Web Development Course : laravel ORM and Raw PHP!

A complete web development tutorial for those who wish to build more powerful web applications using PHP frameworks
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (362 ratings)
25,812 students
Web Development Course : laravel ORM and Raw PHP!
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (362 ratings)
25,812 students
Build any website from concept to finish
Build scalable web applications
Build job recruitment , blogging , payment platforms


  • You should have a basic knowledge of PHP
  • Have a basic knowledge of HTML

This course will take you from your basic PHP knowledge to building advanced websites using PHP frameworks. In this course you will learn a whole lot of important concepts in web development that will land you big jobs and contracts

We've got very awesome reviews for this course:

  1. "Thanks a whole lot! This is the best web development course I have ever taken. Every step was carefully broken down and explained in simple language" - Sodiq
  2. "I just wanted to drop in and say a big thank you for such a wonderful course" - John
  3. "I got a new job because of this course, even before I finished!" - Selena

The course builds a robust and powerful jobs recruitment website platform while explaining cool concepts such as 

  1. MVC 
  2. Routing 
  3. Middlewares
  4. Authentication and Authorization
  5. Access Control Levels
  6. Templating Engines 
  7. Object Relational Models 
  8. Database Relationships 
  9. and so on.

This is the one single course that will put you ahead in advanced web development, and its all easy and well broken down.

Who this course is for:
  • Students who wish to learn how to build advanced and beautiful websites and platforms.
  • People who wish to have enough knowledge in web development so as to land high paying development jobs.
9 sections • 51 lectures • 5h 37m total length
  • Introduction
  • Install wampserver and RawPHP
  • Installation and setup
  • How to setup your database
  • Introduction to routing
  • Routing the home page
  • What is MVC?
  • How to add icons
  • Customizing frontend
  • How to change theme
  • How many free flat ui themes are available on Bootswatch homepage
  • User Authentication Run Through
  • What is the default username and password for admin and user login in RawPHP
  • How to add list of countries to your database
  • Adding list of states/provinces and local governments
  • Country Model
  • Country Controllers
  • Create countries routes
  • Create countries index.twig view
  • Create countries add.twig view
  • Create countries edit.twig view
  • Create countries edit page
  • Deleting a country
  • Introduction to Laravel ORM and CakePHP ORm
  • Introduction to Database Relationships
  • User edit redirect fix
  • Create dropdown list of countries
  • Install RawPHP CLI
  • How to create models
  • How to generate controllers from CLI
  • How to generate controllers [Part 2]
  • How to generate views from CLI
  • Generate states view
  • Add and edit pages
  • Add states menu
  • Add skills field to signup page
  • Add url to skills table
  • Create skills model and database relationships
  • Create skills controller and routes
  • List all skills
  • Defining Many-Many relationships in the model
  • List all user skills
  • Create the skills-user join table
  • Refractor skills create
  • Fix add skills age
  • Skills view page
  • List users in skills view
  • Create search model
  • create search controller
  • Fix search Controller add method
  • Search results add controller
  • Display user search results
  • Concluding search results page

Full Stack Software Developer
Dave Partner
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Dave Partner has over 70,000 happy students here on Udemy. He has been programming and building applications for many years. Dave Partner's courses are very comprehensive and they cover from beginner level to advanced on each of the topics.

With more than a decade background in teaching, mentoring and grooming software developers, Dave Partner is easily rated one of the best tutors in the world on the field.