What is Data Science ?

Fundamental Concepts for Beginners
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How to define Data Science ?
What are the components of Data Science ?
Entry level overview of Data Science components.
PLEASE NOTE: A) If you are expecting any coding lessons here, this course is not for you. Please look elsewhere. B) Data Science is not just about writing code .Please enroll in this course only if you are willing to understand the broader picture and business angle involved in Data Science projects.


  • No prerequisites as such. But some work experience in any industry will be helpful in better appreciation of this course.


If you have absolutely no idea what Data Science is and are looking for a very quick non-technical introduction to Data Science , this course will help you get started on fundamental concepts underlying Data Science.

If you are an experienced Data Science professional, attending this course will give you some idea of how to explain your profession to an absolute lay person.

There are lots of very good  technical and programming focused courses available on Data  Science in Udemy and elsewhere.

This short  course will lay a firm foundation for better understanding and appreciation of what is being taught in advanced Data Science courses. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone curious to learn what is Data Science and be in a position to strike intelligent conversation with experts
  • Business Executives and Managers who want a less technical introduction to Data Science
  • Data Science professionals who would like to explain Data Science in a simple and systematic manner to laypersons


Data Science & Machine Learning Enthusiast, Agile Coach
Gopinath Ramakrishnan
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Gopinath  Ramakrishnan , a Data Science & Machine Learning enthusiast  has  worked  extensively on collection and analysis of   data from software projects to create performance baselines for continuous improvement in several IT services and product organizations. He also developed software reliability and defect prediction models.

Gopinath conducted several training and consulting sessions on Software Metrics and Models which helped in establishing data-driven project management culture in the organizations he worked for .

Gopinath is also an Agile Coach & Trainer and has provided several training and consulting services in this area also.

He has more than 20 years of experience in IT industry. His expertise is backed up by a strong background and hands-on work in diverse areas like software development, project management, customer support, R & D , technical sales and academic research.

Gopinath is a Professional Member of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) . He has earned Advanced Communicator – Bronze certification from Toastmasters International.

Educational Qualifications : Ph.D & M.Tech (Mech.), IIT Madras, India

Skill set - Statistics, Machine Learning , Deep Learning, Python, R, Agile Methodologies

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