Web Applications Part-I

Computer Network, LAN, WAN, Internet and world wide web
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What is meant by Computer Network?
What is the difference between LAN and WAN?
What is the difference between Internet and world wide web?
What are the various advantages of networking?


  • Basic Computer Skills


What is the meaning of computer network?

What are the various models of computer networking?

What are the advantages of networking?

What is the meaning of  LAN?

What do you mean by WAN?

What is world wide web?

Write a short note on internet

What is the difference between internet and world wide web?

What is internet service provider?

Write a short note on Dial-up connection?

What is DSL, cable internet access?

Write short notes on  : 3-G, 4-G, WiMax, Wi-Fi, Satellite connection and ISDN. 

What is modem?

What is the procedure to access Wi-Fi?

Describe different types of internet connectivity?

What is the web site?

Write a note on the  web browser?

What is webpage?

What is web server?

What is web client?

What is homepage?

What is web address?

Write a few lines on email address?

What are the different parts of URL?

What is Blog?

What is the difference between Blog and website?

How to create a blog account with Word press? How to add content to the Blog?

What is peer to peer network?

What is client-server network?

What are the two major types of networks?

What are the various advantages of LAN?

A web server is a computer? Comment.

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