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Getting The Most Out of Your Care Plan
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How to get the most our of their care plan at Elite Family Chiropractic


  • You are a new patient at Elite Family Chiropractic


In this Mini Course you will be given all of the resources necessary to get the most out of your care plan at ELITE Family Chiropractic.

Each module will detail exactly what you need to know in detail to set you or your child up for success during your care plan.

There will be 8 Mini Modules in this course.  All of the most important areas you need to know RIGHT NOW are enclosed in this course, this was created based upon all of the most common questions that we have received by our patients over many years in practice.

Who this course is for:

  • New Patients and their Families

Course content

6 sections6 lectures57m total length
  • Introduction


Pediatric and Family Chiropractor
Dr. Scott Haggerty
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Dr. Scott Haggerty is an expert in Family Wellness with a specialty in Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Disorders.  His passion is to empower families, through education, to improve their health and quality of life.  His passion to serve families comes from watching his own daughter struggle with Sensory Processing Issues, Anxiety, Tics, Constipation, Temperament issues and more.  He saw his daughter's life changed after utilizing the methods he now employs in his clinical every day.  After seeing his little girl's life change so drastically, he has dedicated his life to helping other kids and families that are struggling in the same ways his family did.