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Understand Crypto coins, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum & ICOs FAST. Hand Drawn Animated + Create an ETH wallet vid
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What is Cryptocurrency
What is Bitcoin
What is Decentralisation
What is Blockchain Technology
What is Mining (Verification of Transactions)
How does Mining (Verification of Transactions) work
What is Ethereum
What are Ethereum Smart Contracts
What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
What is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)
How to create your Ethereum wallet
What do people invest into in cryptocurrency


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Edition of the Coin Market Wizards Speedcourses.

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: Understand what is Cryptocurrency, what is blockchain and how does it function, understand bitcoin, ethereum and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. All in just few minutes and completely for FREE.

Additionally this course contains two bonus lectures about ICOs and IEOs (Initial Coin and Exchange Offering) where we explain to you what is it that we actually, as crypto investors, invest into.  Next there a lecture of how to create your free ethereum wallet.

Download our PDF GLOSSARY with terms before you start the SpeedCourse. Glossary can be downloaded in the first lecture of the course.


Want to know more? Check out our Professional Level Cryptocurrency Course here on Udemy:

Bitcoin & Ethereum Masterclass: People Friendly Language

The professional course will teach you what you need to know and way more about Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum (also EOS, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple) and especially the technology called blockchain that drives both of these. We will also learn about the mining process which is the process of verifying transactions and rendering new coins. We can not forget about creating your first Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets and buying your first Bitcoin and Ether coins.

You will understand what makes Bitcoin so great and what makes it imperfect, you will be able to distinguish between Ethereum and Bitcoin and understand the brilliance behind Ethereum Smart Contract feature that helped to create the phenomenon of Initial Coin Offerings which are crypto projects you can invest into and make even 10x return on your investment.

To complete your training we will also teach you how to send transactions and trade the crypto coins on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Everything you need to know to finally properly understand all about cryptocurrency & everything you need to know to be able to monetize on it and correctly invest is right here. This is the package that will take you from a newbie to a complete beast.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrency
  • Anyone who wants to get a good grip on what cryptocurrency and wants to save time & money
  • Anyone who likes saving time and money


Cryptocurrency, Psychology & Tantra Master
Adelka Skotak
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
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  • 25,382 Students
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I was born and raised in the Czech republic. I currently live in the great city Prague which is the capital of Czech republic. I am a sociologist focusing on behaviour within large groups, my main focus though was always on individuals and the change in their behaviour while being influenced by random factors. I also am very interested in Tantra which is basically a term framing a certain lifestyle. This lifestyle allowed me to deeply understand relationships and the way they work but more importantly Tantra helped me to understand people and the way they think. Since I had a very good starting point thanks to my university I quickly found my way around and was learning and implementing everything I could. Tantra helped me to understand how and why people deal with problems. How and why they structure their reactions in certain situations in a certain way. Therefore I was/am able to help others not only to analyse their current state but also to determine the underlying problem that triggers all. Some consider me young. I will be learning my whole life that's for sure but I do believe that even now thanks to my education, personal experience and most importantly thank to the access to a large community of otherwise hardly reachable relationship tantric masters I am able to help others. And that is what I am going to do. 

Apart from all of this I've always been an analytical person. As I said I do analyse relationships and people on daily basis therefore analysing markets comes even more natural to me. I am a big Bitcoin/Ethereum blockchain enthusiast spending all of my time learning about this phenomenon. First I indulged in the theoretical basics. Trying to understand how this all works. I am now fully convinced that this is the future.

After understanding the core principals of blockchain in detail I started investing in Initial Coin offerings. I fell for this kind of investing. It is risky and fast but it keeps you focused, your brain on fire and your fingers always ready. ICO hype is real and the opportunity will not last long. As with everything that is new yet core for the future of our societies there is a little window in which you can make a lot of money. I am using this window hard. Do it with me or be sorry later. 

Interview & Interrogation Specialist
Gerardus Sassen
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
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Expertly trained in interview & interrogation techniques in military (12 years) and senior HR roles, over 2,000 people interviewed, personal sales of 290M USD, and 15+ years experience as Senior Management Consultant, built startups and international divisions for some of the larger international companies in the world.

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