length
  • Introduction to the SEO Training Course
  • The Definition of SEO & Looking at Google's Search Results
  • What is SEO and why is it important?
    2 questions
  • The 5 Key Areas of How Search Engines Work
  • The Search Engine Web Crawler: How Google Discovers your Site
  • Google Cached Pages - How Google Stores Your Web Pages
  • How a Search Engine works - Retrieval of a Search Query
  • Search Engine Ranking & What is Google PageRank?
  • What are SERPs – The Google Search Engine Results Page
  • SEO Training Course - Video 9: A summary of what we looked at in this module
  • How do search engines work?
    6 questions
  • A Brief History of SEO - Introduction
  • About the Altavista search engine & Google in 1998
  • Overcoming Black Hat SEO Techniques
  • What is Link Building in SEO and does it still work?
  • Google Algorithm updates over the years
  • The Impact of Google Penalties plus Panda and Penguin Search Updates
  • A Brief History of SEO - Conclusion
  • How has SEO changed over the years?
    7 questions
  • The differences between On site SEO, on page SEO & off page SEO
  • On site SEO - Website Speed
  • On site SEO - How mobile friendly is your website?
  • The 8 Key Elements of On Page SEO
  • Keyword Research [On-Page SEO Key Element #1]
  • Page Title [On-Page SEO Key Element #2]
  • Meta Description [On-Page SEO Key Element #3]
  • Heading Tags [On-Page SEO Key Element #4]
  • Content Writing [On-Page SEO Key Element #5]
  • Alt Tags & Images [On-Page SEO Key Element #6]
  • HTML Microdata [On-Page SEO Key Element #7]
  • Internal Linking [On-Page SEO Key Element #8]
  • Off page SEO: How to encourage natural brand discussion and link building
  • SEO tactics
    12 questions
  • Intro & How to measure click-through rates
  • How to campaign manage your SEO - SEO campaign management
  • How can you measure the effectiveness of SEO?
    3 questions
  • Summary of what we covered in the course
  • Closing thoughts & thanks

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David Bain
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