4.5 (412 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Work from home: Online marketing, Life coaching, Build Online Business, psychology of eating disorders, food addiction
4.5 (412 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,043 students enrolled
Created by Elmira Strange
Last updated 7/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Start 'Weight-Loss Coaching' business either 'online' or 'offline'
  • Design specifically suited marketing plan for your coaching business
  • Create and publish your own Kindle book
  • Locate new coaching clients 'online'
  • Advise your coaching clients on nutrition, exercise, and action plan
  • Coach on Skype, Facebook, via Emails, and so on
  • Create your own Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • Accessibility to Udemy material
  • An interest in working as a Weight Loss Coach

Welcome to 'Weight Loss Coaching' course!

If you were thinking of becoming a 'Weight-Loss Coach' for awhile, now it's the time to do so! In this course you will learn the most important aspects of developing your own 'Weight-Loss' coaching business.

In this course you will learn: 

- How to develop short- and long-term strategies for 'attracting' new clients

- How to structure 'individual' coaching sessions with your clients

- Understand what is the 'perfect' title for your niche

- How to work with clients on Skype

- How to create 'group' coaching sessions - 'online' and 'offline'

-  How to increase your client's motivation for goals

This course is for those who are developing their own coaching practice and who wishes to work as a 'Weight-Loss' coach. 

Here you will also learn:

  • Types of 'Emotional Eaters', 

  • How to structure your coaching sessions, 

  • Facebook coaching as an alternative to coaching, 

  • How to write and publish your own book within only a week or so

  • How to 'get known' through social media

and much more.

The BONUS lectures include:

 a) How to start charging more for your services

b) 7 Powerful coaching questions

c) When to quit your current job and start coaching full-time

P.S. This course is now fully accredited by the IAOTH - International Association of Therapists!

P.P.S. At the end of the course you will see the instructions on how to obtain your certificate of completion

Who this course is for:
  • Coaches and Therapists who wants to specialise in ‘Weight-Loss Coaching’
  • Learners of ‘Coaching Business’
  • Instructors who have passion for ‘Coaching Online’
  • Anyone interested in Weight Loss Coaching
Course content
Expand all 42 lectures 03:59:10
+ Introduction
2 lectures 07:05

In this lecture you will find out what is this course about. You will understand you will be covering and what you should pay attention to. Learn how to get the best out of the course.

Preview 03:57

In this lecture you will learn some interesting information about your instructor: who is she and how she started her weight-loss coaching business. It's always good to hear personal stories from your tutors!

Preview 03:08
+ Building Your Weight-Loss Coach Persona
7 lectures 34:27

In this lecture you will learn about several key responsibilities that you need to have during your practice:

  1. Responsibility for achieving the highest motivation to succeed for your client
  2. Helping your client to reduce negative habits
  3. Creating new lifestyle plan
  4. Assisting with managing cravings
  5. Helping with emotional stability of your client
  6. Assisting with achieving their desired goals
Key responsibilities of the coach

'Weight-loss coach' is not the only title you can use. In this lecture you'll find out what other titles are widely used by various coaches and how to find your own 'specific' title that will be marketing-friendly. 

What’s the best ‘title’ for weight-loss coaching?

When you are thinking about your overall coaching and marketing plan, you need to have a clear 'vision' and 'mission' of your business. In this lecture you will learn about the importance of looking forward and having long-term vision for your coaching business. 

Getting clear on your 'mission' and 'vision'

Do you know 'who' are you targeting? Are they 'older' people or 'younger' enthusiasts? Are they are staying-at-home mums or fitness and sport males? In this lecture you will learn to create your 'ideal client' avatar which is helpful for your marketing ads in the future.

Who is your 'ideal client'?

You might think 'why' do you need to write some 'statement' message, but you will understand the importance of this in this lecture. Your statement message includes the 'benefits' that you can offer to your clients. Your 'statement' message is your personal ad. Very individual and enticing for your client!

Create your 'Statement Message'

Your clients will want 'everything' from you - your coaching expertise, motivational strategies that they can use, and also an expertise on nutrition and physical activity (for their weight-loss). In this lecture you will be asked to reflect whether you would benefit from additional qualifications in the future, so that you could offer to your client a 'whole package' of a coach and of an expert on nutrition and physical activities for weight loss. 

Do you need additional qualifications?

You need to be aware of your overall coaching plan at all times: what techniques you are planning to use; what new strategies or techniques you can learn. Aim to make your sessions interesting, and not just a coaching 'drill'. Then your clients will always come back to you for more. 

Developing your coaching plan
+ Types of Weight-Loss Clients
4 lectures 23:47

During this lecture you will understand that not everyone who comes for weight-loss coaching will have the same 'issues'. Some will want a more specific approach to their goals, whereas others would benefit from a 'general' information and a convenient for them plan. 

Preview 06:08

In this lecture you will find out how to coach 'females'. When you coach female clients you need to be aware of certain points, for example, their emotional part of nature or their tendency to sugar addiction.

How to coach 'female clients'

In this lecture you will learn how to coach male clients. In practice you will probably not have that many male clients who come for weight-loss coaching sessions, but it is good to know how to approach this topic for the days that you do.

How to work with male clients

Some of your clients might be very busy individuals, and your approach to coaching them needs to be tailored to their needs. In this lecture you will learn how to coach the busiest of your clients whilst keeping your own sanity. 

How to work with very busy clients
+ What Do Your Clients Really Need?
3 lectures 14:05

If you think that your clients just want to lose weight, then of course it's only a part of the 'truth'. In reality your clients want more - they want to feel happier, healthier, and in control over their eating habits.

The 3 'real' reasons of paying for your sessions

In this lecture you will learn the various reasons that cause people to gain weight. Whether they suffer from a psychological disorder or just 'cannot stop eating', you will find out how to help them.

Common reasons for being ‘overweight’

Even 'emotional eating' doesn't have the same 'roots'! Learn the reasons that lie behind the 'emotional eating' in this lecture. 

3 Types of emotional eaters
+ Various Forms of Coaching
5 lectures 22:36

Perhaps you are considering whether you should work 'from an office' or purely 'online' with your clients. In this lecture you will be prompt to consider your options, and all the 'pros' and 'cons' of both methods. 

Coaching from your office Vs coaching ‘online’

In this lesson you will be made to consider both strategies - 'one-to-one coaching' and 'group coaching' as both of them have their own 'pros' and 'cons'.

One-to-one coaching Vs Group coaching

Facebook coaching might sound odd but in reality it's a good addition to your overall coaching programme. Facebook is a long-term strategy but have to be considered carefully and individually to each client. 

Facebook Coaching

In this lesson you will learn that Skype is the most common medium used in coaching, and that you can use Google Hangouts on the same manner to communicate with your clients. 

Preview 04:57

Some coaches use 'emailing system' for an additional coaching option. Would you opt for it too? Learn here how else you can use 'emails' in your coaching practice.

Email Coaching
+ How To Give The Right Information To Your Client
4 lectures 24:17

After this lecture you will know a simple Psychological formula of 'motivation': what it depends on and how to increase it in your client. 

How to increase your client's motivation

In this lecture you will learn that 'stress' and 'weight loss' go hand-in-hand, and that it is vital to measure your client's stress levels at every lecture. 

Measuring your client's stress levels

Cravings are not just that - 'cravings'. They have various causes and origins, and would be 'treated' in various ways as well. 

How to overcome cravings

Of course, if you are not a qualified professional to give an information on dieting and exercising, then maybe you shouldn't. But are there any ways that would make it possible? 

How to give the right information on dieting & exercising
+ How To 'Attract' New Clients
8 lectures 53:23

Not every coach has their own personal website. Should you have one? Listen to this lecture and find out!

Do you need a website?

Facebook is one of the most usable social media platforms these days. How to turn it to your own advantage though?

How to find new clients on Facebook

If you are not too shy in front of the camera, then you've got to use this marketing approach! Although it takes effort to make videos, YouTube is still one of the most attractive 'free' promotional tools if used correctly. 

How to become popular on YouTube?

Twitter is one of the most used social media tools, but it's not for everyone. In this lecture you will learn how to use it to find your new clients for coaching. 

Is it possible to find clients on Twitter?

LinkedIn is considered to be a 'professional' social media tools, that is created for 'professionals' by 'professionals'. In this lecture you will learn how you could use it to link to other professionals who could be converted into your new clients.

How to attract new clients on LinkedIn

Perhaps you were considering writing your own book at some point but wasn't sure how to go about it. In this lecture you will learn how to create and self-publish your book only within one week or less. 

How to create and publish your own Kindle book within 7 days

Magazines often publish articles on the topics that are familiar to all of us. In this lecture you will learn how to contact magazines and start writing for them in order to get more recognition and authority. 

Preview 05:30

In this lecture you will learn that 'follow-ups' is one of the most underused approaches in marketing, and how you would benefit from it if you use it to your own advantage. 

‘Attracting’ clients through ‘follow-ups’
+ How To Find Clients In 7 Days
5 lectures 41:14

During this lecture you will receive enough information about Joint Ventures and how they are widely used for promotions and selling. 

Joint Ventures

'Free' sessions are not paid, and not many people want to use them. However, through 'free' sessions you often sign up your new clients, so during the lecture you will consider giving them a go yourself. 

Free coaching

In this lecture you will learn how to make your 'old' clients to pass on your contact details to their friends and family who could become your new clients. 

Power of referral

In this lecture you will learn how to use 'voucher deal' website to your advantage. How to advertise on them, and how to retain the clients for longer. 

Voucher Deals

Most entrepreneurs these days use webinars to convert their 'viewers' into the 'paid clients'. Learn how you could do it too. 

+ BONUS Section
4 lectures 18:16

At some point you will want to increase your prices, but how to do it correctly. When is the right time to do it?

How to start charging more for your services?

In this lecture you will learn the most interesting and the most powerful questions that you can use during your coaching sessions with others. So prepare your pen and paper before starting this lecture. 

7 Powerful coaching questions

If you are doing your coaching only in your spare time, i.e. before and after work, weekends and so on, then you probably want to take your coaching onto the next level - 'full time' coaching. In this lecture you will learn when and how you should do it. 

When to quit your 9-to-5 job and start coaching full-time?

FINAL TEST - 'Weight-Loss Coaching' course

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Chose the answer that is most accurate or complete in relation to the question asked.

Good luck!

After you complete the test you qualify for your well-deserved certificates!

FINAL TEST - 'Weight-Loss Coaching' course
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