WEKA - Data Mining with Open Source Machine Learning Tool

WEKA tool for data preparation, classification, regression, clustering, association rules mining, and visualization
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Students can learn WEKA tool for data pre-processing, classification, regression, clustering, association rules, and visualization


  • Basic Mathematics is enough


Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. It contains tools for data preparation, classification, regression, clustering, association rules mining, and visualization.

Found only on the islands of New Zealand, the Weka is a flightless bird with an inquisitive nature. The name is pronounced like this, and the bird sounds like this.

Weka is open source software issued under the GNU General Public License.

We have put together several free online courses that teach machine learning and data mining using R Programming, Python Programming, Weka Toolkit and SQL.

Yes, it is possible to apply Weka to process big data and perform deep learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Graduates or Pursuing BTech Students

Course content

1 section5 lectures3h 29m total length
  • Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis (WEKA)
  • Analysis & Prediction using WEKA Machine Learning Toolkit
  • Python Libraries for Data Science
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Introduction to Machine Learning


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