Web development road map series

the path to be a web developer and the most common techniques (JavaScript - PHP- C# - Python )
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How to start a career as a web developers


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in this quick course you will know the road map to we web development

How you can be a web developer ?

What is the difference between web development and web design ?

What you should study to be a front end web developer?

What you should study to be a back end web developer ?

What you should study to be a fullstack web developer ?

also you will get a brief intro to the most common languages used in this track like:

  • JavaScript.

  • PHP

  • C#

  • Python.

So enjoy the course and if you have any request don't be hesitated to ask me .
Best of luck.

Who this course is for:

  • anyone

Course content

2 sections6 lectures33m total length
  • web development road map
  • Web development Vs Web design


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Ahmed Ahmed Hassan
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Hi , i'm Ahmed Hassan

i'm a communication engineer but my passion to programming made me change my career .

some day i was like you , from where should i start.

but now i've made much progress in web programming .

and i have some web pages that i've made by myself.

and my ambitious  now is to share  my knowledge with all people who like web  programming and don't know from where they can start.

you can contact me in person even if you aren't my student .

waiting for you ...........